The depressing book you must yet read.

The depressing book you must yet read.

1984 (Paperback)

Customer Review

Eric Arthur Blair was one of the greatest English writers, you probably know under the pseudonym George Orwell. He wrote a lot of books, but most people consider "1984" and "Animal Farm" were the most influential among them. In these last two stories, he expressed rather by the use of metaphor that quite explicitly, his perception of the Soviet Communist society.

I will deliver you my review about this second book, "1984".

George Orwell wrote "1984" to the end of his life, then he would die slowly of tuberculosis, and this detail has certainly influenced the theme of this book, and even if his style black describing an inevitable fatality hitting world. The story takes place in London in 1984, when its author think the threat it portends disaster for human society will have occurred. In fact, in writing this book, George Orwell wanted to warn us of the danger posed to Western civilization a collectivist and despotic society like the Soviet Union, if nothing significant was done to halt the expansion into before that date fateful.
To do this, George Orwell described a totalitarian state where truth does not exist in the sense we usually hear, but as "Big Brother" tells us; a truth built from scratch, no longer meet the rationality and that no call today the "politically correct" or "group think" ... In such a state, freedom means total obedience and blind "Party" and love notes to a foreign concept to the company if that word does not apply to love for this same "Party."

The story is narrated us the perspective of Winston Smith, a Ministry of Truth, whose daily task is to alter the truth of past events in the archive, every time "Big Brother" decided that it must be and. The Party slogan does he not say, "Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present controls the past. " And this slogan is also applied daily by the readjustment of past events so that they justify those of the present, as intended by the Party. From the perspective of Winston Smith, a lot of things we would find frightening appear to it altogether ordinary. Such is the case, for example, the ubiquity of "Big Brother" still observe everyone, and also of "the Thought Police" that punishes treacherous thoughts about the "Party" .
The reader can only feel the inevitable sad fate repeated throughout the story, and which seems likely to hit any positive company, she was more modest in phrases such as "Crime by thought is not something that one can hide forever. You can reach cheating for a while, for years, even; but sooner or later they will have you ... ".
Winston Smith is gradually beginning to realize that something is not all the same, in this society, and that must change (today be accused of being an anarchist, for daring to rise and against despotism, ironically). The reader thus accompanied Winston Smith in his subversive enterprise, becoming the witness of where this one will take him. Be forewarned that "1984" is marked by fate, for what we can not escape, whatever is done; but it is at once the kind of book that we all need to read some day or the other.

Why should we all read it, I retort you perhaps?

For two reasons, I answer.

First, George Orwell made several observations in "1884" which is not only within its fictional character, but which now apply to facts that have significantly reduced our freedom, always for the well being of the community.
Secondly - and this second point is related to the first - "1984" is a book that has the unusual distinction of being more in tune with the times as he gets older, as descriptions that there are more and more similar to events and certain developments in our society. One of the main reasons why George Orwell wrote "1984", could well have been trying to warn us of what we might become, to warn us of the dangers of communism, actual or disguised in other forms of ideologies. But many years after the fall of the Soviet Union and the gradual disappearance of communism in general, we can also interpret dystopia "1984" (dystopia means anti-utopia) as a warning about the excessive power of the media, and drifts of governments undertaking to override their role of service to the nation. Aldous Huxley did before George Orwell, writing "Brave New World" and Ray Bardbury wrote "Fahrenheit 451" shortly after the publication of "1984" and then, more recently, Dominique Raymond Poirier has also by writing "Grandoria".
Technological innovation should serve the human who is originally to improve his life normally, but it is also used against him, on the contrary. I think this last point is the most important lesson that wanted to give us George Orwell.
"1984" is more than a classic; it is a small Bible in modern times that exists to remind us, or are the limits of acceptable in a society - so many of us seem to be completely unable to identify, in 2010. That's why I think it book can benefit everyone, and I highly recommend buying it.

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