gbm 10 re review concrete drill


  • TOP drill for tiles, (steel) concrete and stone!  

    KEIL percussion drill assortment Betonbohrer TURBOKEIL, 5-piece, Ø 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0 / 8.0 / 10.0 mm, in multipacks, 258 350 410 (tool)
    After I really had had enough of the whole more or less cheap drills (eg where there also which of BOSCH for goods), all of which were good for NIX, I wanted to buy something better home for occasional use with us. We have pre-stressed concrete ceili
  • Bosch "hammer drill" - disappointing quality  

    Bosch PSB 850-2 RE Home Series Impact Drill + Case (850 W, 2-speed gearbox, max. Drilling diameter concrete 18 mm) (Tools)
    Hello, I have put the impact drill with intent in quotes. Have decided to use one of the strongest of the Home Series series, because I had to drill a few holes in concrete floors and ceilings and to also in a few thin metal support. The first impres
  • As a battery-powered hammer drill the "Hammer"!  

    Bosch Uneo Maxx Home Series Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill + 2 + 4 bits + battery and charger + case (18 V, max. Drilling diameter concrete 10 mm, 1,4 kg) (tool)
    Some time ago, the hidden in my "home improvement" has been awakened from its slumber. That was the right time, because with all the projects grew, the desire for ordinary tools - as technikaffinem people had it, the lithium-ion battery-pow
  • Super Drills  

    Piranha Set of drill bits for glass and tile 5, 6, 8 mm (Tools & Accessories)
    These bits work very well on earthenware. Used to install a shelf and a towel holder in a bathroom tiled bath, no cracks, holes are very clear. The drills are very accurate and remain well where we ask them to leave, unlike conventional concrete dril
  • Drill master purchase!  

    6565 AD Skil Impact Drill With accessories (Tools & Accessories)
    Lightweight, efficient, easy to handle, this drill can bring happiness yourselfers for all types of work. Delivered in a suitcase pvc with some good quality concrete drill bits. In short, what fun!
  • Disappointing 78  

    7tlg.Robusl. CYL 9 MultiConst.Set, 4-12mm (tool)
    Oriented to the consistently positive reviews I decided on the lookout for high quality concrete drill bits, me for this drill. The delivery was, like Amazon, quickly and reliably. The aim was, mainly to put several holes with 6mm drill bit in a fili
  • One for all !? (Can some, but is good not just for everything perfectly)  

    Bosch Uneo cordless hammer drill Home Series + 2 + 4 drill bits + battery and charger + trunk (10.8 V, max. Drilling diameter concrete 10 mm, 1.1 kg) (tool)
    One for all !? (Can some, but is good not just for everything perfectly) Typically cordless drills are (with hammer) to use sauschwer and simply too unwieldy to them in normal Handyman area also available with screw. I had long since another UNEO mod
  • excellent Betonbohrer  

    KEIL 154 501 412 percussion drill assortment granite drill PRIMUS, 7-piece, Ø 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0 / 6.0 / 8.0 / 10.0 / 12.0 mm, in RoseBox (tool)
    These are very good concrete drill. After 100 holes in harder concrete with the 5-er the drill was still in good condition. For these holes I would have probably consumed more Cheap drills. There is the 5 star. Out of curiosity (because there are sev
  • 0 or 5?  

    Bosch Accessories 2608550064 3tlg. Core cutters set, SDS-plus 68 x 60 mm (tool)
    Usage: New with KS and Poroton stones. (Concrete / basement is Exposed as slots and drilling effort seems too high) Alone when the function of the drill bit would be evaluated, I would have awarded 0 points. This occurs because the defective function
  • Nothing else works against brazen parking thieves!  

    Schellenberg 73115 parking barriers, manually (tool)
    Have successfully applied this morning this parking barrier. The price / Leistunsverhältnis is unbeatable. Sure, there are much better lock, but is only for rent and for it is enough. The material is a bit thin, but it is enough in any case. Screws a
  • I really like 5  

    High-quality V2A stainless steel stand letterbox with newspaper compartment, 144 cm high, 8 kg (Misc.)
    We have long sought a stand letterbox, many looked and stopped in the end of this one. In short, I am satisfied, the sheet is on the thickness ago OK, thin it should not be. The flap of the letterbox would you possibly can construct or fix something
  • Also holds on wallpaper  

    Magnetolink smoke detector mounting (tool)
    The mounting spared the difficult especially in concrete drilling. For me, the device keeps on a widely smeared wallpaper for several months.
  • Bosch quality - no ifs and buts  

    Bosch 2607010544 straight shank drill bits 7 pcs. Blue Granite Drill Set Robu (tool)
    Super stone / concrete drill - very good workmanship. The Robust Line is "Made in Germany" and not from China, such as z. B. the many drill sets from Bosch with wood, stone and steel drills, etc. The higher price is worthwhile in any case.
  • Original concept but weight / power disappointing  

    F0156221AD Skil drill / screwdriver Energy wired load speed 0-400 / 1600 rev / min (Tools & Accessories)
    This device is a kind dintermédiaire between a cordless screwdriver and a wireline drill. Its concept is clever: after we have offered for 10 years screwdrivers / drills on batteries (more or less efficient and sometimes unloaded when you need the de
  • Very well designed, it is ideal to Panasonic PT-AE4000, but it deserves to be more rigid  

    LCS - Ceiling Mount - Black color - Tilt & swivel projector (Electronics)
    I bought this stand for a projector Panasonic PT-AE4000 (46x35x15cm / 7.3 kg / 5 holes) trusting the criticisms: there is no doubt that this product is outstanding. It is made of cast aluminum and sheet thickness, so it is solid but lacks rigidity pl
  • Excellent !!!! 127  

    Box Bosch X-Line Classic 34 parts for drilling and screwing 2607010608 (Tools & Accessories)
    product purchased for my smoke detectors installed, content a bit basic but good quality, concretes drills do not degrade quickly when pierced concrete vibré.Je recommend !!!!!!!!
  • Very effective 12  

    2609255467 Bosch drill for tile 76 mm diameter 6 mm (Tools & Accessories)
    Hello I bought this drill to make between 2 tiles in the bathroom, I screwed up 2 metal bits before buying this product, even the concrete drill bits were not effective, and the 5-second hole was drilled , clear and precise that happiness!
  • Wicks very fragile, very low quality!  

    Bosch 2607017195 V-Line Set of 91 Drilling Tools / screwing (Tools & Accessories)
    When buying accessories for my BOSCH BOSCH drill, I left reassured about the quality of products. Nay! For example a concrete drill 6 whose end breaks in 10s clock in Brick! It's not even more than planned obsolescence is the single use! Basically, t
  • Very good machine 20  

    Bosch Hammer Drill "Universal" PSB 650 RE with additional handle 0603128000 (Tools & Accessories)
    Finally drill a powerful, lightweight, efficient. And comes with its convenient box. With self tightening chuck, plus key need. And so, more loss of time to search among the scattered tools on your site. Of course: inverters, and reversing the direct
  • Quality crappy 1  

    Box Bosch X-Line Classic 34 parts for drilling and screwing 2607010608 (Tools & Accessories)
    I bought this product for mounting my kitchen and small screwdriver drill work with Bosch cordless percussion PSB 18 LI-2 that I bought together this package. The tip to screw begins to wear when I mounted furniture only 5 or 6 !!! 1 drills for metal