The (almost) perfect sports game

The (almost) perfect sports game

NHL 11 (video game)

Customer Review

Ever since the last World Cup with the surprisingly strong German team to DEB Hockey increasingly popular with us. A trend that could have an impact on the sales of video games. Unlike football or basketball is EA Sports comes to hockey for some time undisputed number 1 and must put up with hardly any negative reviews. We have dared and tested whether the success story of the current issue of "NHL 11" goes for you on the ice.

Challenging yet beginner friendly

With sports games, there are traditionally three groups of gamblers. The old-timers who get every current game who were interested that every few years to update their collection and the newcomers, whose curiosity was awakened in sports or to be awakened to the video game. "NHL 11" is all meet them. The predecessor already cut in the fans of the show well off, the new edition has been improved in details, but more on that later. The modified control is very quick to learn, since many commands via the analog sticks are submitted, thus preventing some confusing key assignments. To help you get started even further, tutorials can be completed before the actual start of the game, explaining the hockey player's major basic movements. Unlike the commentators, the tutorials were German sync so really should not go wrong if you "11 NHL 'comes into contact for the first time with. By starting his first match, you will perhaps have a few problems as a beginner, at the latest when the second batch passing game and defense should but liquid go out of hand. Bit trickier it is against the offensive, if you are novice and tricks has not yet quite out. The enemy AI is really strong and so you have to fret over frequently intercepted passes and shots on goal thwarted an attack proceeds, however positive, is the sense of achievement all the greater. Therefore applies to beginners: frustration push aside, and practice, practice, practice ...

Fantastic atmosphere

Visually is "NHL 11" a real feast for the eyes. That starts with the menu and place in the encounter on the ice its peak. Not only that, the pitch and the professionals were beautifully designed, it is especially the movements and animations that look very realistic and it therefore doubly sets the mood as soon as the starting siren sounds. The with fevered fans and rehearsed songs to increase this even more and push sentiment upwards. As already mentioned, any German commentators were taken, what do not mind really, because the US colleagues simply gorgeous edit the microphone and are committed to the cause. Unless one is a little versed in English, there should be no difficulty in understanding the majority. Generally, you have almost the feeling of being in a real match this, which is that EA has paid attention to many details. Apart from the usual action on the ice and on the grandstands (OK, the spectators are once again the ugliest in the stadium, but that does minimal), it is especially the small things that make the charm. As the innovations play an important role. The greatest good is to deny the new face-off system, which allows a several ways to bully and thus to surprise the enemy in order to get at the end of the PUK in its possession. Is not quite that simple, but tutorial and initiative in terms of training to help you. In the Defense now you can use against a Hüftcheck to wangle the opponent the black disk, however, this is relatively complicated, so most are likely to remain the pithy physical exertion. Furthermore, "NHL 11" new Täuschmanöver for the attack and cheering movements on offer, in addition to the thugs break during the game so that the player is a short time without his tools on the ice and has to fix replacement equipment. According to EA, it is "10 NHL" give more than 200 improvements over until you have all figured out, so you have to do for a while, however, newcomers can look forward to a very detailed and well thought out sports game.

Game Modes

Nowadays every sports game has more to offer than just friendly match or season, so it is with "NHL 11", although it should be noted that the game not only with the eponymous NHL is waiting for you, but also add some lower and European leagues - including DEL - and includes teams. Who a year is too long, which can also just take the playoffs in attack and shorten even after his own desires when it comes to knockout matches anything. Another new feature is the "Hockey Ultimate Team". Here do you imagine your team together and even the. In the form of stylish Trading Cards Here is particularly important to pay attention to a good chemistry within the squad and improve the team individually. In online store new cards can also be purchased, those that can be sold no longer needs or replace - that's modern card game in 2010! For national teams is the "Tournament Mode" of Europe. This has, unfortunately not to award official trophies, which is, however, a drawback to verschmerzendes. "Be A Pro" is one of the big issues in EA Sports games in recent years, even in "NHL 11" is again possible to accompany the career of his own player, to improve it and to celebrate successes. In addition, you can take over as manager in "Be A GM" more than 25 years leading a team and is responsible for ensuring that a victorious army is on the ice. Last but not least is the multiplayer mode left. Whether at home with up to seven people in front of the TV, or online in different matches and leagues - "NHL 11" connects and with its action-packed gameplay for large long-term fun.

This and that

In addition to the tutorials that explain the basics, there are other, represent everything else you need to know and invite figuratively for instant replay, to turn you into the perfect hockey player. There are also plenty of extra bells and whistles such as creating jerseys, equipment and players. On screenshots and video clips of scenes you can use something in the artistic side and if one of the actually quite cool soundtrack does not fit, just your music is imported. So it's well off the ice rink a lot on offer, which allows you to distribute his time.


Rarely, there are games where there is simply nothing to complain, "NHL 11" is one of them. The game is a very comprehensive package as a whole and yet not lose sight of the actual sport, which still could to pass as the almost perfect simulation. Whether the both as a professional, as well as newcomers. Alone or with friends, in this game you will have a long and his joy

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