LR 661 13 Drawing Board Case


  • Drawing Board  

    rotring profil drawing board A4 (Office supplies & stationery)
    The Drawing Board is required for shop class. Easy to use and great results. The Rotring drawing board can I highly recommend anyone.
  • Geeingnet not only for drawing boards  

    Staedtler LR 661 bag with handle for drawing boards, DIN A3 (Office supplies & stationery)
    Super part. I do not use the bag for a drawing board, but for the transport and storage of my painting and drawing utensils. Therein find watercolor blocks and drawings a safe and dry storage place.
  • Drawing Board meets the requirements  

    Yahee365 Drawing Board A3 profile for Professional Work (Office supplies & stationery)
    Hello everybody! The Drawing Board Complies dne requirements. Everything OK! Again and again! Value for money is good. Until next purchase. :-)
  • Drawing Board / drawing board.  

    Yahee365 Drawing Board A3 profile for Professional Work (Office supplies & stationery)
    Very fast editing of Amazon, the delivery was a breeze of equip. The Drawing Board keeps its promises, at least for me as Lys. I am very pleased.
  • Solid Drawing Board  

    Aristo Drawing Board College Board A4 GEOCollege, plastic, white, A4 (Office supplies & stationery)
    As we in the course of "Engineering Drawing" -Teaching (sounds kinda German incorrect, I know :() took a drawing board, we only this but this year "enjoy" (* cough *) will, I was looking for a relatively cheapest variant and then I cam
  • A complement to the mini drawing board  

    Rotring Rules Rule square to plate drawing (Office Supplies)
    Indispensable tool and easy to use full well the mini drawing table. A small flaw: the branches of the bracket could be slightly longer.
  • Useless as a drawing board  

    Art & Fun - Drawingboard / Magic board, colorful (Toys)
    The magic board I would not recommend unfortunately, it is not even to use my mind on the go. Schön is true that you can paint it in color, but what good is that if each stroke disappears immediately, even before you have painted him to the end? Unfo
  • Board Case Trolley  

    Suitcase suitcase trolley Boardcase Bordcase hard shell black hand luggage (luggage)
    A great case, super style. Particularly beautiful is the "fold" to expand the packing volume. Unfortunately not very much to take. Ndch 4 months weekly flight to Munich are broken wheels. For people who only travel occasionally, but a good inexp
  • Excellent drawing board.  

    rotring rapid drawing board A3 Rapid Parallel Rule (Office Supplies)
    Would recommend as all Rotring products. Very convenient, easy to use and suitable for my use (models drawings).
  • Staedtler pocket for A4 Drawing Board  

    Staedtler LR 661 bag with handle for drawing boards, A4 (Office supplies & stationery)
    Beautiful, sturdy bag, ideal for school. Clean and seams, makes cast. A well-made impression. Has inside even a smaller compartment for other items such as ruler, pen, ...
  • Back an`s drawing board!  

    XGRA (computer game)
    At least I would say if there would be even Acclaim! To make it short: the days of the N64, a company had called Acclaim a game released called it himself "Extreme G". This game was, similar to F-Zero, a "Future Racer", however, have b
  • Magic board  

    Simba 106330277 - Magic Drawing Board, Zaubertafel sorted (Game)
    We bought the magic drawing board for our grandchildren. He is now 17 months old and has a lot of fun with the board, which sometimes even serves as a "bridge". All functions that should dominate them, fold like the first day, while it is e
  • A really great painting board  

    Spiegelburg 10290 Zaubermaltafel The Friendly Seven (Toys)
    We ordered the drawing board for our 1.5 years daughter and we are all begeistert.Die panel is robust, the colors are great and the big brothers and 10 12J.malen like it.
  • 1A Magic board  

    Tomy 6555 - Mega Sketcher - Sketcher Mega Classic (assorted colors) (Toy)
    We have the magic drawing board for two years now and are delighted. Unlike other can draw finer strokes with her while she's on several occasions flown through the area it has survived all harmless. I can with a clear conscience weiterempfehelen eac
  • Draw ok, but painting surface too small  

    Art & Fun - Drawingboard / Magic board, colorful (Toys)
    On the go, it may be ok, to pass some time, etc. Drawings can be seen, not even disappear on its own, but the very small painting surface (perhaps 8x10cm?) Limits the coloring fun but essential. That was reason enough to return the drawing board agai
  • The board is more stable than it looks, great coloring fun!  

    Cars Magic scribbler - Magnetmaltafel Disney Pixar Cars Magic board magnetic board painting NEW / SEALED (Toys)
    Upon receipt of the drawing board, I had my concerns, as they so unstable and easily affected, but it keeps more of than I thought initially. It is often like in use, is carried around and is still perfectly fine. I bought it because of the "Cars&quo
  • Robust and roomy but expensive and chemical stench (penetrant)  

    Oakley Large Soft Vault Wrap Sunglasses, Black (Sports Apparel)
    The Large Soft Vault I bought after some searching as protection for my rather large Oakley Crosshair. I wanted a case where the glasses securely into few and which is not pressed when it lands in your backpack. The brand was me to be matter, but I k
  • I would not have dared to hope  

    Black Ice (Audio CD)
    Since today is the complete album officially heard on the Internet, and I could not wait. The first pre-heard song RnR-Train has my hopes honestly strongly attenuated, the second (War Machine) made me sit up again slightly. Now I've heard the whole a
  • KOTOR 2 - Rather an addon as a continuation  

    Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords (computer game)
    Having thrilled "Knights of the Old Republic" played out, was part 2 a must buy. Unfortunately, it met expectations only partially. Pro: Good / evil influence: The proven system of mind Part 1 also works splendidly again, in conversations and qu
  • Super configuration options and no cable clutter  

    Wacom Intuos 4 Wireless radio, graphic tablet, PC / Mac, induction Mouse (Personal Computers)
    I use the Wacom now have about three quarters of a year on my MacBook Pro (2010). The installation went very fast and so far I never had a problem that the tablet was not found via Bluetooth or would react hakelig. The cable I use to never and have i