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  • "Wyrd bid ful araed!" (Fate is inevitable)  

    Burning Country (Paperback)
    Part Five of Saxony Saga "Wyrd bid ful araed!" (Fate is inevitable) Uthred is now for many years a vassal of King Alfred of Wessex. Without its original belief in Odin abjure, it serves the Christian rulers but loyal as leader of the royal troop
  • ckeyin ful hd camera  

    Ckeyin ® 1080P Full HD Sports Action Camera WiFi Security Helmcaméra Wide Angle 170 HD DV / CAR DVR / Camera Remote + Accessories Kit, Black (Electronics)
    Very disappointed with the little device is not filmed more than 5 minutes per séquences.nul regret my purchase think get a refund
  • The title says it all: "Soul-Ful Celebration"!  

    Handel's Messiah (Audio CD)
    a Gorgeous CD, especially if you know the original Baroque and likes. But even those who just want to hear good soul, is served well with this CD. Christmas pure joy, without religious Muff. Unconditional purchase recommendation !!
  • No good 1 1  

    Mobile TV Germany (App)
    Not a single program works. Again and again, the message "All Slots are ful .....". Only the advertising - which works reliably top. I can not recommend - is uninstalled immediately.
  • If she's working tip ...  

    Mobile TV Germany (App)
    Have the app installed and was delighted Real, after the text Advertising. It could be seen more than 20 channels in good quality on my Kindle Fire HD. Ran for 2 days properly. When I wanted to show them a well-known, they stopped working at once. Ha
  • Very satisfied 287  

    Proficook PC UM 1006 Universal Mixer (household goods)
    The Proficook PC UM 1006 is a robust and especially leis ful blender. Both the motor power of 1200 watts and the contents of the beaker of 1.8 liter are above average. I bought this unit because I often the south Indian dish "Idli" made re.
  • A good camera does not agree. It restores the music ...  

    Sennheiser HD650 Open Stereo Headphones (Electronics)
    When you decide to listen to music (whatever that is), what we want to hear is ... music. I have heard too often vendors or connoisseurs say, "Listen to these speakers or the headphones, or ...". A good part of the chain is forgotten, it should
  • Best PhabSmarTabDinsbumsGerät  

    Huawei MediaPad X1 7.0 tablet PC (17.8 cm (7 inch) display, 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB HDD, LTE, Android 4.2) (Personal Computers)
    Hello Everybody, so I do honestly do not know where to start? Oh yes ..... the price ..... I paid 309 euros for this great smartphone and am quite sure that one (04/2015) nothing like it currently gets in this price range. 7 inch, Quad Core, 2GB of m
  • Amazon not friendly  

    Expert Shield - LA screen protector for: FujiFilm X-E2 XE2 * Lifetime Warranty * (Electronics)
    Everything would have been perfect if the seller of Fuli X-E2 was not failing ... I owe to pay the cost of return for this article that no longer good to me!
  • Abandon - 1998  

    Abandon (Audio CD)
    The "Abandon" is the weakest Purple plate with Steve Morse on guitar for me. There are simply contained too many mediocre, almost boring songs. The looseness of the "Purpendicular" is nearly completely lost. The group seems somehow end
  • The second album is heavier than the first ...  

    Abandon (Audio CD)
    ... This is an old saying in the recording studios. And in "Abandon", the second DP album without Ritchie Blackmore, come true this. Was Steve Morse's band started "Purpendicular" still marked by enthusiasm, versatility and shrewd prog
  • Gets me full marks ..  

    Abandon (Audio CD)
    ... Already alone so that the first 6 songs have the makings of a classic. Any fule .. is a horny Purple-opener, Almost Human has a very nice refrain, Do not make me happy was from what is going on in the instrumental part of "When a blind man cries,
  • Music software on the ultimate level  

    MAGIX Music Maker 2015 Premium (DVD-ROM)
    I have been working quite closely with Magix Music Maker 2013 (Basic version) and was actually in this spartan equipped software package already convinced, never be able to exploit all the possibilities that it offers. But the best is the enemy of th
  • A emfehlenswertes, good device with slight limitations  

    LG PB60G LED Projector (LED, Contrast 15000: 1 1280 x 800 pixels, 500 ANSI lumens, HDMI, HD ready, USB) (Accessories)
    Hello there, I asked the following requirements: - Preiswet - Klein - Easily- - LED technology - Good resolution The following were buying decision: - Price - High resolution In detail: I need the projector for photo presentations in the club. The ro