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  • LDM 500 good value for top class  

    Kaleas professional laser rangefinder LDM 500 for distance up to 50m [Accuracy ± 1.5mm] (34055) (Misc.)
    I use to work another laser distance meter of the company Bo ... blue green I had already in the test are all broadly OK and do their job more or less. Kaleas I did not know as a company for metrology thus you can as a customer make a lot wrong in th
  • Wundertüte 500 mm F 8 at Panasonic G3 MFT  

    Walimex 500mm 1: 8.0 CSC lens (67mm filter thread, Telephoto Lens, Lens) for Micro Four Thirds bayonet black (Accessories)
    I have expected of the lens is not too much and was surprised how neat is the optics and processing. For the photographer who can deal with manual settings, the lens is a change :). + Weight + Portable Stativschelle + Illustration as compared to a 30
  • Charge unfortunately only with 500 mA  

    Aukey® AIPowerTM 4-Port USB Travel Charger Adapter multiport adapter Wall Charger for iPad Air / Air 2; iPad mini; iPhone 6 Plus / 6 / 5S / 5 / 4S; Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 / Note 3 / Note 2; Smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices loaded - EU Plug 34W 5V / 6.8A (Black) (Electronics)
    I have tested the charger intensive. Unfortunately, it loads at all 4 ports only with a maximum of 500 mA. My Tablet required instead of the usual 4.5 hours the original charger with this charger rekordverdächtigte 18 hours for a complete charge. In
  • Chords to many jazz standards on forum available  

    iReal Pro - Music Book & Play Along (App)
    Available through the files in the Forum a great treasure to standards. You can actually export as midi and has as its DAW ever further tinker a basis for. For me as a drummer a pleasant thing. To peace'm pretty with Android, but also know not the ve
  • No 500 Mbps, but already more than 200 model  

    TP-Link TL-PA4010KIT AV500 Nano Powerline Adapter Starter Kit (500Mbps) (Personal Computers)
    At the processing and installation, there is really nothing to complain about. Beautiful compact adapters that are really installed Plug and Play (literally "plug-and-it-takes"). Not even pressing the sync button is required. The only and w
  • Now I have tested all the adapters of 85 Mbit - 500 Mbit  

    Devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless + Starter Kit (500 Mbit / s, WLAN Repeater, 3 LAN ports, Powerline) white (accessory)
    One thing, of course, it depends on the power wiring and the possible interferences in the electricity grid and the desired application, what speed you need or can achieve. The transfer rates vary extremely depending on what needs to be switched on f
  • 500 mA charge current possible with this adapter  

    Adapter USB type B 5 pin micro connector on micro connector 90 ° angled left - 1 piece (electronics)
    Limits the charging current of 900-1000 mA to 500 mA previously. If a second adapter between put on a trial basis, the current drops to only 400 mA. Mechanically, the compounds are felt in order to efficiently store unfortunately too little current f
  • In Dension GW 500S BT superfluous and useless  

    DENSION GATEWAY Dock Cable (IPDC1GW) for iPod nano 6G / classic / touch 4G / iPhone 4S (Electronics)
    The cable is completely unnecessary when GW52 (Dension GW 500S BT), as the control over the original Apple USB cable works perfectly and even still has fewer features than the original Apple USB cable. Go therefore back.
  • No universal power, 500 g load !!  

    Sunny Baby 19275 - Universal net with anchor and privacy shutter, black (Baby Product)
    I originally bought this product for my Zekiwa Prestige ZZ pushchair. The slide in such a stroller is leather trimmed. Dadruch you can see the top Not put straps around the handle - they are simply too short. Even the stroller is designed from the fr
  • Sigma 150-500 mm OS HSM DG F5,0-6,3 Under certain conditions, an absolute buy recommendation  

    Sigma 150-500 mm OS HSM Lens F5,0-6,3 DG (86 mm filter thread) for Nikon lens mount (Electronics)
    Who photographed professionally and also earned the photograph his money, will certainly not be interested in a Sigma 150-500 mm lens. For everyone else, especially amateur photographers, as well as semi-professional photographers, this lens is certa
  • Sigma 150-500 vs. Sigma 50-500 vs. Canon 100-400 vs. Tamron 70-300 vs. Fujifilm HS50  

