how to manage nokia 220 brightness



    Nokia WS-2 Proximity sensor for Smartphone Black (Accessory)
    TREASURE TAG + NOKIA LUMIA (1020 and many others I think) works fine for this manipulation. BRING THE INFO with a green thumb or review helpful. 1. Already remove the connection "Wi-fi", the "location" and "NFC" leave the Blu
  • Nokia 220  

    Nokia 220 Mobile Phone Dual Sim Unlocked 2.4 inch White (Electronics)
    This phone perfectly meets my expectations: small, solid, it is very easy to use, and most basic. Obviously, when we had a smartphone before, full of small features that were save time are lacking but after a while, you get used. About the message "N
  • Very disappointed with the Nokia 220  

    Nokia 220 Mobile Phone Dual Sim Unlocked 2.4 inch Yellow (Electronics)
    Apart from its beautiful colors (mine is yellow) it does not offer much more: - No 3G but only so no 2G little or internet connection. No MMS! - Agenda 25 accepts only event! So you constantly delete events to add others. - It often delete SMS to mak
  • does not fulfill the minimum requirements despite a willingness to compromise, because alone the contacts management is a KO criterion  

    Nokia A00017885 220 DS Dual-SIM mobile phone (6.1 cm (2.4 inch) display, 2 megapixel camera, Micro-USB, Bluetooth 3.0) yellow (Electronics)
    I had the "Nokia 220 Dual Sim" on Amazon soon, there was not available known. All the more pleased I was supplied as the phone a few days later (10/06/2014) - although it officially on the Amazon page is still the status "pre-order" ha
  • quite large, with approximately 1000LM very bright flashlight  

    TrustFire T6 CREE 3800LM 3 XML T6 LED Flashlight Hand Lamp 2X / 3X 18650 battery
    I have no idea how to build such a bright lamp in a high enough quality for so little money. The aluminum case is perfectly edited and beautiful black anodized. The lamp is measured 10W, ie from the 3 batteries are drawn almost 1A. The burning time w
  • Accessory back cover for Nokia Lumia 920  

    Bingsale® Cover Nokia Lumia 920 Protector Case Cover Case (hard back) Slim Transparent Yellow (Electronics)
    Dear prospective customers, I bought the OS shell to protect my Nokia phones. However, the cup has held any week, now the plastic is cracked already at the bottom right. Of course, I have to say in my defense, I do not am really cautious to deal with
  • China flagship with Dualsim to Pops Price!  

    Huawei Honor 6 Dual Sim Dual Standby 3GB RAM 13MP 5.0 inch 4G LTE smartphone Unlock - Shipping from Germany (16GB ROM, White)
    I have since the beginning of October, the Huawei Honor 6 (H60-L02) in black with 16GB, so the variant with Dualsim and LTE. The Huawei Honor is my 6 11. China smartphone. So I can well compare to other models draw (among other things, for. Example f
  • China flagship with great facilities for Pops price!  

    Honor 6 Smartphone (5 inch touchscreen, Octa-Core, 3GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 13MP main camera, 5MP front camera, LTE CAT6, Android 4.4, EmotionUI 2.3) Black (Wireless Phone)
    Caution: This review refers to the version with Dualsim. The here offered by Amazon Huawei Honor has only 6 Singlesim. Please note only those aspects, of which the Dualsim function is not affected. I have since the beginning of October, the Huawei Ho
  • Solid e-toothbrush!  

    Braun Oral-B PRO 750 Electric Toothbrush with Travel Case, Pink (Personal Care)
    Anyone who has ever used to electric toothbrushes, they do not want to miss a rule, which I am also amazed again and again how it manages the company still new models of e-toothbrushes to bring to market. I was curious how the present here "Braun Ora
  • Philips Bluetooth stereo adapter  

    Philips Bluetooth stereo adapter AEA2000 / 12 for a wireless playback from the smartphone / tablet on your hi-fi system (Electronics)
    In principle, the Philips Bluetooth stereo adapter is a good device. Coupling with an iPhone has run at all and the sound quality was quite convincing. Coupling with a Nokia 113 but unfortunately does not work, even though the Bluetooth profile shoul
  • Good player, which is not only small in price  

    IncrediSonic Ultra Play IMP150 - HD TV Digital Mini Media Player - 1080p - Play any file from USB - hard drives / flash drives / memory cards from (electronic)
    Hello There, I can only say playback formats to everything which I have lined up to now has been played. Have until now only the video and audio function tested, because I need to for anything else. Picture quality is satisfactory in any case, is ind
  • About About Style  

    Day Eight (MP3 Download)
    Incredibly dope, every track fits together. The album will be released as a single masterpiece, Sikk did a perfect job with the beats and Karuzo, although I wonder how he manages with every album again, has brought his Raptechnik to a new level, and
  • Not for Grobmotoriker  

    Veet Spawax - electric hot wax Set (Health and Beauty)
    Summer is approaching and already is no longer one only when it comes to hair removal, but especially when it comes to permanent hair removal. And since hot wax while providing a good opportunity to do so, but has been quite cumbersome to use, there
  • New camera Lumix DMC FZ 200  

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200EG9 Digital Camera (12MP, 24x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, Super Zoom, Full HD video) black (Camera)
    A great camera that has fully met my expectations! Lichtstark great push - and especially important for me - you can select various settings for the flash. Canon can not unfortunately .. What I do not get along but überhaubt, is the CMS software for
  • From favorite to hate game  

    FIFA 14 - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    Caveat: This is my very first review. So far I have always kept my opinion to myself or gossiped among friends, but now I can not help just, I have to actually warn the public. I am passionate FIFA player, my first game was Fifa 98 (Road to World Cup
  • N'Abend Berlin!  

    Then take care-Live (Audio CD)
    The mandatory - and highly anticipated - CD to Reinhard Mey past autumn tour waiting time photographically on the most beautiful, for uninformativsten Booklet long; from the words "included in the 'then do it good' tour 2014" one might conc
  • Product quality from the bottom drawer  

    Technoline WT 435 quartz alarm clock with time display in words (household goods)
    I'll make it short: The first delivered device had something like a pixel error, so a permanent luminous point within the otherwise really quite send dot matrix display. The second, delivered as a replacement had this problem, but here is the backlig
  • a Must Have  

    Remington Ceramic Straight 230 Hair Straightener (with 4x protection) (Health and Beauty)
    I am 30 and I honestly wonder how I managed to survive the first 30 years only one or without this straightener. Although I have already smooth hair and my Ursprungsintension was thus to make curls, but after each wash I smooth my hair and they look
  • Love this book so much  

    Will I Ever Be Good Enough ?: Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers (Paperback)
    This book has helped to develop a better understanding in the case of how to manage a life with people like that, Especially moms. I really can recommand this book to everyone who is in need of good advices in cases like this.
  • Sound Revolution 1  

    Until the bitter end [Jubiläumsedition Remastered] (MP3 Download)
    Do you have to remaster punk rock? Is it worth it? A clear answer: Yes !! When genius per se original CD I have always been bothered the sound. It was dull, muddy and sometimes difficult to understand the lyrics. But, as I thought, it's just live. Th