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  • Lanky ... but be careful with Samsung TVs  

    Hama TV-wall mount Motion, tilt, for 58 cm - 127 cm diagonal (23 to 50 inches), for max. 30 kg VESA 400x400 up, black (Accessories)
    This rather lightweight and simple design of 2 mm black matt painted steel sheet is for a max. Specified load of 30 kg and should unit sizes (diagonal) 58-142 cm (23 "- 56") support. A similarly designed version with max. 35 kg load for uni
  • Cheap flexible wall mount, but beware of large flat screen TVs!  

    NewStar LED-W560 LCD wall mount 82cm (32 inches) to 152 cm (60 inches) black (accessories)
    It is essentially for this price is a fairly well made and reasonable bracket. Positive is definitely the rear mounting plate, which has quite a lot and thus good opportunities for the screw to the wall because of the width. (-> They can be mounte
  • super pencil case for study!  

    Gusti Leather studio "Peter" pencil case pencil case Schlamperrolle pins folder pen wallet Uni office Unisex Vintage Leather 2S1
    (Have the pencil case in brown) what is one great say then? the pencil case is perfect! the leather feels great the color looks great the embossed moose and Oskar stag lettering can be read well Zipper runs without hook the size is in my view also pe
  • Well-suited for pencil  

    Estompen, paper wiper, 5 pieces, diameter: 12mm + 4-6-8-10 (Office supplies & stationery)
    As a hobby illustrator I ordered this Estompen and tested on a pencil drawing. What can I say? They do what they should! They blur neatly and precisely. This way, even skin pores, draw hair etc easily. And is on a bit too much graphite, then you can
  • Faber Castell color pencils  

    Faber-Castell 110088 - Art & Graphic COMPENDIUM wooden case (Office supplies & stationery)
    This set consists of 12 A. Durer watercolor pencils, colored pencils Polychromos 12, 12 chalks (bunt) on the lower floor. On the upper floor there are 8 crayons from Monochrome Series, a double Spitzer, a kneaded eraser, a wipe pen, a pencil (HB), a
  • High sound quality improvement of its smart TVs  

    LG LAP340 4.1 Sound Plate Sound Bar with Subwoofer and Bluetooth (120 Watt) (Electronics)
    Hello dear readers / -Innen :) I have the LG Sound Plate now already for a few months in use. Mir is the sound of ever thinner Smart TVs just "flat" to and "tinny" become. But constantly I did not want to start the surround system
  • lovely pencil case, initially strict leather smell  

    Gusti Leather nature "Felix" pencil case pencil case Schlamperrolle pins folder pen wallet Uni office leather accessory everyday Vintage P6 (Office supplies & stationery)
    I have a pencil case ordered on the recommendation, as it should have to be nice and flat and a great leather. The leather has a very good quality, certainly develops a beautiful patina, only the smell is in the beginning very extreme. Either like th
  • Large enough, robust enough space for pencils: I'll take it with the doses are looking for!  

    AmazonBasics Camera Case for Digital Cameras Black (Camera)
    With a fashionable Ledertäschlein seen in rough boots and backpack just ridiculous. Since neoprene makes much better. The bag has three compartments for electronic odds and ends and is also quite flexible in terms of the neoprene, the size of the con
  • Funny pencils  

    12 bending pencils 32 cm - bending pencil (Toys)
    The pencils can be bent well. Tips works well so far. Unfortunately, not quite as good as with a conventional Bleistifft but he is bendable. A star deduction is available for the eraser. The not used, because the fast break.
  • Bending pencil  

    12 bending pencils 32 cm - bending pencil (Toys)
    Look good, but the quality of the mines is not as usual with pencils. Scripture is pretty thin. Tips also not so easy.
  • Bending pencil 1  

    12 bending pencils 32 cm - bending pencil (Toys)
    These pencils are not recommended. They can sharpen very poor and if you have it done it, smear it totally when writing.
  • One of the best pencils that I know  

    Faber-Castell 130733 - Mechanical Pencil GRIP PLUS, mining thickness: 0.7 mm, Shaft color: black metallic (Office supplies & stationery)
    I love this pencil by Faber-Castell. He is very good in the hand and it glides over the paper formally. Also the rubber finger-holder provides a very good grip of the fingers. In addition, I appreciate the Mine thickness of 0.7 mm. For thinner mines,
  • Dakine pencil cases ..  

    Dakine Pencil Case Accessory Case (equipment)
    As always fast and uncomplicated delivery of Amazon. Very chic pencil case that fulfills its purpose. I have nothing to complain about. Is my first product from Dakine. But so far not heard anything negative about Dakine.
  • No picture and sound sensation, intuitive to use, high-quality remote control; Amazon has definitely improved TVs for money  

    Toshiba 40L1343DG 101.6 cm (40 inch) LED backlight TVs (Full HD, 100Hz AMR, DVB-T / -C / -S, CI +, Hotel Mode) (Electronics)
    Good device if one is used to nothing better. -Anders I can not explain the mostly positive reviews. In the Amazon Promotions me this 40-inch model "Toshiba 40L1343DG" appeared to be a bargain for just 270. And since comparable 40 "TVs with
  • Very nice pencils with pretty box  

    Derwent Sketching pencils in metal box 6 pieces (Office supplies & stationery)
    I bought pencils for making sketches. There is 6 tools included in it sharpener. I've now used for a few days, especially the HB and 2B. The two can be really beautiful images make for really soft shades you should rather use instead 4B 2B. The penci
  • Staedtler Noris Pencil HB 122-2BK10D  

    Staedtler Noris Pencil HB with eraser tip 122-2BK10D 10 pieces on blister (Office supplies & stationery)
    The Staedtler Noris 122-2BK10D pencils are of relatively high quality. It is used by and no such pencils from other manufacturers more.
  • Good pencil  

    Staedtler Noris Pencil HB with eraser tip 122-2BK10D 10 pieces on blister (Office supplies & stationery)
    We had Pelikan Pencils, who we did not like. These ones also like my daughter a lot better. Especially the eraser at the end is my daughter great. Quick erased something.
  • versatile pencils for kids, hobbyists and artists  

    STABILO woody 3 in 1 Case 10 - rounder pens (office supplies & stationery)
    These pens are the successors of the former "stabilotone" watercolor pencils that have disappeared from the range. all appearances but after one has only the intended target group (of artists to children) and thus changed the "outfit",
  • A good pencil too thick to mine  

    Faber Castell 138382 rotary pencil e-motion in pear wood and chrome (Wood) (Import Germany) (Office Supplies)
    Excellent criterium, very classy, ​​very elegant (though attention to the color of "pear wood" I thought more brown-ocher, but I received it "set" of a wood really pulling a color RED WOOD ). The fact that the gum is integrated discree
  • The white pencil!  

    Philips SC2006 / 12 Precision More Lumea Pulsed Light Epilator Body and Face slide and Flash (Health and Beauty)
    In response to Anne and Claude Chabaud: In reality the process is the same between the laser and pulsed light. Only the efficiency differs. So Chabaud wrongly, do not buy if you are not patient because the process is long and daunting. To avoid ironi