beurer ipl 7000 review


  • Beurer IPL 10000 plus  

    Beurer IPL 10000 plus SalonPro system hair removal device (Personal Care)
    Product has been tested and reviewed by my sister: The IPL 10000 is simply with only 3 buttons, a pair to increase or decrease the light intensity and the lightning, and there is an on / off switch at the back. The fan during use are pleasantly quiet
  • Mixed 11 1  

    Beurer 7000 IPL Hair Removal Device Compact Semi-Final Pulsed Light (Health and Beauty)
    I switched to the pulsed light hair removal for several reasons: too thick hairs after shaving, depilatory wax and painful ingrown hairs although it is actually institute and the care, and I'm not talking about the electric epilator hair removal ...
  • Small Power Dwarf  

    Beurer Permanent hair removal IPL 7000 (Health and Beauty)
    This is my first IPL device. I found the light pulse devices always something spookey (scary) and luckily I am not so hairy. For legs and sometimes the upper arms I use most like Braun Silk-épil 7 epilator SkinSpa 7951 (with 4 towers & scrub brush) H
  • effective for patient, with the appropriate skin / hair type  

    Beurer Permanent hair removal IPL 7000 (Health and Beauty)
    Even purely visually, the Beurer IPL 7000 differs pleasantly often remind of various competitors to a children plasma toy gun and plenty of take up space in the bathroom. Basically, it looks like a little klobigere white / golden Computer Mouse from.
  • Solid device with proven technology  

    Beurer Permanent hair removal IPL 7000 (Health and Beauty)
    The Beurer IPL 7000 device for permanent hair removal is supplied packaged very well. Apart from the actual device and the appropriate cable / power cord, there is an extensive manual. The device itself consists mainly of a clean processed white plas
  • 2. Update on current 11 weeks. Also on level 3 is not much recognizable after the 3rd treatment. Bin slowly disappointed.  

    Beurer Permanent hair removal IPL 7000 (Health and Beauty)
    [Update, 05/05/2015 - After I explained in the previous update, a medical malpractice've realized I am now arrived at the 3rd treatment, did after the second treatment meant to have recognized some * * emptier places, but now, after the third treatme
  • Patience and perseverance will be rewarded! A great device (brief comparison with the Philips Lumea Comfort)  

    Beurer Permanent hair removal IPL 7000 (Health and Beauty)
    I must gather some experience with the compact Philips Lumea Comfort and am extremely happy with the IPL method for permanent hair removal. However, one needs a lot more patience. The success continued with me not after 3-4 treatments a, as the manuf
  • Faster than my old camera  

    Beurer 10000+ IPL device Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Pulsed Light (Health and Beauty)
    This pulsed light hair removal device is the second which is found in my hands. Javais tested late 2010 / early 2011 the "Philips - SC2001 / 00 - Lumea - electric hair remover - pulsed light." The results were convincing but i had to stop treatm
  • An effective hair removal for a very competitive price  

    Beurer 7000 IPL Hair Removal Device Compact Semi-Final Pulsed Light (Health and Beauty)
    Difficult in a month to have sufficient perspective on the use of this epilator. But after two uses there is already a loss of darker hair, and light hair grows back finer. We must read the manual (which warns us numerous times, as with all light epi
  • Product description not right with hair type - not geeinet for blondes  

    Beurer Permanent hair removal IPL 7000 (Health and Beauty)
    The product description is amazing detail and that's for positive, but in the table for the matching hair and skin types no problem for blond hair is given to fair skin. Nevertheless, there is for me even after 6 weeks of treatment no hair reduction.
  • Review Bosch AHS 7000 Pro-T  

    Bosch Hedge Trimmers AHS 7000 PRO-T blade 70 cm 34 cm Cup 0600848B00 (Tools & Accessories)
    Product of good quality low noise, blade grease before first use. Maybe a little heavy for him who to small arms ;-) Satisfied with my purchase.
  • The review for the man  

    Braun 7681 WD Silk-epil Wet and Dry Epilator (Health and Beauty)
    Preview It's common knowledge that men usually are equipped with a luxuriant body hair than women. While in earlier times the men still wore chest hair toupees in the movies, hair is taboo for men nowadays. Thus, this change affects the society on on
  • APP with BT4.0 (the smartphone) available. (Hints & Tips App usage with any rotating OralB see review !!!)  

    Braun Oral-B electric TriZone 7000 premium toothbrush with Bluetooth, white (Personal Care)
    (Note to the current price in the spring of 2015: This model (7000) is in the "Blitz offers" for a reduced price (under 120 euros) offered almost every day for several weeks waiting might be worth ;-)!. This toothbrush because of APP to rec
  • My Opinion on the Beurer EM35  

    Beurer EM 35 abdominal toning belt (equipment)
    I have previously extensively researched, read reviews .. and decided finally for the BEURER EM35. For 5 weeks, I have the device now on average 6-7x a week 2-4x daily in operation (stand a half earlier to make the morning at a run, he runs during th
  • Beurer PM 62 with improved sensor  

    Beurer PM 62 Heart rate monitor (with stainless steel housing) (Equipment)
    Have the heart rate monitor received yesterday and I endorse the positive reviews in terms of function and design at. I would like to add just the report by Manfred Roux in terms of the pulse sensor in the chest with the following information: He wri
  • Venta or Beurer as humidifier and purifier?  

    Beurer LW 110 air scrubber, white (household goods)
    We live on the ground floor in a residential area with a relatively high particulate content. Therefore we used on the premises for many years Luftwäscher Fa. Venta. We were very happy with the cleaning action. The significantly polluted water was co
  • Beurer - BC60 - Wrist Blood Pressure  

    Beurer BC 60 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (Health and Beauty)
    I hesitated to buy my blood pressure. I read a lot of customer reviews to evaluate the product would be the most reliable. I chose the Beurer - BC60. A wrist blood pressure monitor sold on the Amazon site. After two months of use, I am satisfied with
  • BEURER Grand Format AC had heat!  

    Beurer UB 66 XXL Grand heater mat (Health and Beauty)
    Ahh, slip into your cozy bed at night ..... come over the icy moisture that grabs you unpleasantly. BEURER arrived ...... No luck, after only one season, one of the two sides no longer works. Back to square one and shot straws to choose his side ever
  • Beautifully crisp ... a regularly updated review  

    Remington i-Light Essential IPL6250 infinity light cartridge (Personal Care)
    Since the results of the IPL application only occur in the long term, I decided to write this review as a review, I'll update after each use. First, I want to send that I tried out a device from another manufacturer some time ago and am so long not r
  • Continued review: So far, a decent impression  

    Silk'n Flash and Go Permanent Hair Removal (Personal Care)
    I'm going to make the review as a continuation series, because otherwise you probably will never come to a meaningful result. The success with the HPL hair removal should be set only after a few treatments, partially in between with multi-week breaks