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  • Edifier S550 VS. Logitech Z906  

    Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker System THX and Dolby Digital (electronic)
    Good day, I was able to both systems extensively compare. I make it short: Edifier: sounds balanced, especially in middle-Breich. Edifier: is processed valent. Edifier: bring higher sonorous bass over, due to 2 passive membrane. Edifier: bass reprodu
  • Logitech Z623 VS Edifier C3  

    Logitech Z623 2.1 PC Speaker System (Personal Computers)
    I want to comment briefly on a small comparison between the Logitech Z623 and the Edifier C3 here. One thing first: I have the speakers on the TV at a distance of 2.5 - 3 m tested. For use on PC the aural impression differs from possibly. When the Lo
  • Once again, very happy with Edifier!  

    EDIFIER C2XD 2.1 speaker system (53 watts) with infrared remote control and visual input (Personal Computers)
    As the title suggests, this purchase was not the first manufacturer Edifier. I had been about 3 years, the S330D in use, which has done an optimum service to the last day. The reason for the change to C2XD was simple: Unfortunately, the S330D has no
  • Edifier C2X  

    C2XD Edifier PC Speaker Black Analog and optical (Personal Computers)
    Hello Treble too far, lack of medium, not removing the covers caches, mail sent to the maintenance department edifier for the default volume setting no answer. Nice appearance
  • Edifier Bric Connect vs. Devil Bamster BT  

    EDIFIER Bric Connect, portable Bluetooth speaker system with infrared remote control (electronics)
    Have both at home. Was looking for portable speakers. Initially without BT (Bluetooth) function ... Use 'nen mp3 player. But BT was also tested, more on that later. First ... the speakers of my dreams: 1. long battery life 2. Excellent sound plus pre
  • Edifier C3 2.1 sound system ...  

    EDIFIER C3 2.1 speaker system (46 watts) with infrared remote control (electronics)
    Hey everyone .... I use this system on a laptop in the truck and have to say, so that listening to music is really fun ... the bass is clean and punchy, but not exaggerated, no rumbling or wrangling (unless you turn that thing until it stops on, then
  • Edifier C3 vs. Logitech Z623  

    EDIFIER C3 2.1 speaker system (46 watts) with infrared remote control (electronics)
    I have the Edifier C3 and the Logitech Z623 and ordered me a very long time compared with each other. The Edifier is very well made. The subwoofer bawls intense, but not too vigorously or even unpleasant strong as it makes the Creative Gigaworks T3.
  • Edifier S330D  

    EDIFIER S330D 2.1 speaker system (72 watts) with cable remote control, black (Accessories)
    The sound system convinced unpack only once by its wide range of accessories. There an optical Toslink cable was even settled. The boxes and the subwoofer / amplifier are high-quality, solid wood cabinet without flaws or scratches on the paintwork. T
  • Edifier C2 vs. Logitech X230  

    Edifier C2 2.1 Soundsystem Rev.2, black (Accessories)
    I bought this system because it has offered for 60 euros exactly what I need: A flexible system with a 2.1 external amplifier unit that provides two analog inputs. This was the parallel use of TV and computer on a sound system no more obstacles ... T
  • Edifier R1700BT Studio, the sound piece of cake ...  

    EDIFIER R1700BT Studio Bluetooth speaker system (66 watts) with infrared remote control brown (Personal Computers)
    Edifier was for me in the past, an unknown name until I few months ago here at Amazon attentive to the brand wurde.Dieses Studio speaker system is now my second, which I can habe.Ich bought myself anything negative finden.Der these speakers sound and
  • sadly edifying  

    Agent Orange: Apocalypse Vietnam (Paperback)
    This book is very well documented but remains easy to read. It explains how the Americans during the Vietnam War have irreparably polluted soils, pollution will continue for decades to have tragic consequences for an entire people. Any person who tra
  • Edifying 2  

    Fight against poverty: Volume 2, The politics of autonomy (Paperback)
    A brilliant and accessible thinking. Common sense, ways to face the challenges of our planet. To put all hands!
  • Edifying 3  

    The black book of the condition of Christians in the world (Paperback)
    An uplifting book. The set is factual, not attempt to ideological because of the participation of many authors from different socio-cultural backgrounds (Atheists, Catholics, Muslims, Protestants, etc.). Nevertheless book a good picture of how Christ
  • Edifying 4  

    Crossfire: Secularism proof Jewish fundamentalism, Christian and Muslim (Paperback)
    Very well documented, various sources. Work of synthesis confirms that sacred union is against individual freedom and progress. the draconian strategies of the enemies of freedom of conscience and dispose of her body are analyzed in detail.
  • Edifying 5  

    The slave in the land of Islam (Paperback)
    Jacques Heers, by recalling facts that are denied or ignored in the name of self-righteousness (which is nothing more than an intellectual terrorism) for nearly a century, clearly highlights the origin Arab Muslim slavery.
  • Edifier Speakers  

    Edifier Luna Eclipse Bluetooth Speakers 74 W Black (Electronics)
    I chose these speakers for their Design and after testing on the net saying that the sound was quality. I am very happy with this purchase. The speakers are very well finished and the sound is more than adequate for my needs.
  • Very interesting and edifying book  

    French Defence, the inventory duty (Paperback)
    J'e suppose that the author has not disclosed the hassle and the poverty of our government in our ministry of defense. Very sad for our country and especially for our young people in OPEX, these are the most to be pitied
  • quite edifying  

    The ghettos of the elite: In the heart of the big bourgeoisie (Paperback)
    was read before the 2012 deadlines As "the president of the rich" is the same auteurs.Tout vrai.il is a sociological approach built from meetings and press articles. and funny too!
  • Edifying. 11  

    Suicide of a Nation (Paperback)
    René Marchand shows the deadly process set up by the anti_français lobby, and criminal complicity with the bourgeoisie. All public.
  • edifying 12  

    The Bertelsmann Foundation and Global Governance (Paperback)
    we still learned a lot from this stone hillard, I would never have thought that media empire, what is more German or as influential in the world, they are very powerful, to put it mildly ...