blackroll ball review


  • Attention is not the original of Blackroll !!!  

    Black Roll Ball Set of 2 massage balls 12 and 8 cm (Misc.)
    These are not the original Blackroll balls as described, but a copy of Pullsh for 25 Therefore, the balls go of course back. The original way, there is also and costs 25.99 !!!!
  • The Super Package  

    Blackroll Orange (The original) Self massage roller - complete kit STANDARD with Minibag (equipment)
    The bundle here really contains everything you need at home for the massage. Had been the standard Blackroll home plus the balls, but I also wanted to double the balls as I have only good things to have heard of them. I was not disappointed. You can
  • First choice for blocked ribs  

    ARTZT vitality Blackroll DuoBall NR-5004/5 (Misc.)
    So I tried a few rolls and the following have prevailed with me for these purposes in the long term: Trigger Point Foam Roll the Grid: Large muscle groups in the legs and back a total of Foam ball 8 cm: pectoral muscle, Delta, Piriformis Foam Ball 10
  • Small, handy and triggers the worst tensions  

    Blackroll Orange (The original) Self massage roller Starter Set incl. Exercise DVD and exercise poster (Equipment)
    The starter kit as it is described here consists of: 1x Blackroll 2x Blackroll balls (8 or 12cm diameter) 1x mini Blackroll 1x poster with the most important exercises + Guide 1x Training DVD Preliminary That said - and I agree with the other recessi
  • For pinpoint massage may not be suitable for larger scale as  

    66fit hard massage ball with knobs 1 piece, multicolored, 10 cm, BP-GY-1001 (Equipment)
    I'm competitive athletes, go completely to the limits and therefore had a greater collection of Mobilisation tools. Including numerous mobilization balls of different sizes, surface and strength. When it comes to solve punctual tensions (I usually us
  • Review the glass ball  

    Glass ball 8cm diameter clear
    The ball is super, has no inclusions! Have been many great pictures taken by them! It is highly recommended!
  • Switching from Apple to Samsung (NO FAKE review) // EDIT 04/07/2015  

    Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (5-inch display, 16GB of memory, Android 5) charcoal-black (Wireless Phone)
    Sun Contrary to 90% of all other reviews I really get this device (with Telekom contract) and have it so well in front of me. Since I had an iPhone 4 and 5 like this review targeted to a wide turn out interesting, precisely because I too. To 11.4 the
  • Half a USB3.0 "golf ball" for the desk  

    Sharkoon Extension Dock (USB 3.0) (Personal Computers)
    As the title suggests, this review refers to the version that looks like half a black golf ball (see my picture). This fact differs considerably from the version that is described in some other reviews. So far, I am fully satisfied with the Sharkoon
  • The best Dragon Ball game after a long time !!!!!!  

    Dragonball Xenoverse - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    Thus, the dry spell since Raging Blast 2 is finally over. With Dragon Ball Xenoverse we have again, in my view, a very good Dragon Ball game. Although I am not a fan of RPGs or MMORPGs I must say I love this game. I really have not the time or desire
  • Dragon Ball Meets Destiny  

    Dragonball Xenoverse - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    Every year a new Dragon Ball game. We wade through menus, beat us in various modes to play for the history of the series, are used to control precisely the famous characters of the series. So that everything is said, everyone gets what he knows and w
  • Strong sound and shapely - design howler ball!  

    Sony Smart mini jukebox SRS BTV5 wireless speaker with NFC and integrated hands-free function - black (Electronics)
    One should probably I note first: When I bought these speakers, I had little expectations of the small "howler ball" As well as? At this time there was hardly ratings for product and otherwise the number of reviews for Sony speaker was rath
  • keeps what Blackroll promises  

    Blackroll Orange (The original) Self massage roller - Twin ball-orange Set 8 & 12cm (equipment)
    On the recommendation of my physiotherapist I have added myself to Blackroll the Twin Balls. Perfect for self-massage at places where you can not reach yourself. I have already recommended the set - all are enthusiastic.
  • Good addition to Blackroll  

    Blackroll accessory set 3-piece consisting of Blackroll MINI, ball 8 cm and 12 cm ball - massage roller self massage roller (equipment)
    The three parts are made of the same foam as the great Blackroll why they left a valued and robust. Where the Blackroll massaged only superficially, succeeds the balls to go into the depths and to locate the trigger points accurately. The small role
  • Good addition to Blackroll 1  

    Blackroll Orange (The original) - the self-massage roller - Accessory kit (equipment)
    Since I was very satisfied with the purchase of my Blackroll, I also bought the accessory set me some time ago. It consists of a large ball (12 cm diameter), a small ball (8 cm diameter) and two mini Black Rolls (about 5 cm in diameter and 15 cm leng
  • Blackroll! Panacea or humbug?  

    Blackroll Orange MED (The original) - the self-massage roller - incl. Exercise DVD and Exercise Posters (equipment)
    This review refers to the Blackroll Med, Pro and Normal. Before I did so bought a foam roller, I first had a lot of research if it is worth such a thing to buy. Internet forums often write that this is nonsense, hype or even a panacea. My experience
  • Massage Ball  

    Blackroll ball black 8 cm (Personal Care)
    I am often torn, whether me the massage really helps with a ball, sometimes I have but because of severe pain no other choice. Against this ball I was using a tennis ball, which was also fine. This Massage Ball Blackroll has just the right size to ad
  • Top complement to Blackroll  

    Blackroll accessory set 3-piece consisting of Blackroll MINI, ball 8 cm and 12 cm ball - massage roller self massage roller (equipment)
    For those who have had good experience with the Black Roll, and want something more. For example, some areas in the back with the ball, and the arms and legs are processed more effectively with the small role as the major Blackroll.
  • Rattle Ball  

    Oball 28113 - rattle about 10 cm (sort - Color not freely selectable) (Baby Product)
    Because of the many positive reviews we have the ball for our little desired, especially to move it a little to crawl that works quite well so far. However, I was quite disappointed with the processing, I have already introduced a little something fo
  • What in the other reviews is not yet ...  

    Handcart Fun trailer Long with rear axle steering of Eckla (Toys)
    The advantages of Bollerwagens were illuminated in detail already in other reviews. We are very pleased with the wagon, but I want to give a few hints, some of which are still missing in the other reviews. We have the long trailer with rear axle stee
  • Super ball 1  

    Glass ball 8cm clear - hand polished solid, photographer Quality
    I was torn, on the one side were those super reviews and on the other side then this unbeatable price. And what did I get? A super ball without inclusions and streaks to be very robust. I once Photo gallery of products together where you can see well