polar v800 crash


  • POLAR V800 GPS watch designed for the practice of Triathlon.  

    Polar Heart Rate Monitor V800 / GPS without chest strap (Sport)
    POLAR V800 GPS watch designed for practicing primarily Triathlon. But nice surprise you can add more than 20 sports. The watch is very simple to use and easily customizable .The website is well done and clear. The big plus of this GPS watch is its ba
  • Polar V800  

    POLAR Heart V800 / GPS with chest strap (Sport)
    Too complex no easy grip booklet is regrettable. It must be a good product but it will take me a few outings for myself fit. It product quality is impeccable.
  • Excellent this Polar V800  

    Polar Heart Rate Monitor V800 / GPS without chest strap (Sport)
    Great watch. For running: nothing to say, already a lot of comments about it. I use it a lot for the swimming pool. It sets the distance of the basin: 25 or 50 meters. Mini 20 meters. Possible to keep the heart rate strap provided not to swim too fas
  • DOES properly on Polar V800  

    POLAR speed and cadence sensor Bluetooth Smart, 91047327 (equipment)
    I am very pleased. The installation was very easy. The data I have compared with GPS and they match very closely.
  • Polar is catching up! GPS RF sports watch M400 HR for more than the entry (incl. Activity Tracker as Loop). Compare M400 vs. V800.  

    Polar training computers M400 HR (equipment)
    The M400 is a new GPS Running Watch Polar RF with many benefits at an affordable price! The price-performance package of the new Polar M400 HR as GPS RF Sport computer is remarkable: a GPS clock, including Activity Tracker (corresponding to the Polar
  • V800: a GPS RF multisport clock like no other! Practical tests in Trainingsmix to Marathon; Tests & comparisons (eg Fenix ​​2)  

    Polar training computers V800, Black, 90,047,437 (equipment)
    The polar V800 replaces, a GPS RF Multisportuhr for runners, cyclists and swimmers (including triathletes) to be. It not only offers extensive running and heart rate analysis, but also offers for cyclists and swimmers (with heart rate measurement und
  • Ingenious energy battery on the go - invites many micro USB devices: smartphones, cameras, BT earphone / speaker see list.!  

    Sony CP-ELS USB portable power supply for smartphone (Accessories)
    The offered here Li-ion battery consists mainly of the white lithium-ion battery Battery "Sony CP-EL" with a capacity of 2000 mAh nominally. The CP-EL / ELS has been offered by Sony to date for MSRP of 24,90 Euro. Any price below offers, is
  • M400 - GPS sports watch for inexpensive entry. With Activity Tracker (as Loop). Without HR / heart rate, RF Upgrade Available  

    Polar training computers M400 (equipment)
    The M400 (also available as "M400 HR" package with additional heart rate monitor H7 and high quality textile belt) is also without a new heart rate belt from Polar GPS Running Watch with many performances of top models at an affordable pric
  • Swim - a reasonably priced Garmin GPS for without water - awesome to train counting and exercise recording - incl. Swimming styles  

    Garmin Swim Swimming-clock, black / dark green, swimming efficiency, speed, training functions (electronics)
    The Garmin Swim has been brought by the GPS specialist Garmin in 2012 to market and has since become available as a standalone and preiswerrte Schwimmuhr without GPS. Your art can be found but in the latest Triathlon watch again (FR 910XT, 920XT FR,
  • Foot Pod is super  

    Polar Running Sensor Bluetooth Smart, 91046786 (clock)
    The foot pod works on my smartphone immediately. Can be coupled easily. At my Polar V800 that was just as good. With the results I am satisfied. Now I have all the V800 clock in it and the additional options with the apps over the phone, I can make u
  • Super clock with very accurate GPS  

    Polar, Polar V800 Black Grey HR (equipment)
    I had wanted this sports watch from my parents and my grandparents on his birthday. Of course it is very expensive but the following will make clear that the price of the clock lohnt.Positives: - The clock is very easy to use. Although it has no touc
  • Class training aid me smaller weaknesses  

    Polar, Polar V800 Black Grey HR (equipment)
    After I had already 7 years training with a heart rate monitor from Polar (F7) and thus respect. Diet & Fitness astonishing success have achieved, it was for different reasons time for another workout companion. So I would also like to express th
  • 2 versions + defective software  

    Polar training computers V800, Black, 90,047,437 (equipment)
    Note: At first I had the clock given 4 stars. Meanwhile, however, I can only advise against the purchase! First, the "old" review who rated 4 of 4 customers than helpful. Following the update, which will help, hopefully, potential buyers. What t
  • Exchange sensors work (endurance test pending)  

    POLAR speed and cadence sensor Bluetooth Smart, 91047327 (equipment)
    Growing and coupling the Cadence- and speed sensor went smoothly, thanks to the Polar-video instructions. Unfortunately, the first test for roller training proved equal as a complete letdown. But from the beginning: When installing flashing at two se
  • Garmin to polar  

    Polar training computers M400 (equipment)
    The Polar M400 is my first Polar clock. It is relatively large, but comfortable to wear, even at night - because if one emphasizes a sleep analysis. Since OS seems a bit archaic and slightly reminiscent of the old C64, BUT: this is what makes this cl
  • Class, but with a crash  

    Polar, Polar V800 Black Grey HR (equipment)
    I have the clock now since 2 weeks while running and cycling in use. On bike I also treated myself to the speed and cadence sensor. The amount of functions for training analysis is enormous. The V800 training computer is fun and motivates even more s
  • Not practical for many sports - crashes  

    POLAR Loop Bracelet logged activity (Sports)
    I am disappointed with this product because it has planted more than once, and it took losing my data to back up (the Polar assistance advice without explanations apparently not so rare to malfunction if you consult the forums). Moreover, I was using
  • For my V800  

    Polar Speed ​​/ Cadence Sensor Combo Set (Sports)
    I bought for my V800 is yet to utilize the functions of the watch This works great if you respect the distances, more precise and complete instructions would be welcome .... More than to wait for the GPS Polar V650
  • Polar has not caught up with his face delay the 910XT Garmin ...  

    Polar Heart Rate Monitor V800 / GPS without chest strap (Sport)
    I use polar for 10 years, with 625sx, garmin is not made after whodunit with 910XT. I was hoping that with the V800, polar catch up the delay. and no, despite the update function of the swimming pool, it is still inferior to the 910, I do not even sp
  • V800 rate - or the search for the fly in the ointment  

    Polar training computers V800 HR, Blue Red, 90,048,948 (equipment)
    The tradition of S *** storming is apparently also on Amazon for more frequently encountered practice - for example, see reviews of the latest generation of TomTom navigation systems ... I would like to deliberately set a counterpoint, because I am s