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Sweet shower

Surrender (Audio CD)

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After the last album of the now four-piece band you wondered how it should proceed. "Pure Reason Must Never Win" unquestionably was a great album. Dirk von Lowtzow writes lyrically sounding stories that seem more confused than they are and adorns it with his now tech savvy colleague with dim until mysterious melodies. The break to old works had been completed a long time and even if you flatters the intellectual dress, but it was afraid Tocotronic would maneuver themselves by increasing the sidelines of the Pops.

But what you get from the first album to hear? Surprisingly Aggressive as "Say all off!" and wonderfully decorated with old laurels as the title track "Surrender". Because the guitar and that was obviously defiant, that you once loved and been replaced by saw civilized behavior "KOOK". It's almost like a partial return.

But that's not alone theme of the album. "My Fortress" shows how strong "Pure Reason ..." still has a presence, began just as the biting, almost cynical nature of the texts, the least since the "white", self-titled album and much more subtle settles with society and the world when even in times of "digital is better" or "We come to complain to us." The contents of which are less diffuse and more accessible, without losing the lyrical character. The superficial happiness that you get mediated in part by the distinctive narrative voice of Lowtzows, although is obsolete and rarely true, nevertheless runs through the whole album a rousing, sweet aesthetic.

The production is clear and emphasizes the freshness, variety Richer, the "surrender" accounts. To make the pass as pop, falls especially in songs such as "We are many" hard to build the extreme guitar soundscapes without extravagant act. The similarity to The Smiths, who wants to be seen especially in "Imitations" was once an open question.

Once again, one will hate the album, go up the other problems. Tocotronic friends will appreciate the development, but is not noticed too hard. Others are over texts like "Yours is my beautiful beautiful" scuffle and call the hair "really bad!" Former will rise, especially in the grand final stroke the heart that builds up before ending charming, and Dirk von Lowtzow to propagate: "EVERYTHING EXPLODES THERE'S NO WILL TRIUMPHS!" He just has to be right.

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