15620 zyliss salad spinner


  • Zyliss salad spinner  

    Zyliss Easy Spin Salad Spinner Transparent / green (kitchen)
    I possessed a centrifuge for 7 years of the same brand. I was very satisfied. She no longer worked (my fault). Indeed the old model could not clean the inside of the lid and I had put on a radiator to dry: the plastic had distorted and wringer malfun
  • The salad spinner competition  

    Zyliss Easy Spin GM ZYL15201 Spinner (Kitchen)
    I had a salad spinner Zyliss for over 15 years and I recently abused in trying to clean in every detail. Fortunately, Zyliss improved by making the cover removable. Suddenly the handle and the wire (also very improved), are more isolated and thus bet
  • Snail sued Emsa! Reason !? Salad spinner trauma! ; O)  

    Emsa 505087 Basic salad spinner, apple green (household goods)
    I never wanted to have one. A salad spinner. But what that thing eats space in the closet !! But then my mother has had at one time a ... and something must there be contagious? Or you're just convinced that the spin well but brings taste benefits. T
  • As a salad spinner  

    Fringe SPONTEX Set to Spin Mop Rotary Full Action System Plus (Health and Beauty)
    This integrated rotary system allows the bucket to mop being wrung like a salad spinner. No need to wet your hands !!! and finished splash !!! The level of water mini / max is indicated on the bucket and clips for hanging the broom before dessorer is
  • Ibili 783626 Salad spinner Essential 26 cm.  

    Ibili 783626 Salad spinner Essential 26 cm (Kitchen)
    Product of very good quality. IBILI rarely changes his salad spinner with the wringer and I think I have for a long time. Accepts large amounts of salad or other ingredient to be spun. The crank system very convenient. The cover is never wet. The swi
  • Salad Spinner  

    1060637 Oxo salad spinner 26 cm diam Transparent (Kitchen)
    Oxo - Salad spinner - Transparent The trouble with this is that the wringer "spinning top" mechanism takes quite up to the salad. Otherwise a robust air.

    One touch - kc67 - Salad spinner handsfree (Kitchen)
    The basic principle of the spin is centrifugal force. The latter can only be used as high speed, something that is absolutely not the case in this product that turns slowly. So this is a decorative gadget that in no way corresponds to its description
  • Salad spinner 1 1  

    1155901 Oxo salad spinner diameter 26 cm Green (Kitchen)
    The must in salad spinner, a little expensive, but it is better to invest, there is the daily practice
  • Super salad spinner !!!  

    Progressive International CSS-1 Retractable salad spinner (Kitchen)
    Beautiful, aesthetic, this salad spinner is super facle to use !!! I apologize to him his side "not very easy to fold."
  • Significantly better than the rest of us (more expensive) salad spinner  

    Moulinex M80003 Color type salad spinner with bowl, 26 cm, apple green (household goods)
    When our old salad spinner gave up the ghost, we have first a Leifheit model purchased Leifheit 23200 Signature salad spinner. This salad spinner was after moderate use after approximately 11 months break (the cord pulled no longer a). Then we switch
  • Emsa TurboLine salad spinner  

    Emsa 513,441 TurboLine salad spinner, EDS (household goods)
    Visually, the salad spinner is really the hit. She is much more beautiful than my previous. But the function was better with my old spin. As reviewers wrote before me, although the salad is very gently tossed, but still has a lot of residual moisture
  • Good salad spinner  

    Leifheit 23200 Signature salad spinner (assorted colors) (household goods)
    We have this salad spinner now for the second time in use. The first survived a fall on the tiled floors not (the gray bowl got a plan and thus ran water out). As the bowl all our claims met (large, easy to clean, easy to use), we bought the same aga
  • Salad spinner simple and effective  

    K├╝chenprofi 13 7008 28 00 stainless steel salad spinner (household goods)
    Delivery fast and unkomplziert. The salad spinner works well. Simple and effective. The stainless steel bowl can be equally used for dressing the salad.
  • Very stable salad spinner  

    Salad spinner 26 cm, white / green - with Stop button on the lid (household goods)
    Very stable salad spinner, much more stable than the Silit salad spinners, which gives it some very favorable. The crank on the side so you can spin hold on tight with one hand and crank with the other, perhaps better, so you do not come to a table e
  • Top salad spinner! Daily use!  

    Leifheit 23200 Signature salad spinner (assorted colors) (household goods)
    I have the salad spinner now definitely already for a year. We have very often leaf lettuce, lamb's lettuce ....! The spin is so in daily use. It is also my first spin. At first I thought that thing is broken. I had no idea how that part works. Had p
  • High-quality salad spinner  

    Moulinex M80003 Color type salad spinner with bowl, 26 cm, apple green (household goods)
    This Moulinex salad spinner belongs to the upmarket. Bowl and all the green parts are made of plastic and are an excellent workmanship. The bowl has a rubber seal on the bottom, so that it has good adhesion to the countertop. Once you have the kit as
  • Salad Spinner Deluxe  

    Moulinex M80003 Color type salad spinner with bowl, 26 cm, apple green (household goods)
    The apple green salad spinner Moulinex is delivered in a sturdy cardboard packaging. Ruckzuck the large plastic spin is unpacked and can be taken for a first rinse in use. The material is very high quality and looks unbreakable. I have tried the brea
  • Axentia salad spinner  

    Axentia 231803 Salad spinner plastic, 24 cm (Housewares)
    The Axentia salad spinner does what it should. What I like the flexible bowl, with my last 2 as I spin always to rigid plastic is gone when flushing broken. The missing spout on the cover I can therefore get over good.
  • Zyliss easy spin salad spinner  

    Zyliss Easy Spin Salad Spinner Transparent / green (kitchen)
    well in all respects - very well wrung salad - convenient to use - evaluation5 / 5 - 1st wringer in 2004 - renewal this year - recommended to other users
  • Excellent salad spinner  

    Zyliss Easy Spin GM ZYL15201 Spinner (Kitchen)
    Like all products of this brand, this spinner Zyliss entirely satisfactory. It is of very good workmanship, robust, efficient and pretty.