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  • Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle "Alice Satinato" 2400W  

    Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle "Alice Satinato" 1,7l 2400W.
    The kettle for over 6 months now with us in use and we can not share quite the effusive reviews. 1) it is difficult 2.) to the clunky case one can easily burn (already repeatedly occurred) 3.) Shortly before the boiling point pushes the stove loads o
  • Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle "Alice Satinato" 1,7l 2400W.  

    Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle "Alice Satinato" 1,7l 2400W.
    To make it short, we are excited about this kettle: beautiful, functional, fast heating! The kettle will default unfortunately comes with a small plastic filter in the spout. A short e-mail to order and the kettle comes with a (free) stainless steel
  • Boil water without plastic  

    Ottoni Fabbrica Italian top kettle Alice Elegance 1,7l 2400W.
    In 2006, I have the kettle "Siemens TW60101 executive edition white" added myself. Stiftung Warentest had rated it as "good" - that was enough for me for my purchase decision. I recently watched the movie "Plastic Planet". Th
  • Finally plastic free water  

    SodaStream Soda Crystal (with 1 x CO2 cylinders 60L and 2 x 0.6L glass carafes) Titanium / Silver (household goods)
    Now there's no PET bottles more. Only refined water from the tap and from Soda Stream or from Gerolsteiner. That's a little better for the stomach. And for the tea drinker, I still recommend the plastic outdoor kettle: Ottoni Fabbrica
  • After that I was looking for, toothpaste without environmental toxins and with xylitol  

    Lavera Toothpaste, 2-pack (2 x 75 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    Update after 12 months use. Neither I nor my wife can still skeptical at the beginning of sensitive teeth or coffee notice / Teeränder. You can tell after 12 months the fluoride is apparently real harmful to the teeth. Now it's about time again for a
  • Noble and functional pan, which is really worth the money. We recommend!  

    Ottoni Fabbrica "Mastrochef" stainless steel pan 28 cm Titanium Durit Protect Pro (household goods)
    After a long search for a perfect pan to my high expectations (family of 5, including 2 vegetarians) is just, I have grown find him here. By chance I found at Amazon, the company die.Mastrochef Ottoni Fabbrica and also ordered the same. Very quickly,
  • Plastic Free kettle (at least in the interior)  

    Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle "Alice Satinato" 1,7l 2400W.
    After a long search finally found. Our water is boiling now plastic-free. You have to Ottoni just write a short mail that you would like to have exchanged a stainless steel filter to Plastikkalkfilter inside and then the interior is really absolutely
  • functional kettle with no frills  

    Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle "Alice Satinato" 1,7l 2400W.
    After our high-end, Made in China Philips predicts kettle at a price of nearly 130 EUR, exactly as many Amazon reviewers, was leaking on time after the warranty, I promised myself never again CHINA Branded products to buy. The business model of "Bran
  • The best kettle, we have ever had  

    Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle "Fjord Nero" 1,7l 2400W.
    Here is the proof that design and quality do not have to Exclude. Here there is no use plastic inside. The headunit is also left-handed, because on the opposite side, there's the same warning light and the same lettering. Since the device looks like
  • High quality kettle in Retro Design  

    Ottoni Fabbrica Italian top kettle Alice Nero 1,7l 2400W.
    After a long search for a new kettle I'm finally through the many very good reviews and the fact here an (almost) to be able to get free plastic device, landed at Ottoni. After one week I can use the positive votes only agree. + Processing and materi
  • Good kettle with smears during handling  

    Severin WK 3364 Kettle (1800 watt, 1.5 liter) stainless steel brushed-black (household goods)
    Video at View Overall a good metal kettle for a decent price. What is me slightly bothers that he has no visible from outside scale, so you can only find out the amount of water by lifting the lids. In addition, the lid of the kettle is no
  • the best kettle  

    Klarstein Darjeeling glass stainless steel kettle with temperature setting (1.7L glass kettle, 2200W, blue LED lighting, variable temperature adjustable, cool touch handle) silver-black
    the kettle brings me to my first review, I did not think, but this kettle is truly outstanding in its function and in its design. For tea lovers, especially green tea, is a must, because you with him easily can adjust the water temperature on the one
  • Good kettle but miserable and useless description  

    Klarstein Darjeeling glass stainless steel kettle with temperature setting (1.7L glass kettle, 2200W, blue LED lighting, variable temperature adjustable, cool touch handle) silver-black
    We had the Klarstein kettle ordered for our daughter at Easter and because it is used mainly to prepare green tea was a temperature control is a prerequisite. Unfortunately the kettle with temperature control was we had ordered for us last year is no
  • Very nice Whistling kettles and very good to hear.  

    Prestige whistling kettle 2L, Red (Kitchen)
    I have this Whistling kettles now for about 1 month, he replaced my desolate kettle. Filling through the large opening works great. When pouring and it does not drip, I would just wish sometimes that the spout open wider could. Contrary to my fears,
  • Very good kettle  

    Prestige whistling kettle 2L, Red (Kitchen)
    Water comes with no plastic in touch! - This is the best ever Handle does not get hot! whistles and loud good looks noble than what appeared on screen Lid closes well, but can be opened easily we use it on an induction plate and use less power than o
  • fine kettle  

    Gastroback 42413 Design Kettle Advanced (household goods)
    the Gastroback bears his name 'design' rightly. The device looks in a modern kitchen really good. The bell after cooking sounds nice, like a bike bell - but only once to hear and not very loud. The design of the cover mechanism and the spout is class
  • Good kettle, small quality defects  

    Russell Hobbs 21040-56 Digital Buckingham kettle (3 kW) with Quiet Boil technology and LCD display stainless steel silver / black (household goods)
    Most importantly, it works as it is supposed to work: He boils water, which is also still quite quiet. The temperature setting function satisfactorily good, though not quite accurately, when boiling water 1l the set temperature by about 5 degrees is
  • Kettle with whistle  

    Morphy Richards 43891 Accents Brushed kettle (household goods)
    A star deduction for the water display that is really not to use. Otherwise, I can only confirm the positive from the other reviews. And who is attracted to the "retro design", makes in my view a mistake to buy this valued kettle.
  • Sarah's CD for USA  

    Sarah Connor (US Version) (Audio CD)
    Because of its sensational voice that can really compete internationally, it does not surprise me that Sarah now takes off in the USA and England. With success: Their first single "Bounce" was in the airplay charts at number 11. This is why
  • Kettle grill classics in new 2015er garment with good improvements  

    Weber Master-Touch GBS Special Edition, 57 cm, Black, with One-Touch Re
    Anyone who knows my other reviews, you know that I'm passionate griller and next to a 57er Weber kettle grill also add some other grills this brand, other brands and a barbecue smoker call my own. So I have to compare it to. I already had some of the