The original pad machine - with improved performance

The original pad machine - with improved performance

Philips Senseo HD7817 / 19 Original Kaffeepadmaschine, 1450 W, 1 or 2 cups, white (household goods)

Customer Review

A few years ago there were only Senseo - and we were very pleased.
In the meantime came / come increasingly capsule systems on the market, which are mutually course completely incompatible.
Even in the family we can not agree: My good old Senseo OER for the son the capsule system of a competitor (the admittedly delicious coffee fabricated).

For me it is essential for the choice of such a machine that
- The Original "coffee media" reasonably priced and are well qualitatv
- I can get alternative media from third-party, eg sometimes with an order in the Netherlands

And therefore is the Senseo unrivaled: You get anywhere very good coffee at a reasonable price, the large discounters offer alternative products for even lower price, and for example, when traveling to the Netherlands, I get completely different varieties for little money also..

The preparation is simple: the machine before initial start once durchspülem leave, then always only once fill water Paddeckel fold, insert pad, cover and lock down, switch on the machine, select. whether one or two cups and finished.

Processing Senseo HD 7817/19 is very good, the design is really stylish. The water tank for approx. 4 cups is removable and can fill one or two of the small cups simultaneously.

The operation is very simple and after the first brewing process you can put away the guide reassured.

The cleaning is also simple and is also described according to the instructions well.

Conclusion: Delicious coffee, which is so different from filter coffee, and especially once you've compares prices per cup at a really reasonable price.

For me, this "classic" is still the first choice for the preparation of a "special" cup of coffee.

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