The best album of the hardest band in the world

The best album of the hardest band in the world

Two 4 One: Antigone + Deaf To Our Prayers (Audio CD)

Customer Review

I heard 2004 for the first time in a radio HSB song, "The Weapon They Fear", and was soon a fan of this extremely hard, yet melodic brand of metalcore mixed with Death Metal Parts. Even better than "The weapon ...", the single from "Antigone" is track 5, "Voice of the voiceless" who harvest me in combination with tr. 6, "Numbing the pain 'and tr. 7" To The Storm ", was impatiently waiting for HSBS new album. On 28.8.2006 it was time, I bought the new album "Deaf To Our Prayers" immediately on the first day. The title is based on Heine's "The Silesian Weavers" in the English translation, a poem about the revolt of the Silesian weavers in 1844 against increasing industrialization and exploitation, which states: "Cursed be the god who what Deaf To Our Prayers". So, purely in the phone and: disappointed. Where were the melodic parts of "Antigone", the classical music elements, the singing ("clean") parts that deal with the metalcore typical grunts ("grind") alternated? This album you get the second hearing, but then forever: it curries favor not to, there is no blueprint of success formula "Antigone", it is an evolution, but not, as usual, to softer, but the harder ones. It makes no compromises, ears technically way also no prisoners, but it's just even better than its predecessor. 10 out of 10 points in the relevant magazines, chart entry 65 speak for themselves in Germany and 50 in Greece. The then still found melodic parts that, played with acoustic guitar, almost Pop would and as always political texts, are great! Now for the songs:

1.) counterweight - "And I will grieve no more" - 9 out of 10

ME It's all about the promise of the pharmaceutical industry to make life easier and longer. Right from the start, there's the ears, the song was on the website to download and is a great introduction. Just a catchy tune - you sing with repeatedly.

2.) Trespassing The Shores Of Your World - "piles of dead bodies, save the walls of fortress Europe" - 8 of 10

Immigration to Europe. Catches weird, headline is almost too long, then melodic.

3.) Profane Believers - "materialized in golden temples" - 8 of 10

Ostensible believers who preach water but drink wine? Goes stomping off, the first time with a catchy guitar line √° la "Antigone". The first time by listening to the plate I stayed here hang the first time until began to work out the other musical gems from the shells in the second (and more!) Listening.

4.) Stay the course - 7 out of 10

The fact that me to not text line incident (I write this report, "offline", ie without hearing the CD from the head), speaks volumes: the song is better, although during the course and by frequent listening, but forms only too rough to , hardcore-rooted transition to Hittracks 5 to 7. TO HSB have shot a video - that supposed to be the single from the album? Better not! Otherwise: George Bush always says "Stay the course", the song is thus a Bush criticism?

5.) The final march - "Exploited to death" - 8 of 10

The concentration camp death marches shortly before the war ended? Catchy chorus, great to sing along, double bass drums orgy of drummer Matthias.

6.) Of No Avail - "Cursed be the god who what Deaf To Our Prayers" - 9 out of 10

The Silesian Weavers' Revolt of 1844. "The prayers we sent of no avail ... they went unheard". Great, a rousing title track. Quiet start to enhancing hymn to "We As the Freedom in Their machines broke down for a day".

7.) Armia - "A home behind the Enemy Lines" - 10 of 10

100 years after the Silesian weavers - the next time the Warsaw Uprising, and the next track from "DTOP". The Song About! The best song on the album best of the best band in the world! The anthem! 56 days lasted the struggle of the Polish Home Army, the Armia Krajowa, against the Nazis in 1944, the "Warsaw Uprising". Hardly anyone survived: "We Know That nothing shall remain - there's no tomorrow". The rebels are gone together into death: "Ragged figures but brothers and sisters WE ARE". And the world shut their eyes, the Red Army, already on the other bank of the Vistula standing, waited until the Nazis had slaughtered the Poles to take after Warsaw. The song was due, like one about the Warsaw ghetto uprising a year earlier, and would be heard in Poland, might contribute to reconciliation - of a German band, a "counter-Rammstein"! More about the Armia (Krajowa) in Lubitsch's "To be or nothingness". In the song I know every line, every note that I sing in the car with because it does not matter whether Marcus Bischoff grindet the one that can sing, that's Stadium Metal with political meaning. Anyone who has once heard Sepultura or Soulfly - listen! Because your plan will depend, never goes away again!

8.) - "Who will guide you through the night?" - 8 of 10

Internet forums replace any friends. Solider song with catchy chorus in which, HSB-typical, the song title does not occur.

9.) Biogenesis - "Defending Darwin's throne" - 6 out of 10

This is such a Deathmetalgebollere that does not need ICH. Who's like. Of course, comes a the thematically similar, musically just dull "Biotech is Godzilla" of Sepultura's legendary "Chaos AD" album in mind. Would not I basically the whole "Deaf To Our Prayers" hear album, Here I would skipping. It probably goes against creationists.

10) Dying in silence - "In the end there's only black and white" - 8 of 10

The forgotten elderly in the homes? Catchy song, HSB average, a little more than a reconciliation to the extremely trendy final song ...

11) The Greatest Gift of God - "False Prophets rule your life" - 9 out of 10

What's that, I thought at first hearing - a Boygrouptune of HSB? But develops through repeated listening to Umweltschutzmitgröhlhymne which must come great auf'm concert! That would have been 'ne single. This is the rhythm where everyone must simply with! I'm serious, that's as great as the whole album!

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