• Very good protection! Sticking easily!  

    Belkin Tablet ClearScreen protective foil to 17.8 cm (7 inch) display for Galaxy Tab (3-pack) (optional)
    According to the reviews here, I was afraid to have trouble sticking the film. But: It was very easy and worked immediately with no air bubbles. Sure it helps if you do it with your partner. Importantly, the light sensor and the camera (Galaxy Tab 7
  • Wii U - Protection Skin  

    Speedlink Wii U Guard Cover for the gamepad (protection from scratches and bumps, all ports and buttons / knobs freely accessible) green (accessory)
    I am absolutely satisfied with the package. The material is pleasant and the controller is still well in hand. All of the buttons are also good to use with cover, comes with the shoulder buttons (R / L) but maybe a bit on the finger / hand size. (Hav
  • stick to the skin  

    L'Oréal Paris Elnett de Luxe - Heat Styling Spray Smooth, 170ml (Health and Beauty)
    I bought this product because of the good price and the brand. Conclusion after the first sample: Distribution of Spühkopfes and fragrance of Styling Spray's is super, However, if you get the spray to the skin sticking to it. After styling your hair
  • Perfect "protection" 1  

    Hama Control Stick Papers Set 8in1 for PS4 (Accessories)
    Perfect product for "protection" of the Dual Hocks 4 and its very delicate sticks! Especially the left .... well I was once hit two of them and have already had to replace two controllers. Only it is really too stupid every month to replace
  • smells good and cleans well, dries my skin but a bit of ...  

    Nivea Gentle Cleansing Milk, 4-pack (4 x 200 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    The 'soft' (not titled as: refreshing) Cleansing Milk from Nivea comes in a new design with 200ml capacity and therefore must be portioned well thanks to the bottle and the opening. From fragrance ago she smells delicately of soap, Nivea and freshnes
  • Very good protection for the iPad Air, also fits very well.  

    Snuggling iPad Air (iPad 5) Silicone Case from Shwarzem, non-slip material. Protects your iPad and feels for Apple iPad Air (iPad 5) closet. (Personal Computers)
    As the envelope looks, everyone can look at the photos provided, they are reality accordingly. So you can see in advance what you are getting. What applies to assess it? a) the protection: is excellent, very good shock-absorbing material, especially
  • Good protection 92  

    SDTEK [Ultimate Protection] iPhone 6 in ultimate tempered glass screen protector resistant to scratches 9H Hardness thin 0.25mm (Electronics)
    Glass of excellent protection. Sticks more easily than older electrostatic films. Good point: the protection arrives pile at the edge of the screen while some windows do not allow you to use the entire screen.
  • Recommended! 31  

    4x silicone joystick thumb stick cap Caps for Sony PS4 controller (video game)
    I ordered these caps since making the sticks my controller now first signs of wear noticeable. Delivery time was with some relatively long than a week, but was also in advance as specified and therefore in order. After I had the caps on the sticks, I
  • Optimal price / performance ratio  

    3 x mumbi screen protector iPad Mini / iPad Mini 2 with Retina display (model 2013) Protector (Electronics)
    For me the best film. Affordable and easy to lift. If you make a mistake and the like a speck of dust arrives with under the film, of course you can pick out the 2-Tesa strips trick that, but shed no tears if you have to take a new slide. On the iPad
  • Really useful silicone sleeve for Samsung Galaxy Tab  

    Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab Silicone Skin CASE TUBE IN BLACK + Screen Guard + Stylus Pen (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I was pleasantly surprised when I mounted this Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab! The cover is easy to install and looks great, does not sit too strict and not too loose, the recesses for the brightness sensor / camera on the front fit well, the m
  • Reflecting shudder  

    4x mumbi screen protector Samsung Galaxy Note screen protector (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    When bring him it started already, needed 3 films (attempts) until I with a befriedigendend result on the screen had. Beautiful would have been here if you could have a tab to the protective film "sticking" to the side to remove cross, so t
  • Matt screen protector for Nokia Lumia 625  

    3x kwmobile® screen protector MATT and antireflective with anti-fingerprint effect for Nokia Lumia 625 - PREMIUM QUALITY (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The screen protector fits perfectly on the sides slightly curved glass display of the Nokia Lumia 625th When sticking, it is very important just to put the protective film, the protective film sticks very well!
  • Served its purpose! So 'good' grade .And does not stink!  

    Hostey® UltraSlim Leather Protective Skin Cover Case Leather Case Cover for the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Paperwhite 3G, with Sleep / Wake Smart Cover function (LIGHT BLUE)
    + The Hostey® UltraSlim Leather Protective Skin Cover Case Leather Case Cover for the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Paperwhite 3G, with Sleep / Wake Smart Cover function (LIGHT BLUE) fits quite well and is firmly seated in the envelope. + T
  • Great emulsion ...  

    Shiseido Men Moisturizing Emulsion, 100 ml (Personal Care)
    A great emulsion am very happy with this purchase. I can only recommend. Quickly absorbed and no gloss on the skin. The mixture with thiotaurine helps control excessive sebum and reduce the visibility of fine wrinkles, without clogging the pores. The
  • Solid Gloves  

    CP Sports Fitness Training Glove Classic (Sports Apparel)
    Positive - Breathable roux through the open outer surface not in gloves - Handy Can order to train well and felt more grip - Much less protective skin problems at hand through the high weights - Price - Very good value for money Negative - Smell smel
  • Ziehmlich disappointing ...  

    atFoliX Screen Protector for Nokia Lumia 820 (3 pieces) - FX-Clear: screen protector crystal clear! Highest Quality - Made in Germany! (Accessories)
    I have ordered these protectors because they were the most expensive. I glued the first film with the guidance and was amazed at how thick this film. However, I should be in the next step, the protective skin preview (with the red tab). -> Protector
  • Something little ups but a tiiiiefen Bass! * Klangwunder *  

    Samsung YP K3 JAB portable MP3 player 4GB with FM Tuner (Electronics)
    The YP K3 is one of the few MP3 players that not only have a great design, but also a pretty good sound and above all really good headphones. * Sound stage, the player with the accompanying Kopfhörern- * You have the EQ set properly, a surprisingly d
  • Top Thumsticks!  

    Pair joystick thumb stick cap caps for PlayStation 4 PS4 Controller - Black (Video Game)
    Easy to mount, great grip while gambling, little money is spent to protect the sticks (wear and tear and cracks) No disadvantages, only advantages! A must for every PS4 gamers.
  • Convenient to charge the trouble of removing the micro-usb hide  

    [Magnector X-203] high performance Sony Xperia Z1 and Z2 Z3 charging adapter for micro USB cable - Magnetic connection and improved load speed [Black] (