singer orchestra


  • singer orchestra  

    Introducing (CD)
    a real revelation here is young and this album is a success. the result of the Robin Mckelle / willie murillo meeting landmark for its originality. to discover all the secrets and flavor must scrape some production designed by Willie Murillo cover is
  • A small orchestra with a large, varied album!  

    Season II: Views from the Inside (MP3 Download)
    The chamber has a lot to offer on "Views from the Inside": folky, poppy, rock and experiment are the songs, sometimes very intuitive and partially correct radio friendly, then again somewhat unwieldy and unconventional and challenging. This
  • We loved the Top, we love the singer  

    Someone said (CD)
    For a first album, it is a tour de force. The texts are excellent and beautiful melodies. You're entering a warm and pleasant universe, all orchestrated by the sensual voice slightly broken and Carla Bruni. As if she was singing just for us ... No wo
  • Live In Australia With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra ...: .. Long Live Elton John, fantastic, historical and ... +  

    Live In Australia With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (CD)
    Priceless treasure reflection of a time of an era in the career of the artist .. The orchestrations are like silversmithing .. The sound is airy, remastering, this concert of 1986, new leaves appear subtleties and nuances and reveals all clarity and
  • A lyrical and warm interpretation of Mendelssohn's orchestral work  

    Mendelssohn: Symphonies openings (CD)
    This compiled symphonic recordings that mendelssohniens Claudio Abbado for Deutsche Grammophon realized in the mid-1980s. Compared with the reading previously etched with the same orchestra for Decca London (1968), the Italian is magnified in his pol
  • Orchestral symphonies  

    Live With Orchestra (CD)
    I admit to not having hung on the album "The Night Before" and the voice of the new singer too used to the vocal charisma Geike. But that was until I gives me this album, especially after watching the DVD of the concert. The freshness brought by
  • One of the best soul singer.  

    The Queen of Soul (CD)
    A compilation that must absolutely possess any fan of Soul music, that of the golden age of R & B. Although records are also in mono, route of Aretha Franklin emerges every time the rich orchestrations, chiseled like a scalpel. Gospel singer ensures
  • A pure singing lesson  

    Lisa Della Casa - Operatic Recital (CD)
    In his somewhat motley collection but sown singers recitals small with the heyday of the catalog Decca here half a century, this disc devoted to the wonderful Lisa Della Casa includes two albums recital studio, rarely actually published (even though
  • Villazón sings Handel - a pearl of music  

    Handel (CD + DVD Limited Deluxe Version) (Audio CD)
    By a lucky chance I own this CD for some time - and it can only recommend. It is a wonderful music. I am far from being a baroque specialist, but on this recording are probably the least - even purists - have noted something negative. Rolando Villazó
  • Villazón sings Handel - A pearl full of heavenly music  

    Handel (Dt. Version) (Audio CD)
    By a lucky chance I own this CD for some time - and it can only recommend. It is a wonderful music. I am far from being a baroque specialist, but on this recording are probably the least - even purists - have noted something negative. Rolando Villazó
  • 70-minute, fabulous orchestral version  

    The Ring Without Words (Audio CD)
    For those who are looking to 'romantic' style of singing in general, and one sung in this style opera in particular, a change or an alternative, there is since 1988 at last the message: At least Wagner's "Ring" -Opus is - in excellently assemble
  • Great orchestras, soloists comic  

    Chess in Concert (Audio CD)
    The musical "Chess" has a long performing and Umarbeitungsgeschichte behind. All the better that it is now once again have a new addition to the Swedish version. While in concert form, but that has proven itself obviously. Very great are orchest
  • Classical singing for connoisseurs Ears  

    Handel: Messiah (3 CD's) (MP3 Download)
    For those who like to listen to classical music, especially singing. He is absolutely right here. Beautiful arias and recitatives of soprano, alto, tenor and bass alternate with choral passages. There is a whole tells the Christmas story. The arias a
  • Bombastic rock with divas singing and whistle  

    What Lies Beneath (Limited Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
    For the uninitiated: Tarja is a classically trained soprano from Finland who has made a charismatic front lady of Nightwish a name. "What Lies Beneath" is her second solo work (the Christmas album from 2006 do not count), and the first time it h
  • New album of the Diva with a large orchestra!  

    Through the Eyes of Love (Audio CD)
    Only last year Ronnie Milsap brought out a Christmas album and a few months later a new crossover album. This new album of the great singer combines pop and pop songs, musical hit, movie song, song and opera aria. All songs have been recorded by the
  • Finally again a really good singer !!!  

    Spirit (Audio CD)
    I found out last year that Leona Lewis has been weeks in the UK charts at the top, although it also comes from the Castinghow (X-factor), was clear - there is something to it, because this show brings only top people (Shayne Ward for example) out. Af
  • Sarah Connor sings in the category of Houston  

    Just One Last Dance (Audio CD)
    Wunderbar! Sarah Connor has succeeded with this ballad a fantastic and romantic song. On top she has "Just One Last Dance" re-recorded with friend Marc Terenzi and his group Natural. The number has not lost any of its romance and thus becom
  • Schenker 6 star, but I do not like the singer  

    Spirit On A Mission (Audio CD)
    Everything is a matter of taste. I think it is (for me) so pity. Schenker has blossomed again, actually makes the hardest rocking sound has always, but I do not like the singer. I think he does not fit Schenker, does not fit the sound, but as I said,
  • Not a bad sound - only the singer sounds like Rudi Perplexed  

    Tokyo Dome In Concert (MP3 Download)
    Van Halen is really only good when they play live, they are rocky and Eddie can show what he's got, and he's one of the best, most brilliant guitarists on this planet. The decision to bring David back to the band, I personally feel a disaster. This m
  • So bad he did not sing.  

    Fly (MP3 Download)
    "Flying" is "The Nanny" to hear of his new film in the credits. Lt. He wrote the song "only" for his children sung, but then placed on the film in his own words. This reminds me of the song to some extent a bit to Philip