levis made in pakistan


  • Made in Pakistan vs Made in Bangladesh  

    Levi's® Jeans Men's 751 Standard Fit / Regular Fit, 00751 (Textiles)
    The information provided by Amazon Levi's 751 blue (Stonebleach) is made in Bangladesh and so different from a 1,5 years ago in Levi's Store purchases, sizes identical, Made in Pakistan Blue (Stonebleach) that you only with enough imagination can spe
  • Schade: Levis changed pattern very disadvantageous!  

    Levi's® Jeans Men's 751 Standard Fit / Regular Fit, 00751 (Textiles)
    For decades I buy Levis Jeans. In the future, no more likely or just with easy return option. Why? Previously you got when you stated size Wxx / Lxx type and number, always the same cut and could be sure that the pants fit. This time is over! Presuma
  • Levis discount or "under Levis"?  

    Levi's 501 Original Fit - Jeans - Right - Men (Clothing)
    I was surprised by the mountain of negative comments from customers unhappy and pretend all unpleasantly surprised by the product. Now I know why I ordered 2 Levis that one and one black. So first the sizes do not match / more when I wear for 20 year
  • According to quality - product for the market russichen  

    Levi's Men's 501 Original Fit Jeans (Textiles)
    Basically: Ordered, attracted attention. Unchanged Levi in ​​detail throughout. BUT: If one pays attention to the label in the pants, as you can see right away that the pants were made in Pakistan and since everything is at Kyrilisch, one can assume
  • Makes a solid impression, after 11 months of scrap  

    Draper Expert 68464 Garden handshower with brass connector, 7 settings (tool)
    The metal housing and the spigot make a solid impression. Unfortunately, there remains the impression, because after 11 months Ding scrap. - When dropped on the lawn of the parking bracket solves and he was gone ... - After six months came forward ba
  • Comfort improvement, for favorable price  

    Head Men's Boxer Boxers underpants 8 Pack in many colors (Misc.)
    I see here the HEAD Boxer Short with partly. Even Amazon offer the same sellers PUMA boxer shorts. As the price of HEAD-Boxer is still around 25% below that of the PUMA, it itched me and I looked at the HEAD ordered to compare. On paper, both boxers
  • Manufacturing base dependent variable variance?  

    Levi's® Jeans Men's 751 Standard Fit / Regular Fit, 00751 (Textiles)
    The 751 I wear for years in the same size and had the purchase in the fashion business never problems. After I had here for 20 euros less discovered the jeans and anyway still be used a coupon, I decided to buy it. As ordered, I received a stonewash
  • Bont 1 product  

    Puma - Sport Socks - Pack of 6 - Male (Sports Apparel)
    Good product considering a price below the average. I bought a set of 6 pairs white 40-46. They are soft and comfortable to wear. 75% cotton, 21% polyester and 4% elastane so moderately warm without being too thick. Packed by 6 in soft plastic pouch
  • Especially do not buy !!!! 5  

    Puma evoPOWER 6 Football in the colors of Borussia Dortmund BVB White / Yellow / Black (Sports)
    The balloon burst at the first use !!! In the forest, it took just a mere branch come to cling to balloon to puncture it. Result, 20 euros thrown away. Avoid. Ball Size 4 - Made in Pakistan - PVC material (not leather).
  • What a lousy fit  

    Wrangler Texas Stretch Men's Regular Fit Jeans (Textiles)
    The jeans is too long at the waistband in size 44 a little too tight, but in the length about 10-15cm. The width 42 cm missing 9-10 waistband Otherwise I wear 40/32 or 42/32 here not even fit the width .44 for the jeans leg is much too long and also
  • Lightweight leather jacket  

    Magnifica Lara Ladies biker leather jacket in black Gr. S-XXL (Textiles)
    Pretty leather jacket, well made and does not smell so extreme for leather. Made in Pakistan. Genuine leather, satin lining on the label. Soft leather, very easy, rather thin and suitable for summer. But runs small. I have Gr. 38/40 and L is a bit to
  • visually nice, otherwise disappointing  

    Gym Bag Black 'mimimi' +++ from streetwear design graphic label SILBERFISCHER +++ HANDMADE IN BERLIN
    I also have so bought the product because it was advertised as having "... Made in Berlin". Could be that it was printed there, but the bag itself sports a sign with "Made in Pakistan". I found so pretty disappointing. That also a seam
  • Optical class, unusual cut  

    Leonardo da Vinci's Demons leather jacket for sale (Textiles)
    Visually, the jacket is very good. The color is a dark brown real (no black-brown) with a vintage look. Unusual is something the blank: The Jacket (was ordered size 50) is not slim-fit, even if the jacket has a tailored, because the jacket beneath th
  • Good comfort at reasonable price  

    PUMA Men's Basic Short Boxer Boxer briefs Pack of 4 in many colors (Misc.)
    I see here the PUMA Boxer Short with partly. Even offered by the same vendors on Amazon HEAD Boxershort. As the price of HEAD-Boxer is still around 25% below that of the PUMA, it itched me and I have both ordered to compare (and both retained). On pa
  • With some caveats - usable torque wrench for little money  

    PROXXON 23349 Torque wrench MicroClick MC30 drive 6.3 mm (1/4 inch) (tool)
    Previously I was using as a minor supplement to Gedore / RAHSOL TORCOFIX K 40-200Nm a Gedore Torcomatik in 1/2 "8-70Nm. But at the bother me who like to be adjusted time setting and the size and weight of the massive 1/2" Umsteckratsche , Next t
  • Quite good, but absolutely not machine washable!  

    OKAMI Fightgear shin instep protectors hybrid Shin Instep Guard (equipment)
    Looking for cheap shin pads I ordered this one of Okami in size L. They are available in sizes S, M, L and XL. Since I neither here on Amazon, even on the manufacturer could find information on how big this because I want to mention here at least onc
  • Well suited for the start into the portrait photography  

    Photo Studio Set Studio Light Photo sync flash lamp Studio Set Studio Flash (Electronics)
    Personal impression: I bought the photo studio set vidaXL half a year ago and can say without hesitation after extensive use, that it is an excellent value for money. I am an ambitious amateur photographer for many years and had my focus mainly on na
  • practically, average quality, hard  

    dgdfg (Electronics)
    for weekly projection in the club acquired in changing rooms. Positives: reasonably stable metal construction (pipes, stand, etc.) with a few equally stable plastic parts (plastic caps on the legs, robust carry handle and locking lever made of plasti
  • Good training punching bag  

    Professional punching bag black canvas 100 x 30cm filled incl. Heavy Duty four-point steel chain (Misc.)
    The item has been delivered on the third day after the order. Unfortunately, he was the deliverer too heavy and he delivered it only to the ground floor (2nd floor would have been the target) .The material is as described, and the processing is good.
  • Very detailed and a great eye-catcher  

    Star Wars Vintage Collection Vehicle AT-AT Walker Endor Version Exclusive (Toys)
    but not only to watch, no also for recording of Kids> 5 years previously without defects :). Ok, now to a fan derr first generation: The leg movement is divided into three limbs, which the AT-AT can assume very individual position. All legs can move