fackelmann clips


  • Fackelmann 57010 Lock clips  

    Fackelmann 57010 Lock clips Aroma Set 10 pcs. (Household goods)
    Unfortunately, there is not much choice of such a closure clips. And if they do not last very long. These are available in two sizes in the package, the sizes are just right for me. They close tightly and keep well. Nevertheless, even these clips do
  • Good clips, but expensive  

    Fackelmann 57010 Lock clips Aroma Set 10 pcs. (Household goods)
    The clips of Fackelmann are good and do their purpose. However, no better than the very similar copies of IKEA.
  • Good and inexpensive closure clips  

    Fackelmann 57010 Lock clips Aroma Set 10 pcs. (Household goods)
    It's not so easy to get reasonable closure clips. Many are processed Mies and some to handle even bad. These here are very well made by Fackelmann and easy to use. There are at different sizes. But unfortunately are not sufficiently large here, becau
  • Very nice hair clip!  

    Womdee (TM) Full color beautiful crystal rhinestone flower hair clips with Womdee Accessorie (Personal Care)
    Stable and beautiful hair clip, really nice colorful, something completely different than always in a tone. Beautifully! Conjures a smile in the face.
  • Gorgeous hair clip!  

    Womdee (TM) Pink Crystal Heart-shaped flower hair clips with Womdee Accessorie (Personal Care)
    Very large, stable hair clip in pink. She holds my straight hair in a banana or a flat knot. For thicker hair, she is perhaps suitable for the high insertion of hair strands.
  • Good thing the clip !!!  

    Brodit ProClip for the BMW 318-330 / E90 05-10 black (Accessories)
    The product I highly recommend !!! I did it in 3 BJ2009 with Shadow-Line interior (see pictures). Attached ... This is critical because the structure of the trim strip is higher than the standard bar. The assembly of the clip lasted less than 5 minut
  • Weak retention clips  

    BIGtec Premium 1m CAT.5e Ethernet LAN Patch Cable Gigabit network cable patch cable black films and geflechtgeschirmt gilded (RJ45, Cat 5e, SFTP Double Shielded, Screened Foiled Twisted Pair, 1000 Mbit / s) 2 x RJ45 connectors ideal for switch, DSL connections, patch panels , patch panels, routers, Modem, Access Point and other devices with RJ45 connection, cable CAT CAT CAT 5e cable CAT5 shielded patch cable SF / UTP (Electronics)
    I ordered several of these cables in various lengths. Except for one thing, the quality is ok but this one thing would not let me order these cables again: The retaining clips are in most plugs so poorly drafted that they gewärleisten not secure fit
  • Super Clips  

    Fripac-Medis Combi-Clips, 10 pieces, Pink (Personal Care)
    Perfect for fine hair because the hair is held firmly in the bracket. No tangles when you remove the clip.
  • Clips fulfill their purpose  

    Fripac-Medis Combi-Clips, 10 pieces, black (Personal Care)
    They keep very well in her hair, wet or dry. When plugging in the hair you have to be a little careful because the bottom of sheet metal or metal and slightly sharp. The top and bottom are not exactly each other. Nevertheless, they are well worth the
  • Solid hair clips  

    Fripac-Medis Combi-Clips, 10 pieces, black (Personal Care)
    These hair clips serve their purpose, but close from the outset not flush (ie the black upper part protrudes laterally over the bottom part of silver addition. The other clips were already much better, they are particularly cheap either. Therefore th
  • Combined clips  

    Efalock 12025 Combi-Clip black, 1er Pack (1 x 12 piece) (Health and Beauty)
    The combi clips are super I have taken them in the color black, so that they are not immediately messed by hair color. They open and close simply keep them super in your hair. The delivery and the price is super
  • Only about 2 seconds Fire Clips  

    Virtual Fireplace TV (App)
    Very disappointing to see very quickly which is very short repetitive clips. Estimated there are only about 2 seconds. Qualitatively, I have also had one or two pixels. So not worth the money :(. There's better on Youtube.
  • My opinion on the belt clip  

    Mag-Lite ASXD036 Leather Belt ring for D-cell flashlight with packing tables leather loop and snap (tools)
    Since I work in the DRC, I have my Mag Lite every time you use this, the belt clip is very stable. That's definitely worth the money. Also in the race, he is very convenient, as the focus of the lamp is lower than the holders. I would not have missed
  • Straps too short and not keep plastic clips  

    Superior storm anchor for trampoline wind anchor fixing set for trampolines 244 - 305-366 -430 -460 assurance wind locks (Misc.)
    For us, a bad buy because straps too short and do not hold the plastic clips! Ground anchors are OKKulante scheme for withdrawal has been rejected.
  • Solution for rotating clip  

    EUFAB 16414 Bicycle "Profi" with stand (Automotive)
    I will no longer write so much about product overall, I think the other reviews cover the good from. The stand is very stable, the storage for parts very convenient. The assembly and disassembly is very fast from equip and in the storage little space
  • Writes super clip but sometimes aborts  

    iProtect Premium Stylus Soft Touch Pen / stylus / touch pen for smartphone / tablet / PC / PDA - perfect for iPhone 5G, 5S, 5C, 4S, iPad 4/5, iPad Air, iPod, Samsung, HTC etc. - in BLACK (Electronics)
    This pin is the best combi pen for touch screens and a coolie, you have to spend not 30 euros for a Bamboo - which is quite enough. Unfortunately, at these low cost versions of the pen clip and it stuck in the Hemdtaschebzu or on the ipad cover very
  • LED reading lamp with clip  

    Clip on LED Reading Light Lamp for Kindle 3/4/5 Nook Kobo Touch MINI Sony T1 T2
    Whether book or tablet. The clip is flexible and easily installed. Very bright and well-suited for driving because it is extremely flat. A good reading aid that does not interfere.
  • StilGut® Book Type Case with Clip, Case Nappa for Apple iPhone 6  

    StilGut® Book Type Case with Clip, leather case for Apple iPhone 6 (4.7 "), black nappa (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The cover makes a very good first impression, and the processing is Top. The cover makes through the beautiful leather a very sophisticated look, what comes to the mobile phone needs. I have a shell that searched but the display does not protect as t
  • good clip  

    System-S Universal holder flexible table & bed gooseneck arm mount for smartphone mobile phone (electronic)
    I bought this for my photo clip table. the clip makes a high impression. Highly recommended for the price in any case