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  • Comfee dehumidifier MDF2-20Den3  

    comfee dehumidifier / Bautrockner MDF2-20DEN3 / 3 years warranty / (20L in 24h) Room size 40m ² respectively 100m³ (tool)
    Due to a water damage in my basement I bought this device. It is relatively quiet when it runs and can be transported easily. Have emptied the water tank in the morning and evening and got the water so relatively quickly from my basement out. However
  • User manual?  

    comfee dehumidifier / Bautrockner MDF2-20DEN3 / 3 years warranty / (20L in 24h) Room size 40m ² respectively 100m³ (tool)
    Moin, Where can I get the * right * User Manual for the comfee dehumidifier MDF2-20DEN3? The supplied is wrong, that does not become on the CD as well, and so far I am on the net to find any. The comfee dehumidifier MDF2-20DEN3 brings us quickly tons
  • Dehumidified well - switches off automatically - volume ok - timer possible  

    comfee dehumidifier / Bautrockner MDF2-20DEN3 / 3 years warranty / (20L in 24h) Room size 40m ² respectively 100m³ (tool)
    Introduction: We dry our laundry in the hallway. This does not have a window, so ventilation is always possible only through other rooms. In addition, our apartment is suffering even simultaneously on one always slightly higher humidity. To prevent m
  • Only for low moisture  

    Ceresit Aero 360 degrees dehumidifier device blue, 1655655 (tool)
    Video at See I live in a studio so where I limp, cook and also leave to dry my laundry. This apartment is poorly ventilated. In winter, there is simply not enough to ventilate. So I have condensation on the windows. I was hoping that would
  • Dehumidifier comfee MDF2  

    comfee dehumidifier / Bautrockner MDF2-16DEN3 / 3 years warranty (16L in 24) room size approx 32m² or 80m³ (tool)
    Meets all expectations, top design, easy to use. Have the device installed in the basement, 3 Räüme approximately 60m2 The humidity is after 3 days of continuous use and about 20 liters of water back in the green zone! From about 80% to about 60% ...
  • He dehumidified. And how ...  

    Trotec TTK 75 S (max. 24 liters / day) Room size up to 48m² (tool)
    My main problem before writing this review was whether I give the device 4 or 5 star and why. I am but then opt for the 5 stars because 4.5 are not provided here; -> If a dehumidifier is important to me - na? what well? - The dehumidification. And
  • Comfee vs. DURACRAFT  

    comfee dehumidifier / Bautrockner MDF2-20DEN3 / 3 years warranty / (20L in 24h) Room size 40m ² respectively 100m³ (tool)
    Review of comfee MDF2-20DEN3 dehumidifier: In the basement room of our house, I've set up a small home theater. Unfortunately, there is the humidity usually between 60-80% so it started there last year in one of the corners of the room to get moldy.
  • Good Dehumidifiers -  

    Trotec TTK 30 S (max. 12 liters / day) Room size up to 12m² (tool)
    The Trotec I have been in operation for 12 days. The workmanship is very good and the plastic feels high-quality. Use: The humidity was lowered very quickly from about 90% about 58% humidity at about 17 degrees. The basement has about 28 m² or 54m³.
  • Good sound, good comfort - thoughtful features - no manual  

    Amazon premium headset (accessory)
    The headset comes in a little black box and works when you unpack inconspicuous as it is. Ear studs are each clicked thanks magnet and a convex / concave back. A flat cable ensures less twisting of the cable, it works actually-, the plug is flat and
  • ultra-compact Megazoom camera, excellent imaging results, manual controls, but expandable WiFi capabilities  

    Nikon Coolpix S7000 Digital Camera (16 Megapixel, 20x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD display, USB 2.0, image stabilized) gold (electronics)
    First things first, the image / movie quality: The image quality is by far the best in the fully automatic compact camera for me. In daylight shots she is not objectionable, even when photos indoors or in dark places, the noise keeps very limited. To
  • Super Dehumidifier  

    Aktobis dehumidifiers, dehumidifiers WDH-520HB (up to 25 L / T) (Misc.)
    After the heavy rain we had water in the basement (2cm high on tiled floor). After we had removed it, the dehumidifier was used. He has been deprived of erstenTag the air 20 liters of water. It works great and is easy to use. Only the labeling of the
  • Read the f .... manual ..... and then ..... fight ....  

    Hauck travel cot Dream n Play Plus (Baby Product)
    Good day, I believed that, no craftsmen are the colleagues who refer here to the instructions and then not get along :-) But what I have then gone through with the bed was funny. My wife said I would be the one who dances with the bed :-) After two m
  • Wide applicability, too sluggish for a Bridge but too little and manual options  

    Nikon Coolpix L840 Digital Camera (16 Megapixel, 38-fach opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD display, USB 2.0, image stabilized) Red (Electronics)
    Wide applicability, too sluggish for a Bridge but too little and manual options As a bridge camera it should be the transition from compact to SLR range, the main competitors are likely to be Travel Zooms. For example, see the Canon SX series from th
  • If only 2 min on, then you have to manually activate the WiFi repeatedly  

    Eye-Fi Eye-Fi 16GB MOBI Mobi 16GB Memory Card (Personal Computers)
    Have the 32GB version purchased at Reichelt, since it only gave the 16er version on Amazon. The Class10 32GB EyeFi mobi works great so far, using the iPad app is all Ruck Zuck installed and you can immediately get started (with me in a Canon EOS 5D M
  • Some improvements, manual unreasonable, foreign inks have never been so easy to fill, printhead replace complicated  

    Canon Pixma MX925 All-in-One Multifunction (printer, scanner, copier and fax, USB, WLAN, LAN, Apple AirPrint) Black (Personal Computers)
    Canon PIXMA MX925 all in one multifunction device Despite considerable shortcomings (ineligible manual a real impudence, drum only 3 stars) I ordered a second MX 925. Both printers were supplied by Amazon within 2 days - what "dealer" in th
  • recommended for Manual Flash  

    Yongnuo YN-560 OS02037 Mark III system with integrated flash radio trigger (accessory)
    Among the other 5-star rated reviews I have not much to add. The processing of the device is much better than I would have expected from a Chinese product at this price and can compete with the other major manufacturers certainly. That it is a purely
  • Even manual driver installation is useless  

    MEMTEQ® Wireless Receiver Adapter for PC XBOX 360 CONTROLLER Windows 7/8 NEW (video game)
    Update: The controller now runs under Windows 7. The following error was present: For manual driver installation, as has already been described several times in the reviews, is with me at the end only the "Xbox 360 Wireless Controller" is l
  • Trotec dehumidifier TTK100S - super help!  

    Trotec TTK 100 S (max. 30 liters / day) Room size up to 92m² (tool)
    Hello everyone, I have TTK100S since about 7 weeks (after the basement flooded) and I am very satisfied. At full capacity 5 liters of water approximately every 10-20 St. removed on Intermediate = 5 liters of water in 3 days (depending on the degree o
  • Dehumidifier WDH-610HA  

    Aktobis dehumidifiers, room dryer WDH-610HA (up to 12 L / T)
    Ordered the dehumidifier on Amazon and receive the very next day. Attempting to unpack, connected to outlet and off we went. Forget it, nothing went, it shone only the defroster lamp and that's it. Crap, I thought to myself, caught Monday device. The
  • Super dehumidifier 1  

    Aktobis dehumidifiers, dehumidifiers WDH-520HB (up to 25 L / T) (Misc.)
    Long sought and found a very good dehumidifier, relatively quiet, easy to empty water tank and excellent Raumentfeuchtung, this part would buy again at any time.