oehlbach rca cable review


  • good RCA cable  

    Oehlbach BEAT! NF audio cinch cable blue 1.00m (Accessories)
    the Oehlbach RCA cable series "Beat" is made neat and clean. The sound / sound with this cable is considerably audible and better than with the usual pack-stripping. I have checked various cable to my Denon and would give a touch well. The sound
  • Tips RCA cable  

    Oehlbach BEAT! NF audio cinch cable blue 1.00m (Accessories)
    My experience with the Oehlbach BEAT! NF-audio RCA cable. Since February 2011 I use several of these RCA cable to my audio system from Yamaha. Previously, I used the original RCA cables which were supplied. At that time I had a very annoying problem
  • Excellent RCA cable at a fair price  

    Oehlbach NF Master Set BEAT! Stereo Set blue 0,5m - 2700 (accessory)
    The Oehlbach RCA cables are suitable for all analog Verbindunden to a hi-fi system. The cable makes a very high-quality impression, which is also confirmed with the wiring. The connectors are gold-plated and solid fit perfectly. Very pleasant I feel
  • 1 copy (s) of: "AVE-A" audio RCA RCA cable 2x RCA Cynch Cinc Kupplungsbuchse ... (New)  

    "AVE-A" audio RCA RCA cable 2x RCA Cynch Cinc Kupplungsbuchse female to 4x (2x & 2x) RCA plug male LR red white 1.5m 1.5m meters (Electronics)
    1 copy (s) of: "AVE-A" audio RCA RCA cable 2x RCA Cynch Cinc Kupplungsbuchse ... (New) Super goods, works very well. One must keep in mind that it's always been slight loss. But you can not expect using this cable distribution the poor audi
  • Absolutely high-quality RCA cables  

    Hama ProClass RCA cable, digital, 1 RCA - 1 RCA, metal, 1.5 m (electronic)
    I bought about a week before me the RCA cable. The cable made already when unpacking a very sophisticated look, especially the plastic wrap from Hama was thanks perforated back at last be opened again easily. I use two of these cables to connect my A
  • Jack RCA cable elbow jack 3.5mm stereo to 2 RCA plugs, ...  

    Jack RCA cable elbow jack 3.5mm stereo to 2 RCA plugs, 1.5m (Electronics)
    fast delivery, the cable as shown what is one to rezessieren are just cable jack RCA Cable elbow jack 3.5mm stereo to 2 RCA plugs, ...
  • High quality RCA cable for a reasonable price  

    Direct Cable 3M Digital coaxial and subwoofer cable (1 RCA to 1 RCA) - PRO Series (Accessories)
    So far I had always a cheap standard RCA cables for buy "3 Euro fuffzig", but I had this with my new subwoofer always a slight hum. So I thought that I should probably time to buy a higher quality. Because I wanted it quickly, I went to the frie
  • Premium RCA cable  

    InLine® Cinch Kabel AUDIO, Premium, golden contacts, 2x RCA M / M, 1m (accessory)
    This RCA cables have a high quality in terms of shielding. I use them to connect Blu-ray players and other peripherals with a 7.1 system. Advantages and disadvantages: + Interference-free transmission + Screw plug - Right inflexible cable So far, I d
  • 2x coaxial RCA - RCA cable  

    deleyCON HQ Stereo Audio Cable [3M] - 2x RCA male to 2x RCA plug - gold plated (Electronics)
    Have the stereo audio cable bought to feed my audio interface with external hardware via S / PDIF. Due to the cable duct in the home studio (with many other cables parallel) should not ordinary cheap RCA cables are used. Since this is a coaxial cable
  • This quality-made RCA cables  

    Oehlbach Ice Blue NF-audio RCA cable transparent 1.00m (Accessories)
    As might be expected at the renowned manufacturers, these cables are very well made. I put half a dozen of them in several lengths. The connectors are sticking, cross-sections and the insulation are generous. Discussions on cable sound I want here bu
  • Home Theater HT 40-1000 RCA cable (2 x RCA plug) 10m  

    Home Theater HT 40-1000 RCA cable (2 x RCA plug) 10m (Accessories)
    The Home Theatre HT 40-1000 RCA cable (2 x RCA plug) 10m I bought on 22.09.2012 and the same set. Because of the thickness of the cable is a little difficult in a cable duct with many small edges embarrassed, but the quality is just great! The cable
  • Unshielded RCA cables  

    Cable Set Audi Music Interface AMI-RNS-E for Audi A3 8P
    The adapter cable is not fail-safe. The RCA cables between the Quadlocksteckern is about 0.5m long, and not shielded, but consists of individual wires! The long about 1m AMI cord has indeed shielded cables for the audio lines, but the Can-Bus lines a
  • Very long RCA cables  

    20m 3.5mm plug to 2 x RCA stereo RCA cinch connection cable connection cable 2x male to 2x plugs 20,0m 20.0m 20.0 m 20.0 3.5mm stereo RCA cable (electronics)
    Did not think to find a 20m RCA cable here. The damping is fine. The quality is also. After unpacking you should wipe the cable with an absorbent cloth, then a slight oil film on the cable.
  • RCA cable 7m  

    InLine Cinch cable, 2x RCA, male / male, 7m (Accessories)
    TV, or satellite receiver with audio amplifier. Connection is okay: Previously had a cheap RCA cable tried: When connected to the receiver, Echo offset between FS-speakers and speakers behind amplifier. With InLine cable no echo offset more audible.
  • Toslink cable review  

    mumbi optical digital cable Toslink cable 2m (accessory)
    What can one review already a cable. I have built it between my PC and a devil-conditioning. It all works flawlessly. The plug is after snapping into the socket bomb-proof - so hard that I think I need to use a pair of pliers, if I want to release th
  • Dual RCA cable 5m  

    Double Extension Cable 5m RCA - Premium Quality (100% copper wire) - Phono - 24 carat gold - male to female - Left & Right Audio - Stereo - 2RCA - 2xRCA - 5.0 m (Electronics)
    Rubbish cable with very large ohmic losses: 8 Ohms between RCA masses, and ditto between the central cores. So, I do not tell you the losses on the volume of my speakers amplified my 5.1 system unusable! I do not know or have passed the Gold plated p
  • Oehlbach VGA cable  

    Oehlbach VGA VGA video cable black 10.00 m (accessories)
    I wanted a high-quality cable for my new 55Zoll Led TV UE55C6700 Samsung have and came across the Oehlbach cable. So quickly ordered from Amazon. Was delivered as usual the next business day. The packaging of the cable is designed very complex, the c
  • Oehlbach loudspeaker cable  

    Oehlbach Speaker Wire SP-25 speaker cable 2 x 2,5 mm², mini coil crystal clear 20.00 m (accessories)
    I'm very satisfied with the cable. Very flexible and less rigid than the cheap versions. Very easy to lay. Only the non-continuous color Makierung the different phases I noticed. It is located approximately every 40 cm on the same phase Oelback lette
  • HDMI Thunderbolt Cable Reviews  

    Cable Mini DisplayPort Cable Matters | Thunderbolt to HDMI White - 5m (Electronics)
    I am very happy with this cable. It was to connect a computer to the TV. It works very well, just to make the connection, a small resolution setting. The rendering quality on TV is very good. I can now see movies of my computer directly to the TV wit
  • RCA cable  

    Pure Oxygen Free Copper HQ 2 x RCA phono Towards Sheets Sheets Stereo Audio Cable Gold Plated 1 m (Electronics)
    Article futuristic design and decent quality ... only regret that earned him four stars on May 1 stereo audio cable consists of two mono cables represented by black and red connectors in general and yellow for the video ... in the present case are th