wa7210n as ap max clients


  • Poor Max Payne  

    Max Payne 3 (uncut) [PEGI] - [PC] (computer game)
    As a big fan of both of the first two parts of MP as well as the Rockstar Games I lived with the hope that if not already Remedy implementing the third part, it will create Rockstar to make it decent. I also have given the whole a very fair chance bu
  • In itself well if you have not a lot of clients in the network  

    TP-Link TL-WR1043ND 300Mbit / s Ultimate Wireless Gigabit Router (4x LAN, 1x WAN, 1x USB 2.0) (Accessories)
    Originally had the combination of one Linksys WRT160N router and a Linksys WMP600N network card in use. The router was in the cellar in the ground floor of the computer with the wireless card. Through the reinforced concrete ceiling managed this comb
  • Works fine as a wireless router and client at the same time  

    Toshiba SD SDHC Flash R032GR7AL01 AIR Class 10 Memory Card (Personal Computers)
    After the firmware update is a mode available, in which the card functions both as a wireless client and opened both a hotspot. In this case, the terminal connected to the Internet through the client network are provided. It can be accessed via both
  • Good DLNA client with potential for improvement  

    VIMU Player (App)
    I tested on the Fire TV Stick the VIMU Player. Most films (mkv, mp4, avi) were for the most part (for now!) Played without sound. When you play a particular file, a message came on the screen that the audio codec is unknown and one should activate th
  • Narrow, female, yet sporty Air Max ...  

    Nike Air Max Thea Ladies Sneakers (Shoes)
    The Nike Air drop one size smaller, so you have to order them accordingly greater. I knew that and I 'done and in so far as the Nike Air Max Thea are also very, very good. (The attentive seller here has specially again pointed out to me via e-mail th
  • For me the best mail client  

    Kaiten Mail (app)
    This mail client offers the diversity of its functions. Once set up it does reliably its services (I could not find even the folder problem described by Vorrezessenten with me - at least in Vebindung with Gmail works everything perfectly). Thanks to
  • The first DLNA client works  

    Vodafone Media Plug (Electronics)
    I have 4 or 5 DLNA clients tried and determined all sent back to the next or the next day. The Media Plug the other hand, works wonderfully - when one has managed to get him into an existing protected wireless (the Media Plug is based on a private WP
  • Solid shooter, but no more Max Payne  

    Max Payne 3 (uncut) [PEGI] (Video Game)
    The review first: I (then the PC) played an MP 1 and 2 and therefore know the story and the character of Max Payne still quite good. For game in: The game is as in the title already described a solid shooter with (mostly) good control (with a few bug
  • Breathless Maxi very good.  

    Breathless by Night (Maxi CD) (Audio CD)
    This Maxi CD Breathless is further deserves to entfelen.Hat my opinion, five-star. good music of Helene Fischer.Viel fun listen in.
  • Super Maxi CD  

    Breathless by Night (Maxi CD) (Audio CD)
    I have not bought any more Maxi for ages, here the purchase was worth, because the different versions mean that you can hear these catchy again without getting tired of it
  • Vinyl version is recommendable as the Maxi-CD version.  

    Jump [Vinyl] (Vinyl)
    I find it quite annoying now that Madonna in UK and USA their singles decked with at least 3 additional bonus tracks and equipped as if the something better than the rest of the world !! Here again only the scaled-down version, that's why I recommend
  • 3 top songs on a maxi-CD!  

    The Trouble With Love Is (Audio CD)
    Kelly Clarkson has not in vain won the American Idol counterpart. She has an incredibly good and versatile voice that is able to convince both ballads as well as in more powerful songs. The 3 songs on the Maxi-CD convince all. "The Trouble With
  • Better than max cathedrals  

    Prime Instant Video (app)
    Customer Since I am quite some time Prime I logically get it automatically with it. Before that, I used max cathedrals. I must honestly say that the selection of the free (prime) offers is significantly larger. I've been using it, although only now a
  • Perfect as PLEX Client  

    Fire TV Stick (Electronics)
    Used in my bedroom as PLEX client to my video collection access. Perfectly suitable and beautiful compact. Can not be seen behind the 24 "TV.
  • Does not work as a DLNA client  

    AirPlay / DLNA receivers (PRO) (App)
    I have taken from the description that the program allegedly as a client content from a DLNA server - can play especially the PS3 Media Server, which is also mentioned. That did not succeed. In addition, the app offers no way shared by the PS3 Media
  • Maxi-Cosi 64402186 - RODI PLC STONE child car seat Group 2/3 (15-36 kg)  

    Maxi-Cosi Rodi SPS car seat Group 2/3 (15-36 kg) (Baby Product)
    We have the child car seat sent back because the belt can no longer withdraw from yourself. The red Gurtlaschen are very poorly placed. We still have a Maxi-Cosi XR (older model) with which we are very satisfied.
  • Only senseless error message that the server and client require the same version  

    Media Center Control (App)
    Everything installed today and set up and now comes to the Android app just totally meaningless error message that the server and client require the same version. The Android app shuts down again straight. Which version of the server and client and h
  • Not for iPad and other tablets. Max 1 Amp.  

    [4 cable] COM PAD 2in1 Lightning + USB data cable / charger cable 2x 30cm White and 2x 90cm black for Apple iPhone / iPad and Android smart phones with micro USB (Electronics)
    The cables are actually quite handy to be prepared for everything. Fit the plug and charge works. Data transfer did not try and get it either. For this, the data are too valuable. BUT - the cable transmits Max 1 ampere, then it's over.. I measured it
  • ISDN telephone with max. Analog functions  

    T-Com Sinus A 501i Cordless ISDN telephone with integrated digital answering machine and color display (electronic)
    Apparently not use my prescribing the complete range of ISDN services. After the good reviews here, I also bought myself the A501i. It is also true that it is a high quality phone and compared to a Siemens has far from improved haptics. But what nutz
  • Maxi Cosi  

    Maxi-Cosi Citi SPS, child car seat Group 0+ (0 - 13 kg) (Baby Product)
    A Super Price and Super Maxi-Cosi! You really do not need a expensive. The sufficient perfectly and we are very satisfied.