internet media radio


  • Good internet and radio compatibleLogitech SQUEEZEBOX  

    Logitech UE Smart Radio display 6 cm White (Electronics)
    As I already had a squeezebox I immediately chose the option to run the EU as a Squeezebox Radio. It is quick and simple. No problem. Recognition immediately mysqueezebox my account and my local server to my library of music.
  • great for lovers of Talk Radio on the web!  

    Auna Worldwide - WiFi Internet Radio and DAB +, FM tuner and USB port - wood (Electronics)
    For amateur radio talks in many languages, this radio is just great. This is a dado dream come true, I still remember my high school years to connect to the BBC on Saturday around 13h when we received (hard) connection. Then javais invested in a spec
  • Not where people hear the drive White  

    Sony BDP-S490 3D Blu-ray Player (2D / 3D, HDMI, 1080p upscaler, iPhone / Android-controllable DLNA) (Electronics)
    So I'm very happy with my players! He read with the appropriate remote control code in no time Free switch (for DVDs) what was the purchase tsche ident. For 90, I wanted to play only Bluerays and just international DVDs to reverberate from the sound
  • great sound, stylish colors, price performance ratio  

    JBL Flip II portable powered stereo speakers (Bluetooth, NFC, bass reflex, microphone) Red (Electronics)
    After a long search in the huge selection, I've found a good product with good value for money. The service is really super easy. Speakers will be immediately recognized by blutoothfähigen devices. You can play music, videos and movies from the store
  • Cheap Mobile Phone with quirks and errors  

    Sony Xperia E1 Smartphone (10.2 cm (4 inch) TFT display, 1.2GHz dual-core, 3-megapixel camera, Android 4.3) purple (Electronics)
    I had the phone to me at that time and soon to 130 just get the device + device from Amazon. For those who do not want to read the whole review its own - a conclusion: On this smartphone NOT be relied upon. While the battery lasts an eternity (great
  • Inner values ​​almost flawlessly - feel in this price segment catastrophic - instant replay button - App only as a beta version  

    Denon AVR-X3100W 7.1 surround AV receiver (WLAN, Spotify Connect, Internet radio, 7 + 1 HDMI in, 2HDMI Out, DLNA, AirPlay, 180 Watt) (Electronics)
    Actually, one should think that you should start with such a high-priced device with the positive points. But if the EIA is just under 1,000 euros and you pay on offer nearly 770, then I find it Denon quite brazen and outrageous to build a haptic Pla
  • Unequalled flexible product  

    Logitech Squeezebox Duet network music player Portable (6.1 cm (2.4 inch) TFT color display, 802.11b / g WiFi) (Electronics)
    I for several years using a Squeezebox 3, even before the company was bought by Logitech Slim Devices. I think there are very few products on the market that have such a long development history, like the Squeezebox. The server software (SqueezeCente
  • MED8ER 800X3DW  

    MED800X3DW - Wifi - Multimedia Case-compatible 3D BD ISO, Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 (Import Germany) (Electronics)
    Device REMARKABLE! Once updated with the latest firmware V3 (to be primarily on the manufacturer's website) the stability and responsiveness of the system are extraordinary. It's simple, you will have nothing more with a high-end PC. tested on a 3D B
  • Good idea to script, can do better in writing  

    The path that led toward you (Paperback)
    The basic idea of ​​this futuristic novel is interesting: what would happen in a disorganized country by the rapid loss of energy and therefore transport, internet, media and telecommunications. The romantic story can however fishing giving of contex
  • Super smartphone at the height of the largest  

    Moto G Smartphone Unlocked 3G + (Screen: 4.5 inch - 8 GB - Android 4.4 KitKat) Black (Electronics)
    Bought in July as a gift for my father, I can now make a feedback. Fluid, fast, without unnecessary applications and overlay. It is ideal for users "means" (telephone, mail, internet, FM radio, email and some applications). I say some applicatio
  • Good for the price range.  

    Logitech Wireless Desktop K400 wireless QWERTY keyboard for PC furniture, media center and HTPC Black (Personal Computers)
    Used to control a multimedia PC, the reception quality is good, keystrokes is disappointing and touch pad is not enjoyable but this price level, it is excusable. For the office, your way past but for the internet media etc, no need to put a lot more.
  • Rubbish 1 1 1  

    TuneIn Radio (App)
    This new version is useless. Can not find the stations I want and it keeps disconnecting - nothing to do with the Internet connection, radio works fine on --other wi fi connected machines and tablets. I Was thinking about going onto you 'pro' version
  • Very good product. Recommended. 2  

    Sony CMT-SBT300WB Audio System (DAB / DAB +, WiFi, Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth, USB, 100 Watt, CD player) Black (Electronics)
    This hi-fi system is aesthetically very nice and quite small (I previously had a big old bulky chain). Despite its size, it is very well equipped: - FM radio and DAB radio (where I personally live unfortunately no radio emits in DAB!) - CD player - U
  • Pub exaggerated.  

    Outrage! Revised and Expanded Edition (Paperback)
    Despite untimely pub all media: radio, TV, press this book totally disappointed me by its intransigence and bias not correct.
  • TOP 50 of French music.  

    Singular 81/89 (CD)
    Of hits that are not commercial but are listening records of the most media radios 1980 to 2000.
  • TOP 50 of French music. 1  

    Unlimited (Best Of) (CD)
    Of hits that are not commercial but are listening records of the most media radios 1980 to 2000.
  • in line with my expectations 220  

    M & L Mobiles® | Original Battery C-S2 CS2 BlackBerry 8300 | 8310 | 8330 | 8 ... (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Bought for my blackberry curve 9300. The same characteristics that I replace the battery (1150mAh, 4,3Wh, 3.7V). The battery seems origin (packaging, stickers, logos). I found a battery a day with heavy use (push, internet browsing, radio, ...).
  • Anything other than a gray mouse  

    Nokia 2760 smoky gray (VGA digital camera, 2 displays, FM radio, games) mobile phone (electronic)
    Well clearly, the Nokia 2760 smoky gray of course is already gray, but does certainly not to hide - neither in appearance nor from its performance. The figure at Amazon is not just advantageous in Natura looks the phone namely better by far from. = ^
  • Can more than one might think at first ...  

    Archos 70b Tablet, Media Player, 4GB, 17cm (7 inches), Android 2.1, microSD slot) (Personal Computers)
    For quite some time I looked for a ebook reader around, and I after graduation of several articles initially a device with e-ink technology (such as the Kindl, Sony or Oyo etc.) had a "lot of readers' eye and my price limit at max. 150, - looked. Aft
  • Very good, powerful netbook  

    Asus EeePC 1015PN 25.7 cm (10.1 inches) Netbook (Intel Atom N570, 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, NVIDIA ION 2, Win 7 HP) white (Personal Computers)
    Finally netbooks also come with greater power to the market, so this Asus EeePC 1015PN comes up with 2GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive. The computer is in a solid plastic housing, which makes a solid impression. Especially important to me was an anti-g