Nice placement game for the whole family

Nice placement game for the whole family

Kosmos 692 193 - Gardens Legespiel (Toys)

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Goal of the game
It is to create a flower garden and all the players help. So grows platelets for platelet a beautiful garden with magnificent flower beds. But only those who have the majority of flowers in a flower bed, it must convert to its sole Beet. Whoever manages first to acquire a majority in eight flowerbeds, wins the game.

Each player receives in addition to his two characters also a special garden tiles and 8 flowerbeds in its color. The remaining 96 Garden tiles are piled up to a couple of hidden stacks and set the starting tile in the middle of the table, so that the garden can spread on all sides. Each player then a pawn to be colored field and off you go.

Placement rules
Each new garden tile must be applied to an already valid ausliegendes platelets. Here, paths and water must continue and must not be cut off.

The player at the train takes a Garden tiles and puts it valid to at the being laid Garden tiles.
Here, he has three options:

Option 1:
He puts the Garden tiles to be valid. He must be aware that he can reach the newly created plate with one of his characters.
Other playing figures may not be skipped and block the way.

Option 2:
If the player does not have a character in front of him, he may place the garden platelets valid anywhere and then put his character who is not yet on the board, on the plate.

Option 3:
The player can also forgo the Garden tiles to create. This then comes out of the game. If the player has been his two figures on the board, he must take one of them off the board and leave before him. This figure can then later be put back into play as described in paragraph 2.

If the player has chosen one of the three options, he may, if possible, and he wants that, nor move his second figure.
Then It is determined whether one or more flower beds have been closed by the application of garden plate. These are now being evaluated.

Evaluate flowerbed
Once a flower has been closed, it is evaluated. It is seen which player there has the most shares in the four parts of the border.
If a player has the majority, he may place one of his flower-tile on the bed. No player has a majority or there is a tie, so the bed for all players is lost.

Full time
Once a player has managed to get rid of all its flower-platelets that round is played to the end.

The same procedure is when only four garden tiles in the deck are available.

Now has one player alone can put all his Blumenbeetplättchen, so he is the winner.
There has been, however, a second player managed to the player winning who has to reach the victory less flowerbed Shares hand when his opponent is.

Small Conclusion
Gardens I could look in Nuremberg for the first time and I already had good feeling. This has also been confirmed after a few laps.
Gardens looks nice and simple, but the tactical possibilities should not be underestimated. At the beginning of the possible moves to keep within limits, but then the game plan is getting bigger and bigger and you have to watch what the enemy drive there so at every nook and cranny. Because you can hinbauen the players in front of him, the game is over quickly, and one wonders why so many landscape tiles are left.
That makes also the charm of Gardens from. Always be on guard not to be overlooked, block the opponent and create their own majorities.
A beautiful but also strategy game for the whole family.

There are on this title on my YouTube channel "Mike's Gaming Net" a detailed explanation of the game as a video.

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