DVK 4628 Digital 3D TV Box


  • AEG DVK 4628  

    AEG DVK 4628 Digital 3D TV box (HDMI, satellite / DVB-T / TV program) (Electronics)
    Unfortunately, nothing is good. Have the unit to a PC monitor (22 inch) and tested on a 32 inch TV. Both no 3D device. Neither correct 3D movies even 2D movies are converted as 3D viewable. converted colors do not match the glasses. Probably 99% of t
  • Class Part 18  

    Western Digital TV Live HD WDBAAP0000NBK-EESN Media Player (Personal Computers)
    After I brought the Player of the Vantage HD 7100C, digital HDTV cable receiver almost out of my mind, I tried my luck with the WD. And lo and behold - the almost plays everything. I can only recommend For owners of a Vantage HD 7100C, Digital HDTV c
  • Excellent product 699  

    Canon EOS 60D SLR Digital Camera Body Only 18 Mpix Black (Electronics)
    With Canon user for years (with film and now digital) I'm thrilled by this case. Digital in user boxes eos 350D and EOS 40D, so known in territory that I apprehended the EOS 60D housing. One can smaller and lighter than its predecessor 40D, it fits p
  • Magnificent collector but ...  

    New Nintendo 3DS XL: The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask 3D - Limited European Edition (Console)
    The console itself is sublime, for sure, but for fans, it is a shame to have the game in digital format, without box and manual. Be careful not to make you have by raptors selling their console over 250.
  • Mono At Its Best!  

    The Beatles in Mono Vinyl Box [Vinyl] (Vinyl)
    "Very well done" was my first judgment. Yesterday, I have unfortunately found that the mono master some pressing error has (see "Light and Shadow"). I then took the other LPs again under the microscope. However, are all top and without
  • Asolute mess this game.  

    Dead or Alive 5 Last Round (XONE) (Video Game)
    DoA in honor, has always been a great game, but what is to allow the developer here absolute Bulls ***. I had bought my digital and my box had first to do so, to manage 40 downloads. Why can not pack into a single file such a thing? Then there was th
  • Key features: Direct access and functional design  

    Sony RMVL610T.CE7 programmable universal service for up to 8 components (electronics)
    This learning remote fits comfortably in your hand. Not visible in the pictures that is the back is rounded. But do not worry, even if it is placed on a table it does not sway around and the like. This opens up also why the top and bottom of the Ferb
  • Good idea, implementation Terrible!  

    Marmitek Analogue TV Anywhere Set: wireless TV in the whole house (Personal Computers)
    Hello there, as well all the flirting with this product, I have no antenna socket in the bedroom. To spare me the boring through the walls and the annoying embarrassed by coaxial cable and cable channels, I was looking for a radio system. My requirem
  • Also works at Pro-Ject Dock Box S Digital !!!  

    Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter (Electronics)
    According to Apple, the adapter is supposed to provide only analog audio. But I just put him out the Dock Box S Digital Pro-Ject Audio. This works so directly with the digital signals from the Iphone. The internal DAC then translates them into analog
  • good digital box for the small purse  

    Digitalbox Imperial HD 1 Basic digital HDTV satellite receiver (HDMI) (Electronics)
    A small digital box with a very small bulky remote control, this is What strikes one immediately. In addition still comes an AC adapter, a remote control, a manual in A5 format and in 2 batteries (AAA micro cell). In addition, the digital box followi
  • USB digital box  

    6 Channel External Sound Card USB Digital Optical SPDIF Audio Pr PC (Electronics)
    bought up for the lack of digital output on my computer it fulfilled its function perfectly and connects me to my amp HC toslink carefree once the driver provides install (under seven), 5min everything is perfect.
  • Excellent digital box  

    Canon EOS 650D SLR Digital Camera Body Only 18 Mpix Black (Electronics)
    I previously had a 350D that I kept 6 years and this is due to theft I went to the 650D. J 'hope to keep this case at least as long as the last. Produced and packaged well respected delay.
  • Thoroughly successful set-top box - a detailed description with hints, tips and experiences  

    Amazon Fire TV (Electronics)
    Introduction let me say that I have gained some experience with all kinds of TV-connectable equipment. This goes beyond HTPC, Apple TV, WD TV, Raspberry Pi, to name but a few. The focus was always to create an easy-to-use media center solution. As th
  • Impression of an absolute novice in the field of digital SLR photography  

    Canon EOS 600D Digital SLR Camera (18 Megapixel, 7.6 cm (3 inches) swiveling display, Full HD) Kit including EF-S 18-55mm 1:. 3.5-5.6 IS II (Electronics)
    For those who want to have a full technical evaluation technical terms and expert assessment, this my review is not intended. I have the Canon 600D as my first digital SLR receive and have just put myself after initial awe of the art fresh and ready
  • Very good quality digital Toslink cable. Only the price is a little room for criticism.  

    UGREEN Optical Digital Toslink Cable Audio Cable / gold-plated contacts / Home Entertainment / HiFi / TV / console / Media Center / HQ Professional (2m / 6ft, Black) (Electronics)
    This toslink I have my office and gaming PC connected to an Onkyo TX-NR509 AV receiver, because the HDMI output of the PC was already occupied by the connection to the monitor. The digital cable makes a very high-quality finished impression. The unus
  • Sonos Playbar Analog Digital Toslink converter  

    deleyCON Analog to Digital Converters - Analog stereo 2xRCA to Toslink / SPDIF - Analog (RCA) to [Digital Toslink and coaxial] - Audio Converter (Electronics)
    deleyCON Digital to Analog Converters - Toslink / SPDIF to analog stereo 2xRCA - [Digital Toslink and coaxial] to Analog (RCA) - Audio Converter My only 4 years old Samsung flat screen had to be able to connect any optical output (Toslink) to the Son
  • Solid, but the display holds too few digits and very slowly  

    Casio FX-991DE Plus technical and scientific calculator with natural display (Office supplies & stationery)
    I have the calculator has been going for about 2 years. Viewed holistically, it is a solid calculator with a bunch of features for less money. For 20 euros you get a good package mathematics. Processing I also okay, for the price you should not expec
  • Digit ISIO C - the most diverse HD cable box at the time  

    Technisat ISIO C DigiCorder digital HDTV TWIN cable receiver (500GB hard drive, internet, DVR, CI +, UPnP, Ethernet) Silver (Electronics)
    This review refers to the Digit ISIO C, without the built-in HDD. Since my cable network provider while offering its own receiver and recorder, but these are far from comfortable and stable, I have made myself to the search for a replacement solution
  • Incorrect items escription Amazon .. no digital inputs / outputs / transition  

    Trust SC-5500P 5.1 External Surround Sound Card (optional)
    The author of the article description is obviously a mistake. The Trust USB Soundcard has all appearances, no digital inputs / outputs. Neither Coaxial even via optical fiber. The sound of the box is good. However, in conjunction with a high-end ampl
  • Good box with problems  

    Orbsmart® S82 Android 4.4 quad-core mini PC / TV Box / 4K (UHD) Media Player / Smart TV Box (Octa Core GPU, 2GB of RAM, 8GB int. Memory, HDMI 1.4, LAN, WLAN n 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 4.0, XBMC Miracast & Support) (Electronics)
    Once I had to say goodbye to my D-Link Boxee Box, as its support of the opinion was to patch the system by getting newer non rejectable forced updates with intentional deterioration of Boxee Box broken to yes to buy the successor model, I looked at t