professional nail colors


  • accessories manicure kit professional nail art  

    Kit Accessories Manicure Nail Art Professional - Plates images Stencils Polish & Stamping Stamp Stamper and Scraper by VAGA® (Miscellaneous)
    nothing to say except that my daughter loves and makes the nails like a professional, that's fine but it takes time.
  • Professional Aquaschmink color  

    Eulenspiegel 181 119 - Professional Aquaschmink color (Personal Care)
    Schminke keeps very well. I had this about 10 hrs. On the face without the big picture ran after. Pleasant on the skin. I can only recommend. Expectations of me have been fully confirmed.
  • Super alternative to salon nails  

    Alessandro International: StripLac Starter Kit Deluxe Box (1 unknown) (Misc.)
    Have I bought the starter kit, because I'm tired of constantly to paint the nails because they flake off after 3 days and no money would like to spend in the nail salon. The starter kit includes the LED lamp, a twin-finish (bottom and top coat), red
  • For a long time in use, long since joy with the nail cutter!  

    Tested JSDA® Nail Drill for manicure and pedicure Professional Electric Nail Set Black CE RoHS (Electronics)
    I was very surprised when I saw the nail cutter of "JSDA" here at Amazon. The nail cutter I have been given two years ago from a friend in Japan and have since completely satisfied with the device! Since then I can on expensive manicure / p
  • nail polish Starter  

    Peel off nail polish Starter Set (Misc.)
    The professional nail studios do I pay 30 euros for once do the job properly. so I can already save time during the second selbermachen.
  • Sparkling  

    Essie Nail Polish Rose miss 13 (Health and Beauty)
    Good varnish, it is not pasty or sticky but very fluid and light contrary! The application is very easy with thick brush that covers the entire width of the nail in one pass (which is a nice touch)! On a clear bright pink almost transparent, it is ma
  • Control 2  

    Davidsonne New Sticker Paper Foil Sticker Decoration for Nail Art DIY nail 120cm The sky of stars Magnificent Manicure #b (Miscellaneous)
    I put the rating of 3 as the product I received is wrinkled so I can not do a full damage if not properly nail color is beautiful
  • Good product 808  

    Konad - Nail Stamping Special - Black - 11 ml (Miscellaneous)
    This product is perfect for stamping, it works well with all my plates (cheeky, Bundle Monster, Moyou.), Black is supported and covering on all nail colors. The delivery was fast.
  • For budding artists !!  

    Bigjigs Toys BJ158 Nail Forms (Toy)
    Ordered for my 5 year old children; it is their mistress who introduced me to this type of product. Allows children to create multiple compositions.Vendu cork support with 1, 2 hammers (malignant if one breaks or you lose one), nails, colored shapes
  • IDEAL 14 125 1183  

    10 colors Striping Tape Wire Band Sticker Decal Nail Art Nails Boolavard (Miscellaneous)
    To make patterns and separate the nail colors, this is the best! A layer of top coat and is nickel
  • Impeccable on FreeBox with a printer 4-1  

    Lindy 75109 ADSL filter-separated 2 taken RJ11- White (Personal Computers)
    Bought for connecting a Brother - MFCJ6910DW - Inkjet Multifunction Printer professional A3 color - 4-in-1 - Duplex - Wifi which can be connected to an ADSL line (but comes with an RJ11 cable) behind a FreeBox 5. As the latter has a RJ11 output, diff
  • Natural chemist  

    Natural Products Black - nail fungus oil - oil for nail care Hygiene against nail fungus, 20ml (Health and Beauty)
    I use the product since the beginning of February this year, since torments me a persistent mycosis, and I did not want to resort to chemical mace. At first I made the mistake of the nails einzupinseln morning, which because of the wet foot climate d
  • Unfortunately, more blue than brown  

    Koleston Perfect 12/81 special blond perl Asch 60 ml (Personal Care)
    My natural hair color is what is called also Straßenköter blond in the vernacular. Is not at all !! Therefore I dye actually as long as I can remember always blond, nice and cool and bright. Always had bought my hair color from the drugstore to date
  • But nice gadget to high costs  

    Silk'n MicroNail Electric nail polisher (Personal Care)
    The idea behind this electric nail polisher I think is good. On the fast shiny nails, great. The device is equipped with batteries included and a smoothing and polishing a role. The operation is very easy. Attach role, switch - off you go. The device
  • Sanitas SMA 50 570.20 only moderately suitable for foot care  

    Sanitas SMA 50 manicure / pedicure set (Personal Care)
    Sanitas SMA 50 570.20 For the professional nail and foot care with gearbox This device is suitable perhaps for nail care, but it is hardly enough for optimum foot care. To unregistering hard skin and calluses while there has the rotations, but once t
  • Perfect AutoCad clone literally  

    CorelCAD 2014 (DVD-ROM)
    I was surprised to find an identical in most parts program to AutoCad. Who mastered AutoCAD, can continue to operate with ansatzlos CorelCAD. Even all AutoCAD configuration files such as plot styles and drawing standards etc are unhesitatingly and wi
  • Very good product with small deductions  

    Nail Studio - Starter - With high quality Studiogelen - the specialist dealer - 5 year warranty (Personal Care)
    A few days ago I bought this set and have made me yesterday for the second time in my life acrylic nails yourself. Am delighted with the result. However, I recommend especially for beginners, is only times strictly adhere to the instructions and abov
  • With a little time easy to use  

    Bluesky Shellac UV / LED Gel Polish UV Starter Kit - Pinky Kit (Misc.)
    The nail color lasts me 1-2 weeks and the splendor of color convinced me. You have to take a little time for painting. A good result. There is no guidance here. The lamp has a UK plug, an adapter is included. I'll still get a cuticle cutter, as the p
  • Can also be used in combination with normal nail polishes! No buying expensive Striplac colors required!  

    Alessandro Striplac Starter Kit, 1-pack (1 x 1 piece) (Health and Beauty)
    I have the starter for a year now. And am from the start thrilled. The application is not heavier than the normal painting of the nails. I bought little by different colors - which yes but then charged something to gel sachet. But now I've found out
  • that the positive product quality, price, color, services and professionalism of teams and services  

    Meusch 2322905311 Multicolor sponge bath mat 70 x 120 cm polyacrylic (Kitchen)
    it is a second product following an exchange of size very satisfied with the time between the return of the first and second delivery quality and product colors this is what I researched and found congratulations for the quality and reliab