One of the best Wii game !!

One of the best Wii game !!

The legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Video Game)

Customer Review

I have known on about the whole series Link, both NES, Super Nes on, game boy etc ....
Zelda Twilight of the remains princess (my opinion) one of the best games on Wii. I spent nearly 40 hours on it.
A universe so attached to the Zelda series with extraordinary maneuverability, now enabled with the nunchuk and the Wii controller.
The game is really well done, the dungeons are excellent and quite difficult for some, or we have to dig the head before finding the key or the secret passage to find the room of the Boss.
Speaking of Boss level, what if this is AWESOME !! Whenever I entered a room I dreaded Boss almost time, or until we finally discovered his weak point!
What satisfaction at the end, to recover an entire Heart and see his life up!

For monsters also awesome, absolutely not repetitive and sometimes quite hard to beat (giant skeleton)

for weapons and object menus: this is always what more me in previous Zelda is this availability to choose the weapons and objects, each having their own characteristics and use at specific times Game (bombs, fins, boomerang etc ...)
The link horse is also great to cover long distances, always available to any song of ocarina!

Optional quests are also beautiful, especially for the magic armor, butterflies, to find the fourth of heart and other secrets hidden objects in the map. You really do not get tired of always searching every corner, any rock on the lookout for the slightest flaw in which could hide treasures !!

A beautiful game that can be finished in about fifteen minutes, to which one can add at least 20 to 25 hours to find find the secret objects, which are also the interests of the game !!

overall rating: 18/20

A game you can not regret buying!

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