Silkn SCP Sonic Clean Plus


  • Sonic Clean Plus  

    Sonic Clean Plus supersonic facial cleaning kit incl. 6 brushes
    I am restllos satisfied. Value for money great, super easy use, top result; really very well cleaned, perfused, velvety soft skin. I give the device is not restored. What the manufacturer promises he keeps this machine anyway to 100%. My fear, it wou
  • Silk'n Sonic Clean SCP Plus sound Brushes have  

    Silk'n Replacement brush set for Sonic Clean (Personal Care)
    What I bought for my wife and she is very happy with it. Everyone likes to maintain, is enthusiastic.
  • Good vacuum cleaner - PLUS some clarification !!  

    Philips PowerPro FC8769 / 91 vacuum cleaner (EEK A, bagless, EPA12 filter) black (household goods)
    The vacuum cleaner is compared to my "old", much more power consuming vacuum cleaners better. Seen from me full credit. The other use is good durchdacht.Technische details as such I can not judge. 1 .: ACCESSORIES: the supplied nozzles are simpl
  • SONAX Xtreme Rim Cleaner Plus 02302000  

    SONAX Xtreme Rim Cleaner 02302000 Plus (Automotive)
    Have we bought a new car and thus immediately the correct washing cleaning supplies for your car and wheels. Was also tried out immediately on the new alloy wheels. Spray short, act about 3 minutes (dirt, brake dust is reddish but is so desired) and
  • great help for acne prone skin, but ...  

    Silk'n Sonic Clean SC sound - face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    Update Summer 2013: After 10 months of use I need to change my original review very good unfortunately. Since I had already 4 defective equipment at amazon send back within this short time, I can not assign 4 stars more. So a sound brush itself is st
  • SANITAS SUR 42 ultrasonic cleaner  

    Sanitas SUR 42 ultrasonic cleaner (Personal Care)
    The device is working properly. My previous U-sonic cleaner broke down because the controls were integrated in the lid and thereby came to an irreparable broken cable. Disadvantage of SANITAS SUR 42 is slightly lower fill level; this is not enough fo
  • Good cleaning power, but not for sensitive gums!  

    Braun Oral-B electric toothbrush PRO 3000, Model 2014 (Health and Beauty)
    About a product test I have the Oral B Pro 3000 obtained. Until now I've always been a little put off by electric toothbrushes by the high cost of spare toothbrushes. In addition, even join with me to quite sensitive teeth, so I always stayed with my
  • Unable to clean  

    Pro1D Hoya circular polarizing filter O77 mm (Accessory)
    I recommend this filter, because the slightest cleaning turns into a nightmare. I use optical products and specialty papers for optical film, but I was cleaning, plus a deposit was formed. I saw on the manufacturer's website there is a more expensive
  • Broom of the new generation!  

    Leifheit 45056 Allround brush XtraClean Plus 30 cm with telescopic handle (household goods)
    Delivered the "Leifheit Allround brush Xtra Clean Plus 30 cm with telescopic handle" in a monstrous box, so you might think at first glance, Oops, that must indeed be a Trumm! But if you have gefriemelt the broom only once from the cardboar
  • Set of 4 Fits to other brushes from Braun and Olay  

    Brown SE80m face Face essay mix face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    The cleaning brushes are suitable not only to the Sonic Clean but also to the facial cleansing brush the Epilator Set Silk-├ępil included 9 9-969 and the Olay cleaning brush my girlfriend. In this set of 4 you will find all currently available brush a
  • Recommendation 7  

    Silk'n Sonic Clean SC sound - face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    I opted for an electric facial cleansing brush, because I have enlarged pores and from time to time suffer from slight blemishes (pimples, Mitt eaters). Since my other devices were too expensive, I have decided for the Silk'n Sonic Clean and was not
  • My favorite cosmetic product  

    Silk'n Sonic Clean SC sound - face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    Since I have very complicated skin. Acne, Allegiepickel, tendency to eczema, so dry, scaly spots and dark pigmentation in scars in my face you can pretty much find any problem. The other day in a television series I got the first time of ultrasonic f
  • Replacement brushes for ultrasonic facial cleanser - also compatible with Rio Sonicleanse  

    Silk'n Replacement brush set for Sonic Clean (Personal Care)
    I still have not ordered Ersatzb├╝rsten since my appointment over England was too much trouble ... Since the Rio Sonicleanse and Inno Essentials Sonic Clean a Rio Sonicleanse and to date - at least visually - look almost identical, I have the brush fr
  • In principle, good coffee - but unfortunately poor material quality of the pot  

    Siemens TC60201V coffee Executive Edition / 1100 watts / dark gray (household goods)
    We have this coffee now for about 2-3 years. With the coffee we are very satisfied. Anyway, he is as good as with all other filter coffee machines, I knew previously. The coffee is very easy. The water tank is virtually take to fill, clean plus light
  • Great price - performance ratio absolutely OK!  

    Cornat ONDO basin with clean plus surface, 50 cm, white (tool)
    The quality of the wash basin can compete with many brand manufacturers. The price, however, is this much cheaper. So all in all a strong buy recommendation. With the clean plus coating the cleaning is not a problem and that you get otherwise rarely
  • This is fine in applying it as lotions and massage.  

    PIXNOR P2016 Portable 7-in-1 Face and Body Brush Ultra Women & Men - Deep cleansing of pores - Natural Anti-Aging - Cleanser Microdermabrasion Tool Set - removing dead skin - stimulate collagen - Masseur Beauty - Face Cleaning Massager- Face (Pink)
    This is fine in applying it as lotions and massage. The use of the brush is better for a facial friction. He 'removed and causes friction. With friction. It ''s also a good tool for beginners. A person with sensitive skin the 'would too. I do not thi
  • Very Happy 61  

    Black & Decker Dustbuster Hand ORB48MBN ORB IT 4.8V Metallic Black (Kitchen)
    I am satisfied with my little table vacuum cleaner, plus it is design so it is not intrusive in our new cuisine.petit downside is that my wife is not always handy ...
  • central vapor calor  

    Steam generator Calor Central GV7461C0 Express Purple Power Zone 41.7 x 25.6 x 25.8 cm (Kitchen)
    I wanted a vacuum not too heavy, powerful and of course not too expensive and searching the site and although I found what I wanted such a super vacuum cleaner, plus he sucks as a large, noise level I said such an inspiring and makes noise, so me its
  • Super game 138  

    Sonic classics collection (Video Game)
    This game is great and it makes good on the DS compared to some games that once on the small screen of the DS are worth much more. Anyway I love and do not get enough, I revie my childhood when I spent hours playing on my TV at sonic. Plus: 4 games i
  • Conveniently, but uncomfortably loud  

    Sonic Clean supersonic facial cleaning kit incl. 6 brushes
    Ordered I have the Sonic Clean for use in my beauty salon. Part of a complete facial cleansing and as a brush device, since it at the same time acts as a massage. Only the unit is uncomfortably loud, and especially near the head, it can be distractin