magnat beta sub 30a bass reflex review


  • Vector 207 3-way bass reflex  

    Magnat Vector 207 1464343 3-way bass reflex double bass tower speaker white (1 piece) (Electronics)
    The speaker has a good, liniaren at all frequencies of sound. I can absolutely recommend it given the price. Hitherto I own only home-built and designed bass reflex speaker from the 90s. The components cost me was already $ 1000. However, they bring
  • Better than expected after the reviews!  

    Assassins Creed 3 Connor Kenway Jacket Cosplay Costume Hoodie (Misc.)
    After the "all" negative reviews I have to write something good. :) First of all: Jacket ordered two weeks ago; Delivery only in two weeks, for a total of 4 weeks for delivery; Jacket came the day before yesterday, two weeks earlier, as shown an
  • AEG LB 4710 3-way bass reflex speakers  

    AEG LB 4710 3-way bass reflex speakers (500 Watt PMPO amplifier, speaker cable, pair) Black (Personal Computers)
    This tower speaker are for this price range absolutely great ..... you have but a very sleek design yet technically mature. The bass are tired and not too intrusive and the highs and midtones sound quite clean and not distorted (connected to a Denon
  • Club Sounds 67 Better and richer bass than before :))  

    Club Sounds, Vol. 67 (Audio CD)
    So I understand not at all why you rated this issue negatively. So most of the songs have a very strong drop bass and that's a good thing. who wants to club songs without bass? So not me. so who drop bass like or techno with bass drop will access :)
  • Much better leave as some believe reviews  

    Rieker 36062 men biker boots (shoes)
    So after extensive search, I decided for this shoe. Was looking for a warm winter shoe that looks good and does not cost a small fortune. There are other biker boots are also good, but what bothered me was that the prices were not fed or beyond the E
  • Auna line-300-SW-BK Hifi subwoofer active bass reflex subwoofer  

    Auna line-300-SW-BK Hifi subwoofer active bass reflex subwoofer with wood finish (AUX, 2x stereo RCA, 25cm bass speaker, 150 Watt) (Electronics)
    Ã'blich as a very very fast lieferng. got the woofer unpacked and connected to the system, I'm totally thrilled. I do not play very loud rather zimmerlautstÃ'rke and there makes the woofer exactly what he intended, he is a rich bass ago, I play loude
  • Hyundai Multicav 3-way floorstanding speakers (500 Watt PMPO, bass reflex, subwoofer, pair) black  

    Hyundai Multicav 3-way floorstanding speakers (500 Watt PMPO, bass reflex, subwoofer, pair) (Electronics)
    First impression / processing: a speaker was / is damaged, the damage was apparently retouched by the manufacturer or consignor by color. The connections for the cable are a bit too deep into the housing integreated, therefore to achieve umsändlich.
  • A fun shooter that the hype though is not quite fair, but is better than the many negative reviews  

    Destiny (video game)
    Hello there, first of all I would like to say again that this incredible hype that there were before this game, can withstand no game in the world. $ 500 million production costs relate precisely to the next 10 years incl. All DLCs and sequels. In so
  • Better than expected! Injustice Review  

    Injustice - Ultimate Edition - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    In Injustice: Gods Among Us you are over 40 different character skins including some from the DC universe available. You always wanted to already look like Batman - Superman beaten? In Injustice You can have the! :-) The Game: ---------- Injustice ha
  • I had expected after the many positive reviews of significantly more  

    Canton Chrono 509 DC (160/320 watt) black (piece) (Electronics)
    I normally do not really Renz ions. The many positive through and through reviews here led me without any hesitation to purchase these speakers. My disappointment would have been lower if I had seen at least a couple of less positive reviews. Therefo
  • Compare: "Magnat monitor Supreme 200" - "AEG LB 4711"  

    Magnat monitor Supreme 200, bookshelf speakers, black (1 pair) (Electronics)
    Preface: I try - whenever possible - to avoid returns. Mir is reluctant to take things for the purpose of "trial and error" to order. In this case I made an exception - and am very happy. The boxes were as a Christmas present for our Junior, 14y
  • Test Magnat monitor Supreme 200 - depends on what you plan with the boxes  

    Magnat monitor Supreme 200, bookshelf speakers, black (1 pair) (Electronics)
    The Magnat monitor Supreme 200 make for really low price of 115, - (!), For the couple mind, a very good impression. The appearance is sleek, very discreetly with the cloth aperture, the processing of wood and technique with no obvious flaws .... bec
  • Bass, Bässer, Betasub!  

    Magnat Betasub 30 A Active Downfire bass reflex subwoofer (Electronics)
    The magnate Betasub 30A, which is now for some time well support my home theater evenings heard clearly one and especially my buy recommendation! The 305 mm in diameter measured bass membrane works in Betasub in Downfire arrangement and radiates down
  • The Sub makes a clean sound  

    Klipsch SW-110 Subwoofer (200 Watts) (Electronics)
    but at very low frequencies if one makes it a little louder, he makes the bass reflex port air noise. Pay me now set the sub Jamo, which from what I hear even a tick better and the problem with the Flappern has not. However, it also costs more ... fo
  • Better than solo TV  

    Canton DM 50 Sound deck (200 Watt) (Electronics)
    I bought the sound cover to replace my 5.1 surround system (Onkyo TX NR 509 & magnate boxes (sub-set), because I wanted to purify the "Cable and Audio Equipment-situation" in my living room. Thus the idea: "What can the alternative be?&
  • Canton Sub 10.2  

    Canton SUB active subwoofer 10.2 (200/300 watt) black (piece) (Electronics)
    A really chic subwoofer, fits very well with my Canton Crono 705 `he standing speakers, 505` he Center and JBL Control One. The performance is absolutely sufficient. Operate the sub to a VSX 920` it. Pioneer Adjusts already have to take time. Very ha
  • The first review? 'Ne quite a responsibility ...  

    Philips HTD3510 / 12 5.1 home theater system (DVD; 300W; 4 Sat.LS HDMI 1080p UPSC Dig Opt Audio In...) (Electronics)
    ... Hopefully Philips is grateful grins. At the beginning of a joke: in the description (at least on Amazon) is not shown that the device has a radio (FM receiver). Had perhaps worth mentioning :-) especially since it's pretty good, here I would have
  • Good sub with weaknesses  

    Klipsch SW-115 active subwoofer 800 Watt Max. (Electronics)
    I have these subwoofers are about 4 weeks in operation and I must say that he has an excellent price / performance ratio. Unfortunately, I have not bought it here at Amazon. Who has space in the cinema room, will not interfere in its size. Positives:
  • super sound, unfortunately little bit bass  

    Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones (Electronics)
    To find my ideal headphone I have read countless reviews and ordered some headphones, among others this. My main reason for buying is also to operate my home theater of at night, and to find a headset with not totally exaggerated Volume can provide a
  • Viable substitute bass speaker for Mission-707 boxes  

    Visaton WS20E / 8 20cm woofer (electronic)
    When I purchased around 1990 Mission 707 boxes that have cult status among HiFi connoisseurs, the foam surrounds both Basslautsprecher dissolved after almost 20 years successively on, they simply crumbled. While there is a repair set (rubber beads),