moser 1400 too heavy


  • Good leash just too heavy  

    flexi retractable leash Giant L (Neon) belt 8m black / neon yellow for dogs up. 50 kg (Misc.)
    Good linen, just too heavy, which are of course super 8 m, only has its price. I do not mean the purchase price, but the weight and the size at a dog likes to go, but I have 2 dogs and a V line that did not work and then there's the band, what my bit
  • Too heavy and not handy  

    Philips HP8280 / 00 Moisture Protect hair dryer, white (Personal Care)
    ... For the hair dryer. What we like about the Philips Hairdryer HP8280 / 00: - Beautiful long cable - Several heat settings - Multiple speed settings What disturbs us: - Is too heavy and is thus not at all well in hand Especially with longer hair of
  • Too heavy? ... And really that good?  

    Nokia Lumia 920 Smartphone (11.4 cm (4.5 inch) WXGA HD IPS LCD touchscreen, 8 megapixel camera, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, NFC, LTE-capable Windows Phone 8) matt black (Electronics)
    Hello! I'd like a comment about the Lumia 920 itself and only a few words about Windows Phone 8 saying Windows Phone is a matter of taste, as well as all other operating systems also. Each operating system is precisely adjusted to have specific needs
  • Unfortunately, too heavy  

    Quenox Universal follow focus lever (focusing lever, follow focus Crank, Speed ​​Crank, Zoom lever) for 49mm 52mm 55mm 58mm 62mm 67mm 72mm 77mm 82mm 86mm 95mm Lens (Electronics)
    In and of itself is not bad. Good rubber with grooves for better grip, size of the lens can be adjusted continuously. The drawback: The lever (EF-S 18-135mm IS STM Canon) unfortunately too heavy for my lens. In almost every posture he must be held so
  • Good but vieeeeeel too heavy  

    Flat Plate Eco white Ø = 24 cm 6 St. (household goods)
    The plates are beautiful and of good quality, but unfortunately vieeeeeel too heavy and therefore not recommended for daily use, and they also engage far too much space in the cupboard through the thick material.
  • flat cable is too heavy  

    Nokia 02738V1 Pop Stereo In-ear headphones (3.5mm jack) yellow (Electronics)
    flat cable is too heavy and takes the listener from the ear. Actually a good idea with the flat cable, at least one has quickly "unraveled" it and can use the earphones. The sound is ok. The Key for answering and caller works delayed the No
  • Too heavy ?????? 1  

    Prince of Persia - Warrior Within [Platinum] (Video Game)
    So many have told me about this game, "which is far too heavy and you know afterwards not at what time you are!" Bla bla bla! Utter nonsense, this game is for all the more difficult games prefer. I have the game on all levels of difficulty
  • Too heavy and Globig and up to a maximum size 27 fits!  

    Children boots Roces Idea 16.0-18.5 MP (equipment)
    For toddlers ski boot unfortunately much too heavy and Globig compared to normal ski boots and unfortunately only up to size 27 fits since infancy least 1cm should be place forward. 18.5 mm corresponds to (not as advertised 29) I could compete with t
  • much too heavy and Globig and maximum size 27!  

    Children boots Roces Idea 19.0-22.0 MP (equipment)
    For toddlers ski boot unfortunately much too heavy and Globig compared to normal ski boots and unfortunately only up to size 27 fits since infancy least 1cm should be place forward. 18.5 mm corresponds to (not as advertised 29) I could compete with t
  • too heavy 2  

    Rimowa Tropicana Trolley SLR camera case silver (Accessories)
    As a photographer, I travel a lot and have bought so with the 384.03 a new transport platform for my equipment. The photo suitcase Rimowa Tropicana takes at least two bodies with lenses attached set, about 5-6 additional lenses and other accessories.
  • For hiking, etc. too heavy and complex assembly.  

    Novoflex PRO II VR system (accessory)
    For a full frame digital camera I was looking for a compact MultiRow VR system. positive: - High flexibility and manigfaltige settings - Excellent workmanship - High rigidity negative: - There is a risk of damaging the camera (lower rotator has no tr
  • Is it too heavy ..... you have not understood the gameplay!  

    Lords of the Fallen Limited Edition (Video Game)
    I have played either Demon or Dark Souls. So this review for people who do not know exactly what to expect. I compare it to another game: Diablo 3! For me it is exactly that, only in 3rd person ... So I knew what it meant when you repeatedly dies ver
  • Way too heavy! Quasi impossible to finish it  

    Spider-Man X-Men Arcade`s Revenge (Video Game)
    Caveat: I already have many SNES games obsessed and gambled, but this game is one of the worst out there on the SNES. Even a title like Ghouls n ghost seems almost Easy unlike X-Men Spiderman. I managed the 1 level at 2-3 characters, and only can com
  • Unfortunately, not my taste and too heavy material  

    ACEVOG ladies dress party dress lace Slim Dress Ärmlos (Textiles)
    I get ladies dress party dress lace Slim Dress Ärmlos of the brand Acevog for testing the ACEVOG. The dress came well packaged in a plastic bag with me at home. I get it in red, there is still in white. The color is very gaudy an
  • Too heavy for this age group  

    Wendy: The Grand Prix of Rosenborg (computer game)
    For this age group this game is too difficult, from a certain game success. When I played this game yet, I have always played from the beginning, because I am with certain missions always failed because they were too heavy for me. The first missions
  • Value favorable prices but too heavy.  

    Philips SHC8535 Wireless Headphones Hifi (Electronics)
    I had already purchased a Thomson WHP 3001 playing in the same category. This Philips is significantly more expensive but has a more finished look, more elegant. In this regard the sound quality, it is the level of this price range, ie it is not inte
  • Powerful, not too heavy and strong  

    Varta 4W LED Torch + 3 C (Tools & Accessories)
    It replaces my old dune Maglite another generation with its big LR20. LR14 batteries discussion of using BE enables fine enough and not too heavy to ensure good grip. She sat in the drawer under the passenger seat of the car. It is very well made and
  • Too heavy and too slippery  

    Galaxy hull S6, Spigen® [Buttons Metallic Effect] Protective Case for Galaxy S6 ** NEW ** [Neo Hybrid] [Metal Red] Bumper Case / Double Layer Protection TPU and polycarbonate frame for Galaxy S6 - Red Metal (SGP11323) (Accessory)
    Positives: good packaging (delivered in hard case), good quality of product (it's all over and it's tough), fast delivery Negatives: the high price and especially the weight! This shell really adds to the weight of the phone, and another flaw: too sl
  • Very good sound but really too heavy  

    Wavemaster Dakota 71080 Audio Wired Headset Black (Electronics)
    I bought seduced by its quality tests that I could find. The sound is really good, low current and clear all the spectrum it could be compared to much more expensive models without too much blush especially for the price (compared with Sennheiser HD2
  • Micro too heavy not yours  

    VKTECH® Support Professional desktop microphone table legs For Studio / Recorder KaraOK (ABS)
    Not yours ... My microphone is too heavy The t.bone malgrés I used to max referred to them, his disgusts me .... I have waited so long and now I find myself with something that does not yours. I highly inadvisable for micro studio. If the foot is sma