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  • In-ear pleasure favorably solve  

    Groove Buds Premium In-Ear Headphones - MP3 In-Ear Earphones Eco Edition (Electronics)
    On my Sony Walkman players were extremely high quality in-ear phones while, but unfortunately I have managed to damage the cable. Suddenly only sound in one ear. One thing was clear: It must inner ear handset due to the unequal smooth sound forth. Se
  • A phone that makes phone ....  

    Samsung E1202 DUOS Compact Mobile Phone (Electronics)
    + Telephone, alarm clock, calendar ... basically, the basic functions. ++ Call simulator, SOS messages. +++ Dual SIM (also works with a SIM-only), passing from one to another (in transmission) by long press the # key. The reception is active simultan
  • Super in-ear  

    NOCS NS500A-001 Aluminium In-Ear Headphones (Electronics)
    because I had to after years of use my Sennheiser CX300 adopt because of a cable break of these replacement was needed :) many tests read by zich Ear-phones and somehow I came through a review of the NOCS NS400. But they were unfortunately not availa
  • Great sports - in ear headphone  

    Sennheiser CX 380 Sport II In-Ear Headphones (1.2 m cable length, Earadapterset S / M / L, cable clip, carrying case, 2 year warranty) gray (Electronics)
    ++ Insanely good sound through in-ear technology, especially when compared to other headphones. also rich bass! + Washable under running water - practical after exercise. + Good Abschallung outwards. + Pretty good fit through 3 different attachments.

    Shure SE535 in-ear earphones, transparent (Electronics)
    So, dear friends of the absolutely perfect sound. A differentiated better sound, there are only Live. That's absolute reference Studio! Truly the end of Klangerlebnis.Das measure of things to in-ear headphones. Incredible sound quality. I would give
  • Feels good - and it is also  

    Nokia N97 Smartphone (QWERTY keyboard, GPS, Wi-Fi, Ovi Maps, camera with 5 MP) White (Electronics)
    Well, actually I'm not a typical writer of reviews, but reading some comments to a reaction force formally on. I am 3 years Nokia users (last E61i) and satisfied. Professionally, I use only Apple hardware and software. Very satisfied. Nokia and Apple
  • The best in its class! 1  

    Bose ® Bluetooth ® SoundLink ® speaker III (Electronics)
    I know Bose since 40 Jahren.Das first product were HiFi speaker (901-Series IV), including 2 couples on the dance floor of my former favorite Disco waren.Ich suspended (with the reflective side toward ceiling) have since not even remotely comparable
  • A (nearly) perfect mp3 player  

    Sandisk Sansa Clip + MP3 player 2GB (FM tuner, microSD Slot) (Electronics)
    The most important innovation in Sansa Clip +, compared to the normal "clip", is probably clear the card slot for microSD cards. A limitation of the possible card size I could not refer to the manual, so you can now expand the tiny thus alm
  • "Only four stars" because:  

    Sennheiser CX 380 Sport II In-Ear Headphones (1.2 m cable length, Earadapterset S / M / L, cable clip, carrying case, 2 year warranty) gray (Electronics)
    For quick reader: I use the headphones as joggers (about 3 times a week, each running 10-20 km) and cyclists (weekdays about 20 km). The CX 380 I like that because: - Decent sound - Good design - 1.2m long cable + clip for attaching to clothes (I'm 1
  • Earphones  

    Sennheiser MX 170 In-Ear Earphones (Electronics)
    I have chosen for these earphones because I belong to the people, which do of In-Ear Phones ears hurt. I have an iPod nano 6G and drive every day 2h by train. The problem is with in-ears, they do after 20 minutes into the ears hurt that I have to tak
  • Destroyed headphones  

    Wentronic airplane adapter (2x3,5mm mono plug to 3.5mm stereo jack) (Accessories)
    I can all the other people who consider buying this product, only strongly advise against it. I've tried to use my good Sennheiser In-Ear Phones. This also works fine in itself, only you have the case of purely stöpseln much poke around, with my head
  • Philips SHE9000, quality workmanship, transparent sound  

    Philips SHE9000 In-Ear Headphones (metal housing) black / silver (Electronics)
    Actually, I use rarely headphones, and tend else also more likely to open or semi-open Kopfhöhrern because I prefer an airy analytical sound. Therefore, the speaker of my hi-fi system are more tuned to space and a well-audible sound, as in too warm b
  • Lie on the speed of reading and writing  

    Samsung 32GB Class 10 MicroSDHC Memory Card Ultra High Speed ​​75MB / s Read 20MB / s write with SD Adapter (Electronics)
    Lie on the speed of reading and writing: After spending a phone HD Tune Pro, I get: - READ Max: 27,7MB / s - WRITE Max: 11MB / s
  • These headphones do exactly what They Are Supposed to.  

    Klipsch Image S4 (II) (Electronics)
    HOWEVER, I Had 'em on my smartphone in my pocket denim while cycling. Eventually the connection near the audio jack Became Compromised (afterone month). Basically, good earphones, but not for heavy duty. Otherwise I use sony (15 euros) "in-ear"
  • Perfect handy 4  

    Luxury Case Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 / i9505 Ultra Slim Leather Style with white stand - white Cover Galaxy SIV protective shell - accessories pouch discovery XEPTIO Price: Exceptional box! (Electronic devices)
    Nice aesthetic quality. Very handy for use ear phone and tablet. Very good protection of the phone
  • Even after more than 12 months still functional  

    Sennheiser MM 70i In-Ear Headphones (Electronics)
    Even after more than 12 months still functional! Contrary to some Rezesionen who had initially voted me questionable, the headphones (Nov. 2011) have now held for 12 months. (For my iphone) The price / performance ratio is ok, the cable is of length
  • Nice product. 38  

    Luxury Wallet Case Cover for Acer Liquid E 2 Duo and 3 + PEN FILM OFFERED !! (Electronic appliances)
    Express delivery Express, ie two days before the minimum date. Congratulations! About the product is correct, but the quality is not his main quality. In value for money, is better! Not very convenient to wear the ear phone for the articulation of th
  • Sound quality 5  

    Beyerdynamic MMX101iE Earphones Black (Electronics)
    J'me not recall if purchased on or ama UK Fr. I leave my comments in English. For audiophile sound quality at a reasonable price thesis phones are awesome. They rival my home system (arcam / pioneer / B n W worth the price of a small car). The usual
  • not very practical 33  

    Luxury Wallet Case Cover for LG Nexus 5 and 3 + PEN FILM OFFERED! (Electronic appliances)
    good protection of the phone, sober, elegant, but makes handling difficult ear phone to take the pictures. The side pane is not ideal. It is better to have a flap that folds down. Eventually I abandoned.
  • after 2 GPS defects no more Nexus 5  

    Google Nexus 5 smartphone (12.6 cm (4.9 inch) Full HD IPS display, 2.26GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 16GB of internal memory, 8 megapixel camera, Android 4.4) (Electronics)
    I have here for the first time issued a review of the Nexus 5 in November 2013, this updated regularly over 6 months. I (below see below) have now separated from me due to the Nexus GPS problems, can be found here now again summarized final assessmen