somikon mini tripod


  • Somikon mini tripod  

    Somikon sturdy tripod mini tripod with flexible 3-way head (electronics)
    super tripod; really good to use; very stable and well-adjusted, Smell the bag passes quickly ventilate. Highly recommended! Unbeatable price!
  • Good mini tripod with little quirks  

    Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI table tripod for Compact System Camera (Electronics)
    Why I bought this stand? Because I wanted to fix my system flashes via hot shoe and align wanted. The use of a system camera was first out of the question: My first impressions Packaging: WOW, my first Taped package that I could tear as it has been a
  • Lace mini tripod so favorable price!  

    Somikon mini tripod folding tripod for photo and video cameras (electronic)
    I have this tripod now really excited since April and am. Super quality at such a low price, there is no second time. This mini tripod is made entirely of aluminum and has a spherical head. My Canon 650D with a 11-16mm lens Tokina has even held witho
  • Mini Tripod from Novoflex  

    Novoflex MiniPod mini tripod for tabletop and macro shooting with DSLRs and system cameras up to 10 kg (Electronics)
    A precision-machined and stable mini tripod that allows the camera are to come to the floor - ideal for taking pictures of mushrooms and demersal insects. The three feet can be locked in three stages, which allows good functionality on flat surfaces.
  • Great mini tripod on the go with a very good ball head  

    Joby Gorillapod Focus Gripping Tripod (Set incl. Ball head ball head-X) (Electronics)
    I have tested this mini tripod on several walks and am so far very pleased. Whether prima have been on an uneven floor, on a rock and at a horizontal railing ... my 5Dmk2 + 24-105mm. Critical I see the attachment of my combi to a vertical support / f
  • Velbon EX-mini tripod (accessory)  

    Velbon EX-mini tripod (accessory)
    Velbon EX-mini tripod I have a small travel tripod wanted to make it in the Video and Photo involving possible conditions and remote control for the cameras (eg Nikon D3200 Digital SLR Camera incl. AF-S DX 18-105 VR) with good stability use. These co
  • good and flexible all-purpose Mini Tripod ...  

    Bilora 1013 Re-Flex-Pod tripod (accessory)
    I ordered the mini tripod from Manfrotto to complement my photography equipment 2.5 years ago and am so far very pleased with it. What can you use it? I use it z..B. can be used as a tripod for a flash, I then place freely and light with remote contr
  • Cullmann Alpha 15 Mini Tripod  

    Cullmann Alpha 15 silver mini tripod with ball head (electronics)
    Since the Mini Tripod from overall impression is good, it is a pity that you can not accuse properly fixed the ball head. Otherwise, for the price a good workmanship!
  • Great Mini Tripod ...  

    Rollei M5-Mini - aluminum mini tripod, packable and very stable, inclusive ball and tripod bag -. Black (Accessories)
    Even my Rollei M5-Mini has been supplied with the ball head FPH-53P, which is very pleased me. :) When unpacking noticed that the tripod is very valuable and well finished. With its three spirit levels can bring the ball head quickly in scale, also i
  • Leather Case + Mini Tripod for Sony HX50V  

    First2savvv brown Premium leather camera bag for Sony DSC-HX50V DSC RX100II DSC RX100M2 Sony DSC-RX100M3 CASIO EX-ZR500 Panasonic Lumix ZS30 LUMIX DMC-TS5 Samsung Smart Camera WB50F WB35F Nikon COOLPIX Panasonic S9700 S9600 S9500 LUMIX DMC-TZ60 Canon PowerShot G7x PowerShot SX220 HS SX230 HS SX240 HS SX260 HS SX 270 HS SX280 HS CASIO CASIO ZR3500 ZR2000 with Mini Tripod (Electronics)
    Had acquired especially for my new Sony HX50V this product. The associated tripod was rather uninteresting for me. The bag is made of black leather, which gave no exhalations of, despite the low price, to my amazement. The leather feels in your hand
  • Mini Tripod broken  

    Cullmann Alpha 15 silver mini tripod with ball head (electronics)
    Having very annoyed about this product now my first review: I went to the coast 1 week to Holland and wanted nice shots had secured from the sea and especially in the evening from sunset I machen.Nachdem the tripod, which goes smoothly wanted I have
  • Class portable mini tripod  

    Hama Handy mini tripod with flexible legs and mounting clip, Flexi M, black (Accessories)
    So the thing pays for the price [] certainly totally out. Easy to carry, does not fit into any bag, quality is fine, surprisingly stable it is, every digital camera these days because it fits, rather heavy. However, one disadvantage there: the rubber
  • Manfrotto MP3-D01 mini tripod.  

    Manfrotto MP3-D01 Pocket Maxi (Mini Tripod) (Electronics)
    What can I say. Very durchdacht.Viele setting very stable. The perfect part can hang on forever and is therefore always present. I use the Mini to my Panasonic LUMIX GF. 1 We recommend.
  • Super handy mini tripod for amateurs  

    Joby Gorillapod Hybrid black / gray (Accessories)
    The most severe combination that I have mounted on this tripod was an Olympus E-PM1 with the Olympus 14-150mm. Total weight of the technical specifications, about 750g, which is below the carrying capacity of this stand. I was able to detect any prob
  • Mini Tripod with Ball Head  

    COM FOUR® Mini Tripod with Ball Head / Tripod Mini Ball Head with 1/4 "thread for DSLR camera tripod rotated 360 ° (screw mounting) (Personal Computers)
    First impression: good workmanship, metal where one would expect metal and the simple statement holds an IP Camera.problemlos. Even the tripod head is certainly recommended for smaller cameras and flash and lights. For large Linhof 13x18 but you shou
  • mini tripod  

    Rollei Mini Flexi Tripod 100 Tripod for Camera Blue (Accessory)
    Ultra mini, it fits in your pocket or purse, ultra-convenient because the feet are fully articulated and can cling to any branch, chair ..... you can also use standing on its 3 feet !! to carry around with the mini camera or digital camera. Please no
  • Mini Tripod 1  

    Somikon NC1823-944 Mini stable tripod with flexible tray with 3 positions (Electronics)
    I chose this note. This tripod and really complete and very convenient for the MACROPHOTOGRAFI I make arrangements with flash and camera Nikon D3300 want it perfectly in place .nothing to fault on this tripod. Really I highly recommend it to people w
  • Mini Tripod bracket for iPhone4 / 3 and any other devices ...  

    Mini Tripod support for iPhone4 / 3 and all other digital cameras and smartphones with max height 6,2cm (Electronics)
    Product handy when you want to film it without trembling. The tripod is solid (tested with an iPhone and a digital camera) and want the matter well in time. Be careful though, this is not a product to place an SLR / Hybrid ... Delivery time.
  • Somikon telescopic tripod, 3-way Neiger & Schnellwechselplatte  

    Somikon telescopic tripod, 3-way Neiger & quick release plate (Electronics)
    The tripod is actually not bad, but there is no Spare quick release plate when the original Removable lost or breaks down, can you throw away the tripod. Second disadvantage is pivoting on the joints for vertical and horizontal lines This lubricant,
  • Mini Tripod MP-202 of Matin  

    Matin MP-202 Mini Tripod (table tripod, tripod) with removable tripod Eiger - for DSLR, EVIL- and compact cameras (accessories)
    The small tripod is super: Light, stable and stow in any camera bag. I have to, something clunky appearing Condyle replaced with the handle through a small ball (about 5 euros), whereby the Tripod is still easier to store, does not act as clunky and