a041 columbia knife


  • Beautiful, with a small cloud in the sky ...  

    Columbia folded pocket knife folding knife aluminum 13.5cm (Misc.)
    ... Because the blade in the extended state has lateral play and therefore something rattling. I'm not sure if this is an error or if it's in the rather large blade can not be avoided. have so far had little but in none Columbia knife. Otherwise, tha
  • Columbia Tactical folding knife with wooden handle in black  

    Columbia Tactical Folding Knife with special mechanism in Military camouflage camouflage hunting knife knives pocket knife Fishing knife outdoor equipment NEW (Misc.)
    The Columbia Tactical Folding Knife miz wooden handle in black is really a really hot plus very appealing looking knife. Have there been a few weeks in daily use, and it's like the first day very hot and still in top shape. Had it more often during e
  • Columbia XXL hunting knife  

    Columbia Tactical hunting knife with stainless steel blade (Misc.)
    A truly immaculate knife and, moreover, at this price. It is also very sharp ground. I've been much more expensive knives but none Falls are better. Therefore really recommend to continue.
  • Columbia hunting knife Model Spirit 28.5cm  

    Columbia model hunting knife outdoor knife Spirit 28.5cm stainless steel knife wooden handle (Miscellaneous)
    A really good complementary knife every day of my knife. It is not very heavy but really very efficient for output surges in the woods, forest, fishing, hunting, short mini price, but very conclusive results ...
  • A hunting knife Columbia  

    Columbia folding knife hunting knife hunting knife Stainless Steel Outdoor Pocket Knife Model King Magic (Misc.)
    For camping or jaeger is a necessary acessorie with very good noble valley and material.Es is a hunting knife for many years. Thanks
  • Columbia River Knife & Tool M16 - 04  

    Columbia River Knife & Tool pocket knife Zytel, Black, M16-04Z (equipment)
    This is my first CRKT knife, though I already own many other knife, still lacked a this manufacturer. There is a high convincing tool with excellent craftsmanship, solid (160gr) with 9cm blade length and 3.5 mm blade thickness. It locks easily and sa
  • Excellent knife, very good finish  

    119 Buck Special Knife Grey (Sports)
    Whether the knife or the leather case, the finish is excellent and the whole exudes quality. Although the price is affected ... More 100. It's worth it and you can complete your collection (if any) with more affordable models like Columbia (Jinlang C
  • Super Knife  

    Light My Fire function knife, 1211 (Equipment)
    The knife comes in a plastic wrap. When I used to fire steel for the first time, I was totally beindrukt because I got on the second attempt the same flame. The knife is great for carving and is very comfortable to hold. I think it is a pity that the
  • Swiss army knife of portable travel router  

    HooToo® trip Matenano portable WLAN Repeater Router with USB flash memory device reader for smartphones, tablets and PCs (Personal Computers)
    The trip Matenano serves as a router / wireless router / data distribution, and is a small Swiss army knife. Whether you want to distribute data from a USB hard disk on mobile devices or LAN - want to> make wireless capable. By trip Matenano that'
  • Everything makes it small in zero-comma-nothing the second knife  

    Moulinex AT712G shredder Multi Moulinette (household goods)
    I have long searched for such a device, which allows you to chop herbs, onions evenly in seconds. If I want to produce smaller portions of avocado cream or herb butter, etc., the multi Moulinette is just right. One does not get an extra large food pr
  • Fiskars can also knife!  

    Fiskars Gemüsemesserset consisting of 3 different diameters (household goods)
    Fiskars was me so far only from the high quality garden tools range is known, I own some of them and was always enthusiastic, even if they cost a little more. So when a few new kitchen knives were needed, I was surprised that they also be prepared an
  • Sharp and stable as small samurai knife!  

    Fiskars Gemüsemesserset consisting of 3 different diameters (household goods)
    Unfortunately, many write the review a few days / weeks after purchase - I have this knife used intensively for 1.5 years in the household and can not say anything negative about it. These were well-designed 8 :) Usability: Universally Applicable - t
  • Good, handy craft knife in Set  

    WEDO Cutter 78 72199 Hobby Knife Set Comfortline with soft grip including 5 precision blades, 1 awl and 2 embossing pins, protective cap, apple green (Office supplies & stationery)
    A scalpel WEDO Aluminium I have some time in my tool drawer and am convinced of the processing. Now even have a craft knife to be procured for the office to support my daughter in various crafts. Various fine forms of foam rubber, cardboard and paper
  • Top knife  

    Dovo Solingen Razor Bergischer lion 5/8 violet wood handle scales (Personal Care)
    can me because only connect the reviews before me, super quality and beautiful Verarbeitung.Es must, however, said that is not the knife shave finished ankommt.Das means in plain language: I have it sharpened correctly on Japanese water stones, rub d
  • Great Knife  

    Gerber '06 Fastclip Folder. (Misc.)
    For the price, the knife is really great. Sharp, cutting properties, good grip. The supportive spring mechanism works well. One star deduction for the processing of the spring mechanism, it kwischt and fills to prödelig. Past somehow not to Gerber.
  • Top knife 1  

    Fiskars 978 301 paring knife (household goods)
    Top knife lies comfortably in the hand, cuts very well, as always with Fiskars) can definitely recommend to anyone
  • Very good knife at a low price  

    Light My Fire function knife, 1211 (Equipment)
    Such a knife is not a collector's item and not a showcase but a knife tool for outdoor activities. It is light (less than 100g), it is non-slip (anti-slip handle) it can tolerate water (dry it and Thoroughly oil) and has this as a gimmick nor the fir
  • Ingenious knife  

    Brisa Bonita children Kochmesser childrens knife, yellow (household goods)
    We have already bought the knife in green (for our youngest). The knife is really, really hot and for the children it is hereby to cut a literal breeze vegetables! Zucchini, leeks, peppers, carrots and so on - no problem. Our almost 4 year old still
  • Stable and durable knife  

    Bosch Durablade plastic blades for ART 26-18 LI (tool)
    These knives really keep their promises. I've cleared our construction site so and freed from "thick" weeds. Even 1-1.5 cm thick plant stems has the knife cut without breaking the same or to be blunt. I was amazed but as long as it works -
  • Knife for Bosch  

    Bosch Durablade plastic blades for ART 26-18 LI (tool)
    Art 26- 18 LI cordless trimmer. The diameter should be equal to the purchase order with this so you have a stock and may change at any time. I need at 500 square meters each time new knife, so there's only 4 star.