haruki murakami ballad


  • Master of hypnosis and psychosis  

    1Q84 - Book 2, July-September (Paperback)
    Book 1 of 1Q84 set the scene. An introduction of 535 pages, fascinating and enigmatic, whose opacity troubled senses. But that was nothing compared to the Book 2. We learn many things that illuminate our lantern: the link between Tengo and Aomamé, in
  • Magic! 36  

    Kafka on the Shore (Paperback)
    I was hesitant to read this kind of book, thinking that there would be too much for my taste fantastic and then not at all. It is a strange novel, atypical see his dreamlike and spiritual side it is true with a fantastic little dose. But hypnotic nov
  • At the intersection of literary genres and worlds  

    Kafka on the Shore (Paperback)
    What first strikes the play "Kafka on the Shore" is the impressive number of literary genres found there: the historical novel (the US occupation during the Second World War), the tale (it rains fish and leeches), the polar (who killed this arti
  • Vs Shining Shining  

    Doctor Sleep: A Novel (Paperback)
    I like some of Stephen King novels like Dreamcatcher, Insomnia and many others but this one was a bit disappointed because we found walk-in these people who are "shining" and that 'from there anything is possible. The fantastic is the novel, it
  • Contemplative  

    The tea master (Paperback)
    I understand that this book will irritate. Objectively, the story is very thin, if not it happening absolutely nothing; simply we discover pages the art of tea ceremony in the style "simple and healthy" and a few snippets of life in Japan during
  • A black book  

    Kafka on the Shore (Paperback)
    Like Joseph K in The Trial, the hero of the book Murakami is the victim of a mysterious plot that will push him to flee and take refuge in a library, instead referring to Borges. Haruki Murakami offers us a dark and disturbing book, whose oppressive
  • Here, there, forever and forever.  

    1Q84 - Book 1 (Paperback)
    The back cover sums up the foundations of this story that takes us from the first lines in a world and in an atmosphere that belong only Haruki Murakami. Because of the way we think of Orwell and his anticipation Book 1984, but here the action takes
  • 2 wonderful ballads  

    Aufgeigen Instead Lower ski Assen (Audio CD)
    "Heast as nit" and "far far away" are two beautiful Austrian pop ballads that I still like to listen again even after all these years. The landscape of Lake Hallstatt and the Dachstein mountain range before our eyes - simply gorge
  • Great Ballad of Queen of Pop!  

    Ghost Town (MP3 Download)
    Madonna is with "Rebel Heart" finally back! And how! The album is a mix of great tunes, classical "Madonna moments" and contemporary sound. "Ghost Town" is finally a great ballad that plays with the apocalyptic theme and
  • A beautiful ballad  

    Ghost Town (MP3 Download)
    Already on the MDNA album, there were few songs that I liked, including was "Masterpiece", a beautiful ballad that was not stunningly good, but still done to them to hear repeatedly. "Ghost Town" is aimed in this direction and the
  • Super ballad!  

    Stay With Me (2-Track) (Audio CD)
    Sam Smith is one of the best newcomers in recent years. His particular voice goes straight into your ear and "Stay with me" is a beautiful ballad! The solo version which you already know is great. The duet with Mary J. Blige is just great!
  • A well gemixtes album with pop, rock and ballads  

    All I Ever Wanted (Audio CD)
    I was on the purchase of the new album of Kelly Clarkson bit more cautious because of my predecessor My December was not so insanely well-liked. But the tube of Kelly is extremely convincing. On this album, everything is included: rockier songs, ball
  • Beautiful ballad, but ...  

    Already Gone (Audio CD)
    After the very successful comeback song "My life would suck without you" saw it for Kelly Clarkson with "I do not hook up" not very good. Now the young singer released her third song "All I Ever Wanted", a beautiful ball
  • Wonderful ballad  

    Love You More (Audio CD)
    Jaja, from Holland comes music technically gesechafft it hen only Rudi Carrell, Caught in the Act or thick folksongs-singing boys ... since I've heard that song, my opinion has changed, however, they also have good musicians! When I first heard this
  • Super ballad !!! 1  

    Skin on Skin (Audio CD)
    The new single from Sarah Connor "Skin On Skin" is a beautiful ballad that fits perfectly with the season. With this single they tried get at the genre of a Mariah Carey or Celine Dion, but not quite what she creates. Nevertheless, she has
  • Well ... a typical ballad Sarah ...  

    Skin on Skin (Audio CD)
    I want this young woman singing talent UDN also ballads Atmospheric and beautiful singing not deny, but still missing here just feel and the mood in her voice. Simply looks too plump, the song babbles down literally and also apprehended topic affects
  • Absolute power ballad !!!  

    Skin on Skin (Audio CD)
    Oh yeah! Sarah Connor's can just ...! After "From Sarah with love" is now the nächtes ballad from her in the shops! And this song goes just under the skin. "Skin on Skin" is a very soulful piece, which the nerve arrives precisely
  • Real beautiful ballad for the winter  

    Living to Love You (Audio CD)
    So at the very beginning: I am not a fan of Sarah Connar nor Fann of ballads, but this single is really super Produced and on the single is also an R & B number "Change" it is also very good !! Am pretty sure that this song will soon be
  • great power ballad  

    I Am Yours (MP3 Download)
    super post for Austria at Euro Vision Songcontest..rockige power ballad with great voice. Austria 12 points will be sure to hear this year more
  • Ballade for everyone tinged with rocking voice.  

    You and Me (MP3 Download)
    A very harmonious voice with extreme recognition value! A beautiful ballad for cozy hours. A talent of which we are sure to hear more!