• Relax chair  

    Ultranatura 20000000003B Relaxation chair with armrests Aluminium Silver 73 x 60 x 112 cm (Garden)
    I have not found fault with this chair, lacquered aluminum frame very pretty and Easy to maintain, a cloth or blow déponge sil and clean this is necessary. Its modest weight, lets move effortlessly classic adjustable 5 positions, with the handles is
  • Satisfied with the product 11  

    INTEX Solar Heating - Solar carpet for above ground pool up to 30m3 - Used to increase by 3 to 5 degrees water temperature (Toy)
    Good value for money. Good explanation in the description. I have not been able to use the product but I would recommend as well.
  • perfect 13890 1  

    pradel knife 329300
    very well finished knife easy opening and very good size while remaining discreet folded short nothing redir
  • a gadget uninteresting ...  

    Bestway Tester Chlorine / electronic PH (Sport)
    Flee, this device does not work the info that are displayed are wrong :( and therefore useless at all.
  • super happy April 1  

    CHAPELU COSAM45C84 Omega Flower Pot Column Polyethylene Olive 64 cm (Housewares)
    shame not to have two comande because the price and the same shame if not exactly the color on the foto
  • right adapter? 1  

    TNB expandable adapter for hoses (Miscellaneous)
    I bought the tip pocket hose unfortunately not going to tap my cuisine.est that these adapters will go tnb?
  • A product I do not recommend  

    Ultranatura relaxing armrests Aluminium chair, Korfu range - 73 x 60 x 112 cm, Anthracite (Garden)
    - (Preliminary note: I received this test free of charge in exchange for a reasoned objective opinion, advice I will update regularly if necessary) My first impression was poor, the chair did a little OCD. Not for the fabric (these paintings are plas
  • Pretty good 5 3  

    Oregon BAR 800 weather station inside and outside (Garden)
    Difficult to find the right compromise in weather stations ... it seems rather well balanced, attractive design, clear display with information that really interest me: indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. Small flat on the radio reception to
  • Long live the feniant  

    Ultranatura relaxing armrests Aluminium chair, Korfu range - 73 x 60 x 112 cm, Anthracite (Garden)
    Excellent product, received as quickly as quickly buy 1 copy to be 2. It's already up there just to unpack and unfold. This one is very light and compact when you have to store it is important. By cons of aluminum folding key screw the other side and
  • Misrepresentation of the product 3  

    Bench 2 Places earlywood Yarnton in Hard Wood - 1.2m
    If you want to buy a bench where you can not sit down without fear that the seat does not break, then this is the one for you !! Low quality (wood + screws), reinforcement bars are almost useless, in short I would strongly advise against purchasing t
  • The indispensable sprayer!  

    Gloria 000081.0000 Prima 5 Type 42E 5L pressure sprayer (Garden)
    Consistent with the description, received in time, if convenient to spray the garden or DIY gave me some difficulties during assembly. Three references and no fewer than 24 languages ​​... you had to find the French! Why this object was still leaking
  • powerful and inexpensive  

    Thermal trimmers, 22.5 cm3 1.1 hp
    great product, spare, detailed interview in the book, delivered very quickly only weak point exhaust outlet under the handle, you better be pants or else watch the burns on the leg
  • Delivery possible  

    Garden furniture 2 1 Folding chairs oiled acacia wood table terrace balcony
    I never received the product ordered because the company uses a carrier that only delivers during working hours (Monday to Friday from 9am to 18pm). It is impossible to make or to agree on a smaller niche that day.

    Songmics 450 x 200 x 200cm Greenhouse Garden Tent Tunnel Frame Metal Case PE Plastic 9m GWP45L
    Received the package on time. Paquet in fair condition. 1 Tube is slightly squashed end (annoying for assembly). 1 Screw was not "Threaded"? The control in the factory should be more serious. Otherwise the assembly of the carcass have not caused
  • Gift for father 1  

    Campingaz 205828 Mallette 5 Stainless Utensils (kitchen)
    Good use of this product, however the sending of this case was not sufficiently protected in carton, not many scratches on the transparent protection and the briefcase. Very fast shipment (in 2 days)
  • simple and comfortable  

    Ultranatura relaxing armrests Aluminium chair, Korfu range - 73 x 60 x 112 cm, Anthracite (Garden)
    With this beautiful weather I was delighted to inaugurate this lounger. The design is simple, color mat. Operation is simple and classic, it lifts the two armrests to change the tilt. It is quite comfortable. the only downside is that we would have l
  • pliers machine stainless steel  

    Tired of breaking pliers so I order 3 types of pliers including that the we'll see if they corrode or not. They are small and have a small debatement ... to follow
  • This is not a TOOL!  

    Nemaxx MT22 / MT52 / MT62 KIT CHAINSAW BRUSH CUTTER TRIMMER ELAGEUSE THERMAL 52CC 3CV, Motorsense Type: 2-in-1 (Garden)
    Fragility design (housing the exhaust broken on arrival). Made in a dignified plastic products disposable. A user manual with vignettes about the size of a postage stamp. Not to mention broke general basic elements mentioned in the manual (eg choke?)
  • Good quality product, solid seam  

    Shade Sail Curacao Polyester Taupe 118492 3 x 4 m (Garden)
    Good quality product, strong stitching, against council saw the surface of a 4 x 3, do not hesitate to reach very high and in the direction of the diagonals always! I have 3 anchoring on walls, the 4th on a wooden post 10, cast in concrete! but stron
  • Faulty pump  

    Solar pump system Esotec (Garden)
    Pump which remained effective during 2 years before breaking down ... Investment which proved very short-term ...