parrot minikit vs jabra freeway


  • Compared: Jabra Freeway vs Parrot Minikit Neo  

    Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Kit (German Voice Control) (Electronics)
    Caveat: I had in front of the Parrot Minikit Neo, which I had to return again. For Jabra Freeway Briefly, and for me the most important evaluation Criteria: -Automatic switching when entering the car funtkioniert wonderful. -FM Transmitter function i
  • Decided against Jabra Freeway and went to Parrot.  

    Parrot Minikit Neo2 HD Bluetooth hands-free with voice-control plug-n-play black (Accessories)
    Have for 1 week a newer 1er BMW E87 to the original radio not to touch (Aux available), I bought a FSE. I have bought the following 2 FSE and today tried. - Jabra Freeway - Parrot Minikit Neo2 HD In Jabra has boxes Moderately really something to offe
  • Not recommendable Good speakerphone but against a Parrot Minikit Neo2 HD.  

    Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Kit (German Voice Control) (Electronics)
    Have for 1 week a newer 1er BMW E87 to the original radio not to touch (Aux available), I bought a FSE. I have bought the following 2 FSE and today tried. - Jabra Freeway - Parrot Minikit Neo2 HD At first I was for the Jabra only because of the 3 int
  • Parrot Minikit Slim-  

    Parrot MINIKIT SLIM Portable Bluetooth hands-free kit (Accessory)
    Quite satisfied with this hands-free kit that I installed in a wink. Sychroniser some hesitation for the directory but reading the instructions I finally understand. The sound quality is exceptional compared to my previous equipment, and ease of use.
  • Parrot Minikit Smart  

    Parrot Minikit Smart Bluetooth portable FSE with car mount (accessories)
    Got delivered today (21.10.2013) this device. The connection via Bluetooth no problem. Use my phone (Nexus 4) as Navi. Is displayed at Parrot as compatible. Unfortunately, the speech was not functioning. New update installed, but without success. The
  • Jabra Freeway  

    Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Kit (German controlling) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    This hands-free work for me ca.9 months. Voice commands functioned well at the beginning not out pairing. (As in another review described) When accept voice command, the device does the opposite connection was refused. The Freeway can now also not co
  • The hands-free Jabra Freeway Bluetooth (German language edition) is highly recommended.  

    Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Kit (German Voice Control) (Electronics)
    Reasonable price for very good quality! Hassle free and uncomplicated to use. Super voice quality. Disturbing noise while driving are not to hear the callers. Man himself can wonderfully use voice control this device. Take calls, block, reject, call,
  • MiniKit Parrot +++  

    Parrot Minikit Neo 2 HD Bluetooth Headset Black (Accessory)
    Bjr, I just received my Parrot Minikit very quickly from Amazon as always thank you guys working ... ;-) Bluffing this device pairing in 2 seconds just enough time to activate the search function and logged hop is magic !!! After we did toy with the
  • Good product but some reservations!  

    Speakerphone Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Handsfree Kit (Electronics)
    After purchasing and returned the following 2 kits that greatly disappointed me: Supertooth HD: Its reception means calls, voice tags to call for some possible contacts (limit of 6 and more) not working even by carefully following the instructions, a
  • does not work with HTC Sensation XL  

    Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Kit (German Voice Control) (Electronics)
    Hello everybody, Yesterday came my Jabra Freeway and I was quite nervous. Quick loaded and then went off. Only there were a few problems connecting, but then it went. The device seems to be very high quality, the sound of the lady in the FSE sounds s
  • Very good speakerphone  

    Jabra Cruiser 2 Bluetooth Car Kit (Engl. Packaging, Eng. Speech) Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I bought the Cruiser 2, because I was no longer satisfied with the Parrot MINIKIT. This sounded tinny and distorted schepprig-and was understood in my otherwise quiet running car barely. Quite different is the Cruiser 2. After unpacking, I was once p
  • Chic Lightweight with good voice quality  

    Jabra Stealth Bluetooth mono headset (Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, MultiUse) (Electronics)
    For about three years, I have the Parrot MINIKIT + in the car and am very satisfied. About Bluetooth contact is made shortly, as soon as you sit down in the car. I hear so while driving audiobooks and telephone. However, there is I a stationary devic
  • Tip, especially for older phones  

    Parrot MINIKIT Neo Bluetooth hands-free with voice-control for mobile phones / smart phone and Apple iPhone (accessories)
    Super device. Also works with an old Samsung phone that has no voice control (still absolutely look into the compatibility list of the manufacturer) because the voice control in the Minikit is and is not connected to the voice control of the mobile p
  • My first FSE  

    Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Kit (German Voice Control) (Electronics)
    I have to say right at the beginning: This is my first FSE at all and I had no comparison to other products. The Jabra Freeway is really a nice device. The operation is very easy, the sound is of such a device perfectly fine. As a smart phone, which
  • Amazingly good 12  

    Parrot Minikit + portable Bluetooth hands-free kit for mobile phones, smart phones and Apple iPhone (accessories)
    I bought the Parrot MINIKIT + hands-free, because the attachment in addition to the wire hanger and a kind flexible band with 2 bags include for plugging. As the sun visor in my Audi A2 has a thick plastic frame would not have been possible only with
  • And the eternal search continues ...  

    Jabra Cruiser 2 Bluetooth Car Kit (dtsch. Packaging, dtsch. Speech) black (accessories)
    After many BT headsets and the third sun visor FSE now is very likely also return this FSE. The many 5 star reviews I can not understand. The speaker tscheppert, whatever the volume, the computer language prompts are extremely annoying because they a
  • Continuous flashing at par interfere when driving at night  

    SuperTooth Buddy Handsfree Bluetooth Visor Car Kit (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I tested the Buddy for several days. My initial enthusiasm gave way, however, quickly. The blue status LED flashes simply annoying. Every few seconds there is a flashing sequence, the sequence of which is reminiscent of the landing lights of an airpl
  • That's a brilliant idea!  

    Sunday Avantree Solar Solar Bluetooth Handsfree with Multipoint echo cancellation and noise reduction system. Compatible all smartphones iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S 3 / 4/5, 2/3/4 ... Galaxy Note (Electronics)
    I already have a hands-free kit Parrot Minikit Neo in a car that I do not use it very often. Result: the kit is still unloaded, and as I do not like having a rope that hangs between the visor and the cigarette lighter, I never use me :-( So for me, t
  • amazing sound quality and purchase tranquility by Amazon  

    Speakerphone Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Handsfree Kit (Electronics)
    Starting up the camera is immediately clear after reading the brief instructions in French. The onboard language is German; it can be easily changed in line for the French, but only on a PC, not a Mac. We learn some easy words in German for the contr
  • Easy to use 15 2  

    Parrot Minikit slim Bluetooth + Smartphone (Accessory)
    The Parrot Minikit more is very simple to install and use and is compatible with the Wiko Cink Peax, I enjoyed the fine and discreet design and voice control as well as the correct sound, except my correspondents who hear a slight echo . The music fu