Review Philips HTB9225D 2.1 sound system with 3D Blu-ray Disc Player

Review Philips HTB9225D 2.1 sound system with 3D Blu-ray Disc Player

Philips Fidelio HTB9225D / 12 2.1 home theater system with Crystal Clear Sound (3D Blu-ray; Smart TV Plus; 500W; titanium tweeter; HDMI; Bluetooth; ActiveSubARC; Ipod WiFi) Black / Silver (Electronics)

Customer Review

I have something new in the apartment. The Philips HTB9225D 2.1 sound system with 3D Blu-ray Disc Player. It consists of the player, two speakers, a subwoofer and a remote control.
So far I have yet possessed no sound system, because I always thought that my Philips TV already has a very good sound. But now I have the product in question from Philips and am quite flabbergasted. But first things first

Design and feel:
I love stylish products. Although my mind to look not true for everyone must, I find the design of the Philips HTB9225D breathtaking. In particular, the 3D Blu-ray Disc player looks great. Black Glass Optics top and a brushed aluminum housing make the player look extremely good. In the top center of the device rises a kind of shark fin, in which the display is integrated. The indicator light is small but what is arguably the design owed. The two speakers are in black and accented with aluminum. The huge subwoofer is black and partly in piano finish.
When touching the components and closer inspection one notices immediately that quality parts and materials are processed perfectly.
There are installed no buttons, switches or wheel. Everything seems all of a piece.

Connection and operation:
The instruction manual supplied, called Philips Quick start guide, is (as the name suggests), very short. However, the pictorial representations leave no questions unanswered. Everything is well described and the individual components are interconnected Rip-Rip (If only the annoying cable hiding would not). The cable lengths were enough for me.
It should be noted that unfortunately neither an antenna cable (only one wire antenna), nor an HDMI cable are included.
After the initial start-up is via the remote control (batteries are included), which is great in the hand to choose the language and then kanns go.
The operation can be undertaken not only by the remote control, but also illuminated sensor keys on top of the player. This light, match the display, cool white and look just great. In standby the sensor Power button lights up red.
Whether. The remote control or on the touch panel keys on the unit, everything is easy and intuitive to use

What can the Philips HTB9225D?
To use the device as a pure Blu-ray Disc player or DVD player it's too bad. That will not do justice to him. In addition to a radio and CD player and all modern connectivity options for external devices are present, namely USB, network, HDMI out, a number of HDMI in, RCA, iPod / iPhone, and even Bluetooth. It should therefore every modern Filmabspiel-, music or gaming device in the Sound System to interface.
So far I have only connected the TV and the iPod, which worked fine.
In addition, I use the radio. The transmitter scans the device on its own. It is important to mention that if you will not listen to the radio, CD, iPod music etc. must separately switch on the TV. I frequently use the system, therefore, as a kind of stereo.

Image and sound:
Although I have a 3D-enabled Philips flatscreen but no eyeglasses. They were previously too expensive to me, especially as I previously did not have a 3D Blu-ray player. So I can only say something about the normal image and there is nothing to complain about. I've seen the first thing the new Bond movie Skyfall on Blu-ray. A Great Picture, crisp and naturally smooth. But if you expect it if you want to watch a Blu-ray Disc and At length a quality player for this.
From the sound of the 2.1 sound system I'm pretty floored. And I mean without exception positive. I was surprised at how much noise do the three boxes. Clear treble from the speakers, powerful bass from the subwoofer (even the mirror in the room was vibrating). The sound can be refined or adjusted manually as desired. However, the factory default settings in my opinion, are quite perfect. When watching Skyfall it seemed to me that one time or another before, as if I were at the movies; so realistic and sonically rich in detail, the system was the sound again. Also chase scenes made fun. The perfect interplay of high and low notes was impressive. Philips promotes this system with Crystal Clear Sound, which is absolutely true and not exaggerated.
What I noticed was when you insert the Blu-ray Disc, that this was played pretty quickly and above all, that the player is very quiet. A disturbing fan noise or other disturbing operating noise are not noticed.

My Conclusion:
Yes, I have written a little more what it is probably that I Philips HTB9225 D 2.1 sound system more than thrilled'm from. Therefore, I speak without restriction from a buy rating for all those who are looking for a compact, good 2.1 sound system! Although I am not an expert in the field, but I can not imagine that more expensive systems offer more me.
It is desirable that Philips HDMI cable mitliefert, so you can get started right away.
I'll probably do have to buy me 3D glasses to use all possibilities of the system and to perfect the fun factor.

Have fun UwAu

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