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  • Recommended for every New Nintendo 3DS owners - if they were really scratchproof  

    atFoliX Nintendo 3DS New (2015) Protector Shield - Set of 3 - FX-Clear crystal clear (Electronics)
    I bought this film because I was looking for a suitable screen protector for my New Nintendo 3DS. At the store films for the New 3DS are not yet available, so you have to either make use of online retailers or cut a larger sheet accordingly. The latt
  • New Nintendo 3DS despite smartphone competition ?!  

    New Nintendo 3DS black (console)
    I am writing a review from the perspective of a father who still enjoys playing the odd round itself. The review I'm going to split into different areas. I thank you in advance for reading my experience. Preface: As early 30s I spent my childhood wit
  • New Nintendo 3DS XL  

    New Nintendo 3DS XL Console - blue metallic (Console)
    I find this wonderful handheld. It is very pleasant to handle, the graphics are very clean and play with is very significant. In short everything you are looking at a console, if you want to treat yourself go ahead and take it!
  • New Nintendo 3DS Trim 019 (pink)  

    New Nintendo 3DS Trim 019 (Pink) (Accessories)
    I bought this because I Trim a bit boring and I think black and white but still wanted it simple and somewhat color have. The color is pretty strong and likes very much. It fits great and is easy to replace. If you prefer a single color but want to h
  • Sonic Generations Nintendo 3DS  

    Sonic Generations (Video Game)
    After a lot of fun with the Xbox 360 (HD), I want to acquire the Nintendo 3DS release. The game is fun, but not as well done as the home consoles: The game contains no oral dialogue (just STFR) levels or Sonic runs to the 3rd person (rear), look noth
  • Nintendo 3DS - The first few hours  

    Nintendo 3DS - console, cosmos black (console)
    Update 28.03.11: 3D demo movie quality, software, Typo Update 31/03/11: StreetPass, 3D Camera Moin, the following review relates only to the device itself and does not include reviewing additionally available software or accessories. First Impression
  • Nintendo 3DS XL - Pikachu Edition  

    Nintendo 3DS XL console yellow - Limited Pikachu Edition (Console)
    Nintendo 3DS XL - Pikachu Edition This Nintendo is Pikachu design, which makes it especially! There are no Pokemon games pre-installed, so that it does not provide benefits for fans to his appearance. Unfortunately, no charging cable is, but this can
  • As you look at what the Nintendo 3DS really has it!  

    Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever & New Friends - [Nintendo 3DS] (Video Game)
    Love Amazon customers For two days I am the proud owner of Nintendo 3DS - and in addition to my own two racing games (Asphalt 3D & Ridge Racers 3D) a very special treasure: Nintendogs & Cats Retriever & New Friends This game (I have the predec
  • Nintendo 3DS - an almost perfect portable console  

    Nintendo 3DS - console, snow white (console)
    3D without glasses - when I saw the first preview for 3DS then, I was thrilled. Now at last, almost 2 years after release, I treated myself to him as a Christmas present to myself and am absolutely thrilled. In the following I will explain what makes
  • Fits and works for Nintendo 3DS  

    Power Supply Charging Cable Charger for Nintendo DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 3DS XL (video game)
    Perfect charger for Nintendo 3DS. Fits and works. We can only recommend this PSU. Fast delivery: price, performance definitely ok.
  • Kirby finally on the Nintendo 3DS!  

    Kirby: Triple Deluxe - [Nintendo 3DS] (CD-ROM)
    Oh Man! What I was pleased when I "Kirby: Triple Deluxe" was finally able to start in my Nintendo 3DS XL. :) I have seen many Kirby games gambled and this is here its predecessors in every way! About the story, I will not write anything, so ther
  • parfais for Nintendo 3DS  

    PACK 10 Metal Retractable Stylus Touch Stylus touch pen for Nintendo 3DS (Video Game)
    One of my daughters had lost his pen! These are exactly the same as those supplied stylus on the purchase of the Nintendo 3DS. I do not know if these are the same as for the Nintendo 3DSxl. OK price. Delivery OK.
  • Screen Protector for Nintendo 3DS  

    Golebo Screen Protector for Nintendo 3DS Protector Shield "No Reflection | No reflection" MATT - antireflective MADE IN GERMANY (Electronics)
    First of all, I am pleasantly surprised by the quick delivery time. The article came faster than I expected. From the actual article, I'm really disappointed. Foolproof mounting? Just not, at least for the Nintendo 3DS. I have the instructions in the
  • Good set for the new Nintendo  

    snakebyte - Nintendo 3DS XL travel: Pack travel set, including accessory Car Charger for Nintendo 3DS XL (accessory).
    Under the Christmas tree in addition to the Nintendo 3DS XL and the same was the right kit with accessories. Primarily, the bag was important, but the other accessories including protective film are also used. The logo on the bag looks for aliens and
  • Necessary for Nintendo 3DS XL  

    Nintendo 3DS / 3DS XL / DSi / DSi XL - Power adapter (accessory)
    I always read the reviews before buying, and it was in this case, again very good. The Nintendo 3DS XL is delivered without adapter, ie the purchase of the adapter is a must. Functioning properly. Plug in and charge, finished. But why gray?
  • Nintendo 3DS XL  

    Nintendo 3DS XL - Console, red / black (console)
    My son has bought the Nintendo 3DS XL while ago myself. Here is his review: Nintendo 3DS / 3DS XL / DSi / DSi XL - Power Adapter "I think the 3DS XL is better than the normal 3ds, simply because the hardware has been improved immensely. 1. Improvemen
  • A play without this controller on Nintendo 3DS XL is no longer possible  

    Game Console Controller GamePad Joypad hard plastic case Stand Handle for Nintendo 3DS XL 3DSLL (Personal Computers)
    At first I was bit skeptical about this controller for the handheld console. But anyway I ordered this product and arrived after about 1 week. The pack was very qualitative. Unpacked and brought equal to it. Since that moment where the wedding betwee
  • Well-done revising the old Nintendo 3DS!  

    New Nintendo 3DS white (console)
    Good day, ladies and gentleman! I bought this product in the store, because I wanted to increase my old DSi and have decided for the New N3DS in white! First of all I'd like to say that I've always been a big Nintendo fan and still am! For packing I
  • Nintendo 3DS XL - Console, blue / black  

    Nintendo 3DS XL - Console, blue / black (console)
    Since I, as Nintendo child wants to have the latest consoles made by Nintendo over again, I bought the 3DS XL to me six months ago and now want to share my experiences with him: --- THE FIRST IMPRESSION --- On 1st moment as you the 3DS XL looks, you
  • Good evolution of the Nintendo 3DS  

    New Nintendo 3DS Console - White (Console)
    Big fan of Nintendo for over 20 years, I lack (almost) no new consoles manufacturer. The announcement of this new 3DS loved it last year. For the positives: an aesthetic point of view, I find it very successful. touch matte console is nice (compared