what is dusch das noire for?


  • What more could you want for the price.  

    LAVA Watch clock Stainless Steel LED Wrist Watch Men Unisex Black Band (clock)
    I now have my clock by this date, even on the first day. I do not understand the others reviews. The clock true well packaged and arrived unharmed. While it was doing no description, but do not read most anyway and go straight to the clock. So I have
  • What can I say, great for descaling of toilets!  

    Hydrochloric acid 30-33% 10 L (Health and Beauty)
    What can I say, great for descaling of heavily calcified toilets! Similarly, one can very well older pavers by all the gray haze and Ablagerunge free (of course with very dilute acid, such as stated on the pack.
  • What a super clock and for this price.  

    Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Chronograph 26100BC.OO.D002CR.01 (clock)
    I have long wondered whether I treat myself this beautiful clock. But now just before Christmas I thought I propose to time. The delivery did not so fast, because only once a transport insurance had for this price-wise. A friendly forwarding then was
  • What I've been looking for!  

    DETOMASO Gents stainless steel case leather strap mineral glass FIRENZE BLACK Chronograph Trend black / black DT1068-A (clock)
    As a fan of dark and black chronograph, also from the Military area I was thrilled when I saw in a display on a multimedia platform to Detomaso Firenze in black sometime. Actually, exactly what I was looking for exactly. What should such a chronograp
  • what allow us to escape for a few hours ...  

    Other World 3 - The Heart of the Earth (Paperback)
    The heart of the earth marks the end of Cycle World else and actually this third volume ends on a crucial step for all survivors of the great storm. Or that they are Cyniks Pans dailleurs We find Matt and Amber after the crash ball Drinker dInnocence
  • What a class unit, which for a small price  

    Mobistel Cynus T2 Smartphone (12.7 cm (5 inch) touchscreen, 12 megapixel camera, 4GB memory, dual SIM, Android 4.0) White (Electronics)
    Oh dear, this time valued ch a device that I have not bought at Amazon, I was here simply too expensive prices compared with other vendors, and so I went out to buy it at Cyberport (Berlin Mitte) for 184.95. Before that, I scoured various other onlin
  • What more could you ask for your money  

    20x CR2032 3V coin cell battery Panasonic (electronics)
    Cells keep well. The packaging in blisters, I find great. Sorry, but there are batteries that make for a good price, what they should do. Fits!
  • What largely quench his thirst for knowledge on this subject  

    The paths of light: Physics and Metaphysics of chiaroscuro (Paperback)
    A thick volume, 'light' that has little equivalent, or you learn a lot of intriguing things, such as to live forever should be able to travel at the speed of light speed 'suspended' time, a heated iron block weighs more, that time is transmuted into
  • Exactly what I had imagined, great for the price!  

    Archos 7 Home Tablet 8GB MP3 Player with TFT LCD screen (Android, touchscreen, micro SDHC Slot) (Electronics)
    I have the Archos 7 HT already pursued some time and expects to release already with tension. Well it finally happened, I ordered the same and also got very fast my copy from Amazon sent. Here is a summary of my points: + Good display (color, ...) +
  • What a power and clarity for this price!  

    DALI censor 3 speaker black (pair Price) (Electronics)
    EDIT ---------------------- at 13:04:14 Have been buying not regret it! Music and TV sound sound really good. By the way, softly "background music" - so towards lounge sounds very unobtrusive and yet present. In games evenings I often "sofa
  • What did the boy but for nerves  

    At the end of the Sun (Audio CD)
    Since you have praised the first album of Farin for his musical versatility and get used to it even when the doctors and he brings his second longplayer a plate out which are teeming with punk rock! The first single "shower" on sneaky household
  • What ... wirelessly used for a powerful all-trades anywhere!  

    AEG Ergorapido AG 3002 Cyclonic 2in1 cordless hand vacuum cleaner (bagless, 2 suction levels, 12 V NiMh) Antique Grey (household goods)
    I want him never to give up, this thoroughly wonderful cordless vacuum AEG Ergorapido AG 3002 ... Just such a device has been missing me and my opinion that Akkusauger accompanied necessarily with poor suction power, was here refuted in the best poss
  • Sensational, if you know what you want and look for!  

    Loewe 51205B00 AirSpeaker bass reflex speakers (80 watts, AirPlay) for Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod, aluminum / silver (Electronics)
    Fact 1: The AirSpeaker can NOT generate spatial sound experience, how it achieved with sophisticated and be measured, distributed in space speaker positions. Can also be not at all. However, can also be of mono-like sound of the question. Fact 2: For
  • Does what it should and class for the price  

    Somikon Beauty Dish with handle and holder for system flashes, 30 cm (Electronics)
    The beauty you is quite handy and not too big. It produces a very soft, homogeneous light. So far, have no grounds for criticism, because you also have to see what they offer here for this price.
  • What there is not better for this price!  

    Lindy Compact 2 Port KVM Switch - KVM switch - USB, 42340 (personal computer)
    Whether normal or HDMI with 3D the KVM switch does what he is and what you expect from him more I need to prop. Not write. A negative point there nonetheless. - The 2 connecting cables to the 2 PCs are unfortunately (in my case) a little too short bu
  • Does what it is! Recommended for experienced PC users!  

    XBOX 360 Wireless Receiver Adapter for PC CONTROLLER Windows NEW (video game)
    The only problem with the installation. I have so brought it up and running: - Start - Right click on the Computer - Features - Device Manager - Right-click on the unknown device - Features - On the driver tab - Update Driver - Browse my computer for
  • Does what it is intended; Tip for iPhone users inside!  

    Logitech cordless Music Adapter for Bluetooth Audio Devices (optional)
    This little device is small, compact, does not take much power and does not look bad. Ideal to connect the Bluetooth phone to the amplifier, which has neither Bluetooth nor AirPlay; that's my purpose. Sound quality is OK, just is anloge transfer to t
  • Exactly the product, what I've been looking for  

    parlat, LED Bulb E14, 2W corresponding to 11W, 100 lm, 4100 K, warm white, A ++, 230V lamps
    We have in the hallway a salt crystal lamp, which is used by a timer as night lighting, and already missed countless 15 watt bulbs in this, and various light sockets. The problem is the accumulated heat in such a salt crystal lamp that can stop anywh
  • What more could you want for up to 87 €?  

    Unlimited ∞ Vitality, Vitality Bluetooth Bracelet, iPhone + Android support, gesture control, waterproof IP56, calling & SMS indicator, Vibracall, alarm function, 0.5 inch OLED display - Black (Electronics)
    Already have some fitness bracelets tested but only this I really promised. Not only that, for example the Vivo Smart by far does not look as good and does not bear good - and moreover it costs a lot more and can comparatively little. Still to come: