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  • a handset on the way to be "grown up"  

    AVM FRITZ! Fon MT-F DECT comfort telephone for the FRITZ! Box (color display, HD voice) (Electronics)
    On my Fritzbox 7270 I run so far in addition to the Gigaset S68H the MT-D. Well I bought the MT-F. I'm on the lookout for good reasons, to have spent on it about 20 euros more than for the MT-D. Immediately drop the external differences: the much lar
  • Great ringtones!  

    Gigaset S810A DECT cordless phone with answering machine, steel gray (Electronics)
    In the existing reviews Much has been written. But is not anyone noticed that the ringtones are totally cool ?! :-) To name just a few other impressions: + Very good workmanship (already had to endure a few drops) + Visually appealing + Just the righ
  • The name is not program  

    eBooks Free (App)
    So you should add the name or description. Only the first 50 selected books are free. If you have time chosen a book, you can not give it back. The preview of the individual books are moderate. Sorry, no possibility of returning the books.
  • Very good IP44 radio bell with 36 ringtones  

    1byone® radio Portable Door Chime Doorbell Kit, 1 doorbell transmitter & 1 Battery Operated Door Chime Receiver, White, DE-0610
    Very good IP44 radio bell with 36 ringtones The product is in compliance comes well packaged! You also get a guide in German and the button cell for the bell. The receiver is a mobile, the batteries (AA). For the assembly of rings lie, double-sided t
  • For the name of a little weak  

    UHU glue gun 48355 Hot Melt Starter Kit (tool)
    The glue gun is not served its purpose in relation to the price, but for daily loads suitable. In the early days they had me almost fully convinced. After a few days, however, the tiresome drops began. The adhesive pulling strings and running you. Pl
  • Original better than "No Name"  

    Canon NB-7L Li-ion battery (optional)
    The battery I bought a replacement battery for my Canon PowerShot G12. To photograph 350 to 400 pictures on a single charge is not a problem (of course depending on the number of "flashed" images). I made the mistake to me before to buy a
  • Cool name for the best hairstyle!  

    By Vilain Gold Digger (Personal Care)
    I have become aware of the product from Denmark on Youtube. Just the name "Gold Digger" is already so cool that I had to have it. But the many YouTube reviews promised next to the cool product name even a super grip with matt and natural fi
  • Call My Name -reloaded-  

    Do not Think About Me (MP3 Download)
    ... Would have the title should be called. Really bad as the text is a bit changed, the beat a little, and voila here is a "new" song ... Call My Name -reloaded-, Dieter was nothing.
  • Farm game book without sounds and without a name  

    Mattel Fisher-Price M4060-0 - My Farm game book (Toys)
    My daughter (almost 4 months) is the colorful book great. I find it quite nicely designed, it is robust and has a great review of Ökotest. But definitif: NO NOISE or name. The product description is simply wrong. Nevertheless: a safe, nice book.
  • ringtones  

    Classical Music Ringtones (App)
    it is unusual that the app-producers just because a ringtone full force will have on my smartphone. I have something against forced happiness and spy on my data. So before installing deleted again. may be that I bitch, but my data Safety First :-(
  • best ringtones ... slightly exaggerated  

    Best ringtones (App)
    The choice of ring tones is relatively large, but in many areas not my genre, or differ only slightly from the system ringtones. Nothing original, rather boring. Have you deleted. Since there are better.
  • Despite low capacity Brand Name  

    Varta VA4003 AAA / Micro / LR03 battery (40-pack) (optional)
    I have specially picked up the brand name, but the batteries are probably superimposed. In any case, the batteries are empty after only a short time !!! In my radio sensor (thermometer) a conventional battery lasts a good six months. With these, howe
  • Actually, her name's Florence: Gloomy and downright morbid  

    Lungs [Vinyl] (Vinyl)
    In this country, Florence + The Machine are more known for their musical offerings on soundtracks for US series like Gossip Girl or SEX AND THE CITY. That's actually quite a shame the band radiates around frontwoman Florence Welch from a kind of pop
  • Name says it all - and how!  

    Asphalt Massaka 3 (Audio CD)
    I wonder nevertheless very concerned about the poorer evaluation (3 stars) here, because what awaits you, then please by Farid Bang and just of 'Asphalt Massaka 3 "?! How can you be so cry that the texts probably "asocial" were or the
  • 108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine - Sacred Chants of Devi  

    108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine - Sacred Chants of Devi (MP3 Download)
    108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine - Sacred Chants of Devi Wonderful sounds. I do not want to miss the CD. It is part of my daily listening.
  • Can not be used as a ringtone!  

    Three Wishes for Cinderella motif I. / motives I. - Introduction / Introduction (MP3 Download)
    The music itself is of course a dream, but it can not be used as a ringtone on your phone. In this respect, I can not use the way I wanted to. Very bad!
  • Top Ringtone  

    Seagulls ringtone (MP3 Download)
    Good ringtone. Playback quality is excellent. Would I order again and again. It all sounds very much like the North Sea or the Baltic Sea. As in the holiday.
  • Ringtone  

    Pippi Longstocking: Hey, Pippi Longstocking (MP3 Download)
    I have this song as a ringtone. Can sing along everyone. So I always know when my phone is ringing. Machnmal that's very funny
  • Great ringtone  

    Theme From Mouse TV (MP3 Download)
    Do me the song for my phone bought and find the ringtone just great! I can only recommend. :-) :-) :-)
  • Opitmal as ringtone  

    Muppet Show: Mahna Mahna (MP3 Download)
    An absolute music Oldie! Always use a good decision as a ringtone because it is also about the concerns the original