Great rally game with few points of criticism

Great rally game with few points of criticism

WRC 4 - World Rally Championship - [PC] (computer game)

Customer Review

The installation went with me without problems. My system: Intel [email protected] , 4GB of RAM, ATI 6950 1GB Ram, Win7 64 bit home premium.

After starting the game a window with several (few) settings and the option will open up for online games (multiplayer)
to register. Online registration is simple and fast (per zugesandtem email link).

The fine adjustment of the graphic is more than poor. Just the resolution, VSync and FSAA are adjustable. Likewise spartan are the Sound Settings

Graphics and Sound: To me, absolutely sufficient, but not perfect. The graphics are not bad, but it would certainly have been possible at the present time. Nevertheless, I now can not say it would be missing something. For high-end users may be somewhat too little eye candy. I have the graphics settings
controlled by the Catalyst Controllcenter. Here one simply has more options and the graphics improved course with higher settings accordingly.
The area is highly varied and attractive. Fans are along the route, balloons and aircraft in the sky pulling along, you see flashing lights from photographing fans etc. Thus, the area feels revived. The vision is very good and it does not interfere with pop-ups. The sound is not bad, but again, maybe missing the final touch - criticism at a high level.

In the various view options is something for everyone, which I unfortunately have to say that in the person view, the vehicle seems somehow unnatural placed on the roadway. As if it would not be located right on the road, just the driving line would follow. After some time, see
but this shortcoming can not or I play with a different perspective (Addendum: this can only be observed in the WRC Junior classes and WRC 3).

There are a vast number of vehicles (over 60) and distances (over 70). That great thing is that these are all already unlocked and one single race, championship or the career mode Very Best can. Only in career mode you are naturally bound to certain specifications. In addition, you can see the
WRC different classes (four) according to your mood choose.

The difficulty there are many settings. If the opponents are too weak, just ask the opposing level higher.

The vehicle settings cause noticeable changes in driving behavior, the default settings are sufficient for "normal player" as well. What I
missed in many settings, is the selection of tires. They do not exist.

I play with a gamepad and call myself a advanced beginner. So I can ride for only my own opinion, which my
Can reflect, give. The driveability of vehicles is good in my opinion. Man can through the many setting options the vehicle
Adjust your driving needs (eg. Drifting). But again, to me the finishing touch for a 5 Series not yet rated. I can not explain exactly
why, but drivability could have been a little better. I will not complain, the game is really good, but it would certainly be a little more
have been possible - again criticism at a high level.

Minor errors of course there are, but they are now not for me angry. Eg. I am surprised that you can ride road pegs etc. broken when one but for a small network demarcation (sorry, I do not know how that is - two rods connected to a network) drives, one is thrown back, as if against a tree would have gone. Well.

The single player mode is very challenging and varied. Of course, the multiplayer mode creates a completely different feeling, ambition to come. For Now
there are not so many players, but from the afternoon can man ever play with anyone online. It will certainly be better with time. From time to time
There are also still disconnections and poor connections to the host. A pity, I find that you can not see during the waiting period, how far the other
Players are already familiar with the race, or the race, meanwhile, you can not watch.

From me a buy recommendation. For "normal player" like me sure enough. For "pros" and players who want a high degree of realism - please
View trial. So just download before you will be disappointed. I believe that in the near future are a few patches and some improvements
or will cause changes.

All in all a good game with long-term motivation, whether in single player or in multiplayer (hotseat possible).
Have fun playing


Class 1 12 Rank: 5/5
August 13
Good string for a room Rank: 4/5
April 21
maintenance of feet Rank: 5/5
September 28
A real trap Rank: 1/5
January 2
Very good product in 1289 Rank: 5/5
January 4
Lighter than the original Rank: 4/5
November 11

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