la vida christian whisky glasses


  • Whisky Glass  

    Private glass of whiskey glass (Bohemia) - Theme: connoisseurs - with free engraving of Before & surname + year of birth (household goods)
    Very fast delivery. Even with the order and the engraving request everything worked great. The glass was very securely packed, making it arrived safely. It looks great and is of good quality, the engraving worked great. As one wish I would have had t
  • Whisky Set carafe 0.75 + 4 glasses  

    WHISKY SET JUG 0.75l + 4 glasses of whiskey glasses of whiskey JUG 6 pcs (household goods)
    The Whisky Set came as a gift to good. Guests of the ceremony were surprised by the set and price. Can only recommend a purchase. Rainer F.
  • Neat Blended Scotch Whisky with 18 years maturity  

    Chivas Regal 18 years Gold Signature Blended Scotch Whisky (1 x 0.7 l) (Food & Beverage)
    +++ +++ Preface Chivas Regal is next to the Johnnie Walker the most popular Scotch Whisky in the world. Founded in the Scotch producer by brothers John and James Chivas in 1801. Chivas Regal is like Johnnie Walker and Ballentine`s, Blended Scotch Whi
  • Good successful Blended Scotch Whisky  

    Johnnie Walker Double Black Blended Scotch Whisky (1 x 0.7 l) (Food & Beverage)
    Johnnie Walker is the most popular and best-selling Scotch whiskey in the world. Johnnie Walker whiskey burns not own, but mixed (blended) different whiskeys together. Depending on the product Johnnie Walker used more or less high-quality whiskeys. F
  • Klas Siches Nosing Glass  

    The Glencairn Glass 4 pieces Malt Whisky Nosing glass of whiskey Stölzle (household goods)
    Product: =============== The Glencairn Glass 4 pieces Malt Whisky Nosing glass of whiskey Stölzle Delivery: =============== The delivery was fast. Packing: =============== The packaging of the glasses consisted of a cardboard box, in which the glasse
  • Beautiful whiskey glasses  

    The official Glencairn whiskey glass - Set of 2 (Printed cardboard gift) (Kitchen)
    Very happy to find these glasses we discovered in Edinburgh at the Whisky Museum and are really good.
  • Whisky - not only for cooking  

    Talisker 10 years Skye Single Malt Scotch Whisky 45.8% 0,7l bottle + 4 quality whiskey tumbler (Wine)
    In my recipe was that the cream with 4 tablespoons of Talisker Whisky should be beaten semi-solid. Tallisker whiskey I did not know until then. Since my otherwise perfect retail of confidence it had also not available at the moment I simply ordered i
  • Glass breaks without external influence, warranty and goodwill will be denied.  

    Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Smartphone (11.7 cm (4.6 inches) HD TRILUMINOS display, 2.5GHz quad-core processor, 20.7 megapixel camera, Android 4.4) Black (Wireless Phone)
    The Z3 Compact seemed the ideal instrument for me to be - Full performance in a compact format. Sony is the only company with this product which this is achieved and as icing on the cake is the device also waterproof. Therefore, I have purchased the
  • Not only on glass my first choice  

    Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX Darkfield, radio, scroll wheel, PC mouse, PC / Mac, 4-way (electronics)
    Not only on glass the mouse has its merits. Through high-quality materials which feel my opinion is to none. Weight and size are very well matched. For a "normal" big hand neither too big nor too small and especially not too easy. The mouse
  • The best proof glass for Z3 !!  

    Bulletproof glass screen protector for Sony Xperia Z3 5.2 inches, CoolReall (MT) bulletproof glass screen protector for Sony Xpedia Z3 5.2, Transparent, clarity & Transparency, scratchproof, bubble free, Fingerabdrueckenfrei, No Rainbow Screen, 9H Haertegrad 2.5 rounded edges, easy installation & removal, 1-Pack, 0.33mm (Electronics)
    Ordered for my Z3 this bulletproof glass / foil. Have already been tried and changed several times different film. NO AND NO really is as good as this one. First super shipping, good "tool" here to install. (Clean cloth, microfiber cloth, s
  • Very good budget H9 glass.  

    Protector for Sony Xperia Z2 5.2 inches, Coolreall (TM) tempered glass bullet-proof glass screen protector 0,33mm (Electronics)
    Video at View H9 glass of Coolreall makes for the price a very good impression! The installation was very easy and it has already survived several falls at my Z2.
  • Glasses falling from the loops ...  

    Glasses cord - goggle strap with stopper - 70cm - in different colors in of 3 or 6-pack (Misc.)
    The rubber loops are kept quite generous, even twice wrapped fell out my glasses. The return will cost even 3.50 where it would have done even an envelope with the tape. For me personally wars a total flop, something you just can not buy online.
  • Very small glasses  

    Rectangle Glasses Sunglasses New Wayfarer Sunglasses Aviator glasses B414
    The spectacle does not fit, although I have a motorcycle helmet Size S. Even with my 12 year old son, the Henkel bend outwards when he touches down. Otherwise, it has very nice small glasses and is ok for the price.
  • In this case, the glass is only half full - Better Milka buy in the panel.  

    Tassimo T-Disc Milka chocolate (8 servings) (Food & Beverage)
    THE occurred to me after I let brew one of those "great" T-Discs Tassimo by my Charmy. I have the machine for only a few days and the first thing I noticed was that a small cup with perhaps a maximum of 200 ml capacity with a disc was not e
  • Sennheiser 333D, poor comfort (wear glasses) or sound while gaming  

    Sennheiser PC 333D 3D G4ME Headset (Electronics)
    Preliminary note: I have not purchased the headset on Amazon, but I would like to describe my experience here. Currently I have a Sennheiser HD495 headphones and wanted to switch to a headset, I increasingly use TeamSpeak for online games. Since I ha
  • Stabilizer and magnification x12 raise this glass from the mass clear out  

    Canon Binocular 12x36 IS II (Electronics)
    Normally binoculars have a magnification of x10 x8 up. Even with x10, the picture is by unavoidable shaky hands often slightly uneasy. This bypasses the Canon with an electronic image stabilizer. This can be switched on by pressing a button. The reas
  • Easy to use, tankard glass is rare  

    Klarstein "Herakles" stainless steel blender jar kitchen mixer with LED lighting (1000W, 1.5 liter glass container, special programs: Smoothie & crushed ice, pulse function, manual speed setting) silver-black
    The Herakles blender of Klarstein belongs to the middle-class devices. Because it creates 21,000 revolutions per minute, it is especially good for healthy smoothies. So if you mainly want to mix smoothies with the blender, is absolutely right here. I
  • Perfect whiskey glasses  

    Bohemia Cristal 6er Set (Bohemia) Whiskey glasses (Housewares)
    As the whiskey tastes twice as good. Great glasses and you get the labels on the bottom from good. Also a nice touch.
  • Private glass of whiskey glass (Bohemia) - Theme: Geniesser - free ...  

    Private glass of whiskey glass (Bohemia) - Theme: connoisseurs - with free engraving of Before & surname + year of birth (household goods)
    This engraved glass thrilled not only by its clear and beautiful form, or by the most highly concentrated and expensive content, but is also an absolute eye-catcher and visual compliment to your mini-bar or bar! It is made from the finest Bohemia cry
  • Beautiful glass  

    Private glass of whiskey glass (Bohemia) - Theme: connoisseurs - with free engraving of Before & surname + year of birth (household goods)
    We ordered the glass as a gift. The design of the glass itself is very nice. Simple elegance. The personalized engraving makes it a unique piece and prepares the recipient a special joy. Our gift arrived super. The only drawback: It can not be sent d