moto g2 & moto g3 coper


  • In many ways, good bag for the Moto G  

    Adore June Classic Case for Motorola Moto G - original Cordura® - Black (Electronics)
    I first had the original Flipcase for the Moto G. However, I came up with this in handling not cope, because I then have liked to "correct" holding the phone in his hand. Therefore I was looking back to a "normal" mobile phone pocket.
  • Probably not designed for a Moto G 2014 but ...  

    Galaxyworld® Mini OTG adapter Android Robot USB micro-B connector to USB 2.0 connector - 1 - Green (Electronics)
    The Mini OTG adapter from Galaxy World's annscheinend mainly for the Samsung Galaxy series, designed to (what an insightful conclusion), because it does not sit so well on my Moto G 2014. By that I mean not to say that he is shaking. You just have to
  • Perfect fit for the Moto G2!  

    mumbi Cover Moto G 2nd Generation Cover (Accessories)
    It's all in the title - the shell fits perfectly to the Moto G2. Good fit - perfect processing and good price.
  • Perfect for white Moto G 2nd Gen.  

    mumbi Cover Moto G 2nd generation shell transparent white (accessory)
    Again a very good quality product Mumbi. Very good fit and operability of the keys. Send optics, transparent clear from the top and the back is matt white - in the white Moto G II continues to act nice and white and high quality. Highly recommended G
  • Practically, however, soon gets scuffs. Fits Samsung S3 neo incl. Flip Cover or for Moto G II incl. Silicone grip.  

    BlackBerry Z30 Case Purple Neoprene pouch envelope with Case Flex logo and mini stylus pen (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The bag is really great - especially it has great size: My previous Moto G II Gen.. incl. silicone grip shell fits well into it as my current Samsung S3 Flip Cover including neo -. and there is still space in the pocket. It acts as a protection, beca
  • The Moto 360 compared to G Watch and the rest  

    Motorola Moto 360 SmartWatch (Dark stainless steel case with black leather strap) (Accessories)
    A week ago, it was already surprisingly so far. I received my Moto 360 and would like to present my first review after a few test which I during the week still want to complete them. Style: In advance, I read quite a lot about the clock, she was too
  • Comparison between the first and second version of the Moto G  

    Moto G 2nd generation Smartphone (12.7 cm (5 inches) HD touchscreen display, 8 megapixel camera, quad-core processor, dual SIM, WiFi, 8GB of internal memory, Android 4.4 KitKat) (Electronics)
    In the following review I would like to compare the Moto G (1st Edition) with the Moto G (2nd Edtiton), and tell you at the end, whether I think the transition to the new model is worth. (Before the Moto G 2nd Edition I have the Moto G, the Samsung G
  • Finally, a new Moto GP not to wide but suggests is the predecessor perfect!  

    Moto GP 14 (video game)
    Positive: - Very realistic, both routes / Motorbikes and drivability. - All real riders and bikes here Reenact Legend mode with old race situation and drive to - - Play Real Event mode with the events of the last year for itself - In the charging seq
  • Too narrow for Moto G  

    mumbi Genuine Leather Case Moto G Case Leather Case (tab with retreat function pull-off) (Accessories)
    I had this phone ordered me Case for Moto G. The processing makes a very good impression. All thing has the phone with "violence" are pushed into the sleeve and to the phone again to get out man must also have tact. I have the envelope imme
  • Super Case for the Moto G  

    mumbi X TPU Cover Moto G Case transparent black (Electronics)
    The cover fits perfectly on the Moto G and the smartphone can be easily switched on and detach. The rattle of the keys on the right (Power, loud and soft) is so over! The keys can be well sensing and use. All holes are where they belong. The grip sle
  • Super pocket for the Moto G  

    mumbi Genuine Leather Case Moto G Case Leather Case (tab with retreat function pull-off) (Accessories)
    The bag for the Moto G is, as far as I can judge, very well made. The Moto G fits in exactly, and can be nicely easily bring out the tab. The Velcro keeps safe and franzt even after many weeks of use. I have also the mumbi TwoSave bicycle holder and
  • Beautiful Sleeve for my Moto G  

    iProtect Hybrid Cover Moto G Case (hard back) Blue (Electronics)
    Looking for a matching envelope for my Motorola I found the iProtect Hybrid Cover. The shell has a beautiful shiny metallic blue color and still feels quite handy. Mir has not yet slipped the smartphone from the hand and I wear it almost always in yo
  • Fits for Moto 360  

    Pebble 40021 Bracelet of Steel SmartWatch (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The band has a very high quality, is meticulously crafted and robust. It is supplied with two Schraubstegen and a small screwdriver for installation on the Pebble Steel. It can only be shortened by removing individual chain links. With the right tool
  • Perfect for Moto 360 SmartWatch  

    Pebble 40021 Bracelet of Steel SmartWatch (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    After some research on the internet I ordered this great bracelet. It fits not only mechanically (22mm width), but also visually complement to a Moto 360 in stainless steel look. The bracelet is easy to cut. Videos to be found in the network. It wear
  • The Sony SmartWatch 3 compared to G Watch and Moto 360  

    Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50 (1.6 inch LCD display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, Android Wear) Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Property me long and hard about whether I should order a SmartWatch. I had the G Watch from LG and the Moto 360 and actually thought I've seen everything from Android Wear. But since the Sony SmartWatch does some things differently and even more than
  • Very good for Motorola Moto G2  

    JAMMYLIZARD | Leather Case Executive Wallet Case for Motorola Moto G 2014 (2nd generation), black (Electronics)
    For the price you get a comparatively good product, which protects the phone well from bumps and scratches. The build quality is OK, because the material but adequate for the price seems a bit cheap and only simple sutures were used, I am still not s
  • Well ... not really suitable for the Moto X2  

    mumbi USB Dock Moto X 2nd generation docking station / charger + USB data cable (electronics)
    If you currently for Moto X2 (2014) after a dock looking, you will find virtually nothing - unfortunately. Therefore, I was glad to find anything at all with this charger. What I like: + Dock is equipped with rubber on the ground - to prevent slippin
  • Fits super for Moto 360  

    VicTsing 20mm Brand New Stainless Steel Watchband Bracelet Strap Watch Band for Pebble SmartWatch Steel 2 - Black (Electronics)
    I've bought the bracelet for the Motorola Moto 360 and have me for the endless delivery time of 4 weeks (it is of course Amazon otherwise usual, but all depends from China) was thrilled! Unpacked, the old - unfortunately a bit cheap-looking (sorry Mo
  • What now? Honor Honor 3C vs 6 vs Wiko Rainbow vs Motorola Moto G2  

    Honor 3C Smartphone (12.7 cm cm (5 inch) HD display, 8 megapixel camera, dual SIM) gray (Electronics)
    I had previously a Wiko Rainbow is what I liked even from the desk to the floor and was no longer start. Looking for a replacement I have the "Motorola Moto G2" "Honor 6" and the "Honor 3C" fetched. The Motorola Moto G2 overa
  • Not fit for K2 Moto Ice Skates  

    K2 Kufenschoner "Free and Safe" (Misc.)
    The Kufenschoner I ordered skates Moto with the same order as the K2 men. They were even proposed to Also order. As "normal" Kufenschoner cost less than half as a rule, I've assumed that the "Free and Safe" especially fit for K2 skates