skeppshult pan review


  • Review the grill pan after one use  

    Landmann grill pan stainless steel, silver, 32.5 x 24.5 x 2 cm (garden products)
    This product is recommended as a conservation measure compared to conventional aluminum trays. This factor, I agree wholeheartedly. What was not mentioned in the product description is that it is almost impossible to clean the grill pan after use.
  • Grill pan cast iron skillet square stainless steel handle 25x25 cm Skeppshult  

    Grill pan cast iron skillet square stainless steel handle 25x25 cm Skeppshult (household goods)
    This grill Pfanner is an absolute professional device. The price is absolutely justified. Alone the weight is impressive. I use the grill pan on an induction hob. The Grill results in both beef and pigmeat in are excellent. Would I buy again and agai
  • Good pan, but nothing more!  

    Tefal C68019 Hard Titanium wok 28 cm (household goods)
    I can not share so uncritically the overwhelmingly positive reviews, unfortunately. But first of all the positive properties: I feel the weight of the pan as positive, since it rests well on the stove and not slip so easily (eg for stirring). The ace
  • My best pan!  

    Tristar CW-0271 Frying pan Superieur 24 cm with lid (household goods)
    I bought the pan because of the enthusiastic reviews and have to say I'm impressed! The pan is really first class, very thick walls and floor, feels very robust. Due to its compact form, the steep high edge and the very well-placed and shaped handle
  • Top product, ideal for coated pans  

    Wenco 541 602 Spatula, olive wood (household goods)
    Wenco 541 602 Spatula, olive wood ************************************************** Spatula ideally consist of wood, even plastic spatula may damage the coating of the pan at high temperatures. Material Specifications ************************** The
  • Review  

    What About Now (Audio CD)
    So I've been thinking long at all to write a review on this disc but maybe that's a kind of therapy to get away from the shock of this ultra lousy concoction. Do not misunderstand - I was once a big Bon Jovi disciples, already one of the times when e
  • This pan is super.  

    Tefal E43504 Jamie Oliver pan 24 cm, stainless steel (houseware)
    In my long life I have but needed some frying pans. After some time it was but then have a scratch or even worse, the lining lösste itself. This Tefal pan convinced really from the first moment. It sticks to anything. It is easy with a little deterge
  • Sharp photos, jerky pans  

    AmazonBasics lightweight tripod, to 1.52 m, incl. Bag (Electronics)
    Hobby photographers find a fairly full-featured tripod here. The tripod head has a quick release plate, the center column is provided with a hook, there is a practical handle and two dragonflies. So a tripod is a compromise: on the one hand, it shoul
  • Stabiele pan  

    AMT Gastroguss Schmorpfanne 724, cast aluminum, diameter 24 cm, height 7 cm (household goods)
    Since my two ladies in the kitchen potter, a pan gets broken after the next. Deep scratches, the coating dissolves ... Since I did not want to buy a new pan every 2 weeks, I looked around and studied intensively all reviews. In this pan I stayed then
  • Great pan but unfortunately short-lived  

    Wool 1528N Cast Pan 28cm Titanium Nowo (household goods)
    Can only agree with the previous speakers with the bad reviews. My wool-pan is now 2 years old. According to the manufacturer you can even cut into the pan without it being detrimental to the coating. We even took advantage of only plastic spatula. T
  • The best pan that I've ever had, but ...  

    Wool 1528N Cast Pan 28cm Titanium Nowo (household goods)
    First of all: I have therefore something provocative awarded only one star, so the recession given the necessary attention. BECAUSE, all positive reviews are from customers who have comparatively short the pan until use. The promised by the manufactu
  • Review from the perspective of football fans  

    Sony BRAVIA KDL-50W685 126 cm (50 inches) 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, 200Hz XRM, DVB-T / C / S2, WiFi, SmartTV) (Electronics)
    Advance the review was much more detailed than originally planned. Those who want a short conclusion can simply scroll to the bottom of the text. Furthermore, let me say that this review only reflects my opinion and My personal things like design or
  • Not to grbrauchen pan  

    King A542Z cast aluminum frying pan with removable handle about 24 cm ø, colored ceramic coating inside, warm gray (household goods)
    The positive reviews of my predecessors, I can not confirm, unfortunately. It sticks to everything, fried eggs are not going to get unfallfei from the pan. And that from the very beginning. Gbeht pan back on Amazon!
  • Super Meat pan but not for everyday life  

    WMF 1756286411 saucepan professional resist, ø 28 cm (household goods)
    After I several times had really problems with the WMF Ceradur professional and they had to complain twice, now the new professional resist came on the induction cooker. It is important to know that this is to say 80% or more is a pure meat pan. In t
  • Actually super device, were it not for quality problems (long-term review)  

    Tefal AH9000 Actifry Family Deep Fryer Hot Air (household goods)
    Update 11_2013 The problem with the lid seems fixed now, the exchanged in January lid is still without tears! Update 15_01_2013: The unit I call now nearly two years my own. In Tefal it seems in some ways like French vehicles to be: Ideas well, execu
  • A detailed review - incl. Technical blah - but also for all other readable  

    equinux tizi Video recyclers for Mac (USB) - digitize analog video and just cut (electronic)
    I really write some reviews, I am interested himself not particularly for the feedback of others. This has nothing to do with arrogance, merely that they rarely have enough detail and differentiation me - a "five-star, great product" in my opini
  • Pan is not suitable for induction!  

    Fissler Protect 14630228100 pans New Emax Comfort, 28 cm (household goods)
    Since the pan under the Amazon heading "pans suitable for induction" has been published and had good reviews, I have it left me. A short cooking test then showed the result. Too bad! I returned the item.
  • High-pr-border pan  

    Tefal C68019 Hard Titanium wok 28 cm (household goods)
    This review is from Tefal C68019 Hard Titanium wok 28 cm Size and shape of an ordinary wok pan let expectations when potential customers come up that are likely to be disappointed at the end, at least visually. Actually, the present quality of produc