    Sigma 150-500 mm F5,0-6,3 APO DG OS HSM Lens (86mm filter thread) for Canon lens mount (Electronics)
    For over six months I am working to create a better decision with the telephoto lens, because me my Tamron 70-300 is no longer satisfied. My main photo subjects are birds or squirrels in the open countryside and auto racing. Since large prime lenses
  • Sigma 5.0-6.3 - 150-500 APO - OS  

    Sigma 150-500 mm F5,0-6,3 APO DG OS HSM Lens (86mm filter thread) for Canon lens mount (Electronics)
    I have been a few years now owner of this objective and have now even read through the reviews of some users. Most data buyers of Sigma 150-500 are very satisfied. I am, too. I photograph for 40 years in the wild mainly birds and wild plants. The Sig
  • DMP - BDT BDT 700 vs 500  

    Panasonic DMP-BDT700EG 3D Blu-ray player (Miracast, 2x HDMI, wireless LAN, SD card slot, DLNA, USB) (Electronics)
    First impressions: comparison BDT 700 to its predecessor Optics: Basically a matter of taste - but am a little disappointed - simple elegance (expressed positive) - the BDT 500 I liked better. Feel: lots of plastic ... well ........... OSD: really co
  • Unlike the text on the order page, there is no double coated sheet-satin.inkjetpapier 500 to € 9.90  

    Avery 2566A inkjet printer paper A4, 100 g / m², 500 sheets, satin, bright white (Optimized protective packaging) (Office supplies & stationery)
    On the order page Amazon inkjet paper offers "two-sided coated satin-100 g / m2 to 500 sheets 9,90 This product I have to buy as however have a 100 gr paper satin, but not coated, receive. Paper without coating has a considerably poorer display
  • Fits well with the TomTom GO 500  

    3 x atFoliX protector TomTom GO 500 (2005) Screen Protector - FX antireflective glare-free (electronic)
    Film fits well with the TomTom GO 500, the attachment requires a bit of practice (one of the 3 films is draufgegangen here, but there are indeed 3). With film, the disturbing reflections are considerably reduced and fingerprints are barely visible, s
  • Price / performance gehauptet top / Better than in forums repeatedly  

    Cullmann MAGNESIT 525M CB7.3 Tripod with Ball Head and integrated monopod (2 extracts, load capacity 6 kg, 170cm height, 68cm packing size) (Accessories)
    My old cheap tripod (19,95) gave up the ghost. Since I am now changed from a bridge camera to a DSLR system and also now know what I ask for demands on a tripod, I made about buying this time special thoughts. In addition to professional journals, I
  • Better than GSB 500 - no noise  

    Grundig GSB 120 Bluetooth Speaker Black / Orange (Personal Computers)
    The performance is of course not like the GSB 500, but overall I'm happy with the 120 GSB. Quick assembly of the Bluetooth connection, no noise when song changes. The performance is acceptable for ansich size.
  • This cable does not work together with a Canon IXUS 500 HS  

    1m USB Transfer Cable A-Mini-B 5-pin in black black suitably substituted for Canon PowerShot IFC-300PCU, IFC-400PCU (Electronics)
    This cable does not work together with a Canon IXUS 500 HS. Hence I could not use it. What a shame.
  • Upgrading the dLAN 200 with dLAN 500 makes my network faster  

    Devolo dLAN 200 AVmini Powerline Starter Kit (network adapters) white (Personal Computers)
    For several years I have been running a devolo dLAN 200 network, with which I am very satisfied. The device using the devolo Cockpit software was easy and the performance is very good. Over time, the network has been steadily growing since the kids g
  • 500 million blown for ...  

    Destiny (video game)
    ... Nothing! So here it is, the Mega Game in which the whole world has been waiting gamers. Flashed from the beta I could not wait to put the game into the drive. What can I say, it grabbed me from the start ... Story: In short: There are none! I mus