Gerfloor shrink


  • Heat Shrink 280 rooms  

    280pcs thermosetting shrink tubing heat shrink tube box 1 to 10mm 2: 1 Ratio (Miscellaneous)
    Kit Polyolefin shrink sheaths. Very cheap and good quality. Works wonderfully for finishing after welding. Very Satisfied
  • Shrink shoes is an understatement  

    DEMAR - garden shoes / slippers / clogs - EVA - Extra Light (textile)
    In April ordered a larger number because other reviewers wrote about shrinking shoes. Now thrown away in July, because not only shrunk, but, after they stood in the sun Completely useless, shapeless and about 4 numbers have become too small.
  • Basically good but leaves the shrink performance to be desired  

    Shrink tubing assortment 100x 100x black colored 200 parts Shrink Tubing Set in Box (Misc.)
    In itself, the product is not bad. However, its essential purpose is not very good. Hoses shrink only minimally and thereby close not sealed to the cable sheath. I mean you should not expect too much but if the cross-section during shrinkage not even
  • Shrink tubing assortment  

    Shrink tubing assortment 100x 100x black colored 200 parts Shrink Tubing Set in Box (Misc.)
    Required really just 2 short pieces shrink tubing. But as life goes I bought this range and am not unhappy. When she has found something else quickly what you want to make waterproof or current festival. The relatively modest shrinkage capacity of 2:
  • VAUDE sizes shrink!  

    VAUDE Men's Jacket Mens Jacket Roga (Sports Apparel)
    Over many years I was convinced VAUDE customer. But in recent years I have a feeling that the sizes "shrink". Well, my scope has grown somewhat. But my old VAUDE jackets (several) still fit me well and "abundant" (XXL). This model I ha
  • Red heat shrink tubing  

    10m shrink tube 4.8mm> 2.4mm Red (Electronics)
    Red heat shrink tubing, which is rare to get the business. Very easy to use, also highly resistant to sharp points. With a heat gun to shrink also very good.
  • Shrink Tubing requires  

    130cm round brown trekking boot band 100% polyester Safety shoe (household goods)
    The laces in the shoes (Meindl!) Went on constantly, so I ordered my grandson trekking. Once the nine are already risen. May have been an unfortunate accident, yes. At the very least a significant improvement to the originals. Unfortunately, the end
  • Shrink tubing halt  

    Shrink tubing assortment 100x 100x black colored 200 parts Shrink Tubing Set in Box (Misc.)
    What can you say Pull shrink tubing over cable or the like, make hot with heat gun or lighter and ready;) Good quality
  • always the right shrink tubing  

    Shrink tube assortment 100 pieces white
    Heavy shrink tubing in many diameters and in a box clearly kept - what more could you want? And at the price! I'm very satisfied!
  • Shrinks  

    MT Styles 2in1 Longsleeve DEPARTMENT T-Shirt R-0661 (Textiles)
    Although looks very nice, but: at least order one size larger, then passts exactly. Until the first wash, it will shrink again to size, too bad! Although only washed with 30 °!
  • Gerfloor tile  

    Gerflor vinyl tile Prime 0139 Wood Oak (Contents: 1 m² per package - the price shown is per 1 m²)
    Hello. Quick dispatch, but two different shades of the tiles were delivered, which was not so good, the tiles could use. For me only 2 stars.
  • Is slightly smaller or shrink.  

    TOM TAILOR Ladies T-shirt 10299390970 (Textiles)
    First of all, I usually wear 36. I had this shirt expects greater. I am therefore not sad that it turns a little kleienr than expected and be honest, normally Shirts 36/38 and not two separate sizes. So the 38 is towards 36. Perhaps the most Cringle
  • Shrinks landscape to portrait  

    Apple MD826ZM / A Lightning to Digital AV Adapter (Electronics)
    Generally holds the adapter, as usual from Apple that delivers what it promises. Since I almost exclusively receiving photos and videos with the iPhone, I would like to be able to view these in corresponding types quality on your TV. This does not wo
  • Shrinking T-Shirts  

    T-Shirt Super Premium Fruit of the Loom SML XL XXL 3XL different colors (Textile)
    I can the previous positive reviews not anschließen.Die T-shirts go unfortunately mainly in length. A protracted before drying unfortunately brings little and is for the fabric and the seams of which some already after the first wash dissolve duratio
  • Shrinking base  

    Kaiser Digital Level Action Level Sound (Accessories)
    After verification of completed these auxiliary spirit level works really well. The batteries will last in part by several years. Unfortunately, suffered after a relatively short use the fit. On my digital SLR from Canon in any case, already the part
  • Gerflor rustical tiles shrink in length and width  

    Gerflor vinyl tile Prime 0135 Marble Beige (Contents: 1 m² per package - the price shown is per 1 m²)
    The resealable vinyl tiles running the length and width so strong that joints up to 2 mm are formed in the longitudinal direction. These are optimal dirt collection. A complaint at the company. Gerflor fizzled because I bought the pads at Fa. Max Bah
  • Works but impractical and poor quality of heat shrink tubing and Sleeve  

    Phobya Multi SATA 3.0 connection cable 4x (60cm) - individually gesleev (Electronics)
    The sleeve separates from the heat-shrinkable tubing. The cables are different to see long as in the picture, this way, the connection is difficult to a motherboard. (The terminals are so big that you can not use any superimposed SATA connectors on t
  • Shrink Tubing  

    2 retractable and linkable Hoses 20 M 40 M = + 2 + 8 jets guns Universal Awesome PRO tips Connection (Garden)
    Impeccable nothing to say, and considering the price does not go without! Comes with two heads at once in case of problems, spare! This product is standard!
  • Shrink plastic  

    PW International - crazy transparent plastic, pouch 7 sheets of 260 x 200 mm, 3 years and over (Toy)
    I was surprised by the crazy plastic. Operation is easy and allows for multiple creation. Please note all times by cutting not to tear it. According to the shapes produced it narrows more or less. While placing the shapes out of the oven in a large b
  • With shrinking plastic  

    100 supports loops nail plate fimo rod (Jewelry)
    I use these materials to make crazy plastic earrings. I have worn several times and no allergy problems found so far