roxy long haul anchor luggage


  • Roxy Long-Haul Bag - super as always  

    Roxy ladies holdall Long Haul Anchor, NBL ax lit anch, 30 x 40 x 10 cm, 110 liters, WTWBA641-BTL1 (Luggage)
    This is actually the great Roxy Long-haul trolley bag with dimensions: 79/40/35 and a volume of 110 liters. The entire bag weighs 4.5 kg. I have for many years repeatedly other models. I travel a lot professionally, and appreciate the Roxy bags not o
  • great, super long-haul flights  

    2 PAIR compression stockings black. Great quality, hand-linked lace in 3 sizes 35/38, Black (Misc.)
    Super fit. Had they bought for a long-haul flight. Our calves were mega relax. It was worth it. Have directly awarded a couple
  • Long-haul flights are now more bearable  

    Falke knee socks 15434 Support Strong (Textiles)
    Good fit, good support (using the stockings on long-haul flights). Comfortable to wear. No strong constricting continuous wear at a time (20 hours or more).
  • great support stockings for long-haul flights  

    Falke Ladies knee socks 46801 Support Knit KH (Textiles)
    I've bought these socks for a long-haul flight to Tokyo and I'm thrilled. They fit perfectly, are after to feel hardly attract, and the feet come in wonderfully relaxed. just buy it!
  • Weighed, found wanting, but useful for long haul  

    Ultra Sport Men Running Shorts with Quick-Dry function, briefly (Textile)
    A bad start is when out of the box a thread out of the product is visible, which exceeds the length of the product itself. It does not indicate a good workmanship and appropriate quality control. So I have to try a pair of scissors before tightening
  • the very long haul  

    Tha Blue Carpet Treatment (Audio CD)
    Snoop is also on his latest album. Among nearly 80 minutes does it the Top Dogg in years. No Wonder; he still had material added for a completely different Blue Carpet Treatment album before this 2006er album. So he had at least 36 class songs from w
  • Perfect - even for long-haul flights  

    Stefanplast transport box GULLIVER 7 IATA 102 x 72 x 76 cm (Misc.)
    My Schäferhundmix (now 1 1/2, about 28 kg) has now flown a few times very relaxed in this box. There was so far no difficulties with the airlines (Air France, Brussels, Lufthansa and others), or airports. For transit, the box can be loaded onto a bag
  • The next long-haul flight can come - pleasant - high wearing comfort (and with support stockings ..)  

    Falke Ladies knee socks 46801 Support Knit KH (Textiles)
    I fly a lot professionally to Asia and also in my youth gives me a 12-hour flight to create. The legs hurt, the feet are thick and heavy ... In this theater I was tired so I've tried this support stockings - priced they were fine - they were delivere
  • long haul!  

    Cabin Max - Ultimate Travel Kit - Neck Support Pillow, Travel mask, earplugs, socks and massaging pen (Health and Beauty)
    Tested on the flight Marseilles Noumea return! socks are perfect with their small spikes on the sole: thick enough to make you feel isolated from the ground; the mask is comfortable and much more efficient than the one provided by the airline; Easy t
  • First long-haul experience with 2 children  

    AEG DVD 4552 LCD Portable DVD Player (22.86 cm (9 inch) display, DVD + RW, SD card slot) (Electronics)
    So, we came back from the holidays in Italy yesterday and had in advance of this system bought to have on the approximately 2x 1,000km "peace" in the car. And what can I say, has worked. The system runs properly, the quality is very good. The di
  • Long haul flight attendant and long travel companion  

    Samsonite Travel Accessories Neck Pillow (Luggage)
    On the Central America Flight, the part has been proven and the backpack it took then to the Andes Trail no unnecessary storage space. Valve super. Very good stuff.
  • Power long-haul flying more pleasant  

    Samsonite Travel Accessories Neck Pillow (Luggage)
    For my intercontinental flight I first decided to use a neck pillow and I realized that it really brings something. The cushion is easy to inflate and adjust to taste. I've flown a lot more relaxed and would buy the pillow again at any time. The pack
  • Rotating cushion on Börostuhl OK in the car and on longer trips unsuitable.  

    Rotary cushion
    I have a long torso. On a non-rotating office chair cushion is good. My BMW car Komforsitz is set at the lowest level and my head almost errreicht the roof. Now comes the rotation cushion in between there is scarce. Therefore, I take the pillow only
  • Unfortunately torn bearing damage on the rear, strap on the bracket, still great device  

    HUDORA 14724 - Big Wheel RX 205 Scooter (Toys)
    I use the scooter every day on a medium long haul, it is overall very handy fold quickly and easily. I've been using it since December 2009, but yesterday I had to replace a warehouse behind the wheel bearing. Luckily I had my bearings Inlineskats in
  • Removable washable air bag  

    Newgen Medicals NC5177 Airbag special trip neck removable (Kitchen)
    Very good for long-haul flights. Pleasant to touch and when deflated, it fits in the hand luggage without taking up space. Small pocket incorporated to put handkerchief headset, seals, ...
  • really great pillows  

    Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow - Pillows, travel pillows, pillow, pillow (equipment)
    I ordered the pad in the largest size. We are globetrotters and much of the world on the go. The cushion is a real luxury for nights in tents and no comparison to other "inflatable" pillow which I also have a few but very unhappy am (rather then
  • A recommended purchase!  

    Samsonite B-Lite Spinner 77/28 Exp. (Luggage)
    Positives: The 77-cm-spinner is with> 114 liter capacity and only 3.9 kg a really recommendable lightweight, and only about 200 grams heavier than z. B. the more than twice as expensive competitor by Rimowa, the Multiwheel Trolley Salsa Air, we had a
  • World Cocktail?  

    The Richest Man in Babylon (Audio CD)
    If it is not actually anchored in Ambitionsspektrum of artists and musicians to transcend his limits and to make distant tangible? Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, with its Thievery Corporation regulars on each Easy Listening Compilation √° la Ministry of S
  • Stylish headset with good sound and commendable prize money  

    V7 HS6000 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Stereo Headset / Headphones with NFC connection function and built-in microphone (2x 1.9 Watt, 10 hours of battery life, speakerphone), white (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    First impression - processing and content The headset is available in white and in black. The package includes the headset, a USB charging cable and a pouch for transporting the headphones in the pocket. In addition, of course, the usual paperwork wi
  • V800: a GPS RF multisport clock like no other! Practical tests in Trainingsmix to Marathon; Tests & comparisons (eg Fenix ​​2)  

    Polar training computers V800, Black, 90,047,437 (equipment)
    The polar V800 replaces, a GPS RF Multisportuhr for runners, cyclists and swimmers (including triathletes) to be. It not only offers extensive running and heart rate analysis, but also offers for cyclists and swimmers (with heart rate measurement und