Great placement game for the whole family

Great placement game for the whole family

Kosmos 692377-7 Steps (Toys)

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Goal of the game
A variable Schedule 140 color chips and seven steps to victory. Welcome to Legespiel 7 Steps. Round after round, the players try to create their seven game pieces as profitable as possible. For every more level also brings a point more. Who has not made at least seven points in his train, an auxiliary plate in the form of victory points platelets that bring certain structures extra points or Bauhilfe-tile may even take to restructure parts of the Schedule. Who made the most points until the bag is empty, wins the game.

Before the game, players must decide whether they want the simple or advanced build the Schedule page and in what form they build the game board. So always new challenges for players. Then all the colored chips in the cloth bag and this next to the board. The scoring track is placed next to the board. On the 0 this bar every player puts a scoring marker in his color. Also, each player receives a view screen in color, behind which he puts the chips that he pulls out of the blind cloth bag. The Siegpunkte- and Bauhilfe platelets are shuffled and placed in two separate piles on the table. Likewise, +40 marker. A player still gets the starting player marker and then start the game.

Each player has in his train three actions.
obstruct a) 1 to 7 chips on the board
b bill) points
c) re-tighten to 7 Chips

a) The first chip to a player built in his train, must always be on a field of the same color and on the lowest level, so in the game plan basic, built.
Then the player can if he wants to and can spoil more chips. There are now a few rules:
- The next chip must always connect directly to the last set.
- The next chip must be placed höchtens up one level as the last set chip.
- Each field must be per train only 1x occupied by a chip.
- It is not allowed to build down, ie lower than the last built-up box.

Otherwise, the stones may be placed in any order and direction. Of course you should plan how to achieve the most points even before you put the first stone.

A chip is placed on level 1, ie the Schedule reason worth one point.
At level 2, a chip brings two points, at level 3 three points, etc.
The points you should definitely already count while laying a chip, then one can not mess.
Once a player is unable to build or like, it comes at point b, of scoring further.

b) The points you should always count aloud while laying any chips. Then you do not need to later reproduce the problem, which chips they have put into this round. A chip was placed on the first level, this is a point on the second level two points, etc. The score earned pulling with his scoring marker on the scoring track forward. If you doing about the 40 points, we obtain a + 40 markers.

c) The player may now replenish your chips behind the screen again on 7 discs. Did he still chips behind the screen, which he no longer wants to use, he may mix them before tightening back into the cloth bag.

Towers of Level 7
Once the seventh chip is placed on a tower, this tower is removed. It is the complete tower and distributed on every square of the same color of a chip.
This prevents that the towers are too large and valuable.

All fields occupied a color
If all fields of a color assigned, but the player would like to start with this color with the Place, he may use his first chip also at the lowest level of that color.

Siegpunkte- and Bauhilfe platelets - The 7-point rule
If a player gets in his round only 1 to 7 points, so he may take consolation from a tile or Siegpunkte- Bauhilfestapel.
From each color the player must always have only one tile. Can he once again take a tile, he can compare it with in his possession and exchange.
The wafer is then not used on a discard pile. Is it possible to tighten any more platelets, the discard pile is simply reshuffled.

a) VPs platelets
May at the end of a train to be played in order to get bonus points.
For the VPs platelets there are extra points:

- Pro used color
- For all the bricks have been installed at the edge
- Have been installed for all the tiles in a straight line
- Pro verbautem stone a color
- If a third level was built on a specific tower

b) Bauhilfeplättchen
This tile must be played before the player in his lap a chip sets on the board.

There aids such as:
- Move a tower on an empty field of the same color
- In this round you can start one level higher
Remove two chips of any towers -
- Put a chip in a color as desired, etc.

Full time
The game is in the final phase, when a player's chip can no longer make up to seven. Then each player is once again your turn, has yet made in this round no train, and then the game ends. Now even each player for Unused Siegpunkte- or Bauhilfe platelets per two victory points. The player with the most points wins.

Small Conclusion
7 Steps is an interesting match game. The building rules are really simple to understand, only the thing with the "no two levels higher" or "do not look down" build, took with me a bit. Because if they have laid a stone, the stone a next level is indeed most deeply, but we must not think here, since the last is not specified stone as a base. The variable Schedule you always have a new challenge and so the game is also over several rounds of fun. The more players participate, the faster it will be fully on the game board and the more points are made. Good planning before laying is required. The auxiliary plate, just the building tiles are not so important at the beginning, but at the latest after a few trains you know what you might need now really good :) The game runs smoothly, but all players should take part in the points count, since you are also can quickly miscount times. The age I think is appropriate, for although younger children can safely place the chips properly, but without a tactic you can not win here. The game material is valuable and so is 7 Steps a thoroughly enjoyable match game for the whole family.

There are on this title on my YouTube channel "Mike's Gaming Net" a detailed explanation of the game as a video.

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