Very high quality 4K camcorder, which can also be used with XLR microphones on accessories

Very high quality 4K camcorder, which can also be used with XLR microphones on accessories

Sony FDR AX100E 4K Ultra HD camcorder (8.9 cm (3.5 inch) display, 24p / 25p / 50p / 50i Full HD recording (4K in 24p / 25p), built-in ND filter) black ( Electronics)

Customer Review

Video at View 4K is modern, 4K want to see the customers. After matching televisions and monitors have been available for some time, now come the camcorder. Which means 4K 3840p here. Cinema 4K 4096p is another shoe again. Too bad that the industry again an artificial division creates resolution however is not all! The sharpness and the fineness of the more recognized and imaged with contrast structures decide on a good image. Exactly with this feature could convince me of FDR AX100E. Even taken in 1080p, the image from this camcorder to shoot my old Panasonic HDC-SD99 HDC-SD909 also the razor by far looks sharp. Even if I pull stills from 4K material, all contours are sharp. For the FDR AX100E tends partly to a slight over-sharpened acting noise, but this looks like a film grain and not interfere. However, if you want to do sports photography, should wait until 4K 50p is also affordable. The AX100E produces its visually stunning videos namely only in 25p. Big Brother called FDR AX1 brings now 50p, it costs but also good twice.

Equipped the AX100E a 1 inch sensor, a 12x optical lens stabilizer and start Aperture F2.8 and a slot for the expensive Sony branded Memory Stick, but also for SDXC memory cards. However, the memory cards have to be quick to the 60 Mbit / s can also wegschreiben at 4K. My SanDisk Extreme SDXC card (older black / red version in 80 MB / s) with 64 Gb function properly and take just over two hours 4K.

It comes with more instructions, see, a CD, remote control, lens hood, lens cap, a power cord and a battery pack NP-FV70. As an accessory, a smaller battery pack NP-FV50 NP-FV100 and a larger available. Shop you can the battery only in the camcorder, either slowly or quickly via USB with the AC power cord. External battery charging stations are available in a variety of designs. Who needs an XLR connector, this can with the XLR-K1M retrofit works fine and is recommended.

Here at a glance my estimates for a month:
+ Good AF but also with MF Focus Peaking and 4x magnification
+ Good image quality even in low light
+ High dynamic range (speaker at the podium and Beamer beside no problem)
+ Lens hood can replace lens cap
+ Super sharpness also and especially with 1080p scaling down
+ Good AWB and Advanced Manual WB adjustment and readjustment
+ Many dedicated control knobs (iris, gain, shutter, focus, WB, Focus, etc.)
+ Real 3 stages ND filter
+ Good image stabilizer optical and hybrid (active in the menu)
+ WiFi remote control via smartphone app for iOS and Android
+ XLR inputs can be retrofitted
o XAVC-S format to 4K, MP4 only to FullHD
Stop o votes filters for cameraman rushes and does not help!
o In XAVC-S only stereo sound, no 5.1
- Battery charge only in the camcorder (external charger available as an accessory)
- HDMI out going out at 4K recording
- No H.265 or HEVC (large files at 4K)

Operation of the device like it. The picture quality is phenomenal and the 1 inch sensor provides a nice depth of field. XLR can be connected via accessory and the camcorder has no annoying fan. The possibility of remote control via app also saves unsightly shocks when using a tripod. And a firmware update Sony has already herausgebrach, so to take care of its premium customers. Overall I am very very pleased with the camcorder. This gives the highest quality at a reasonable price and a wide range of accessories for future extensions. Because, unfortunately, lacks an external battery charger, you should allow this directly when buying a second battery - the only slight drawback, in my view! The lack of H.265 codec later corrected the editing software, there may be to respond with large memory card when shooting. Remains as the last point of criticism nor the missing HDMI-out while playing 4K recording. A detailed test can be found in the journal Videoaktiv in issue 2014/3, which can be purchased as a PDF from the publisher. Mich had convinced the trial from the purchase of FDR AX100E and I did not regret the purchase. The FDR AX100E is by far the best camcorder I've ever had!

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August 27
289 good value for money Rank: 4/5
July 20
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July 13
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March 6
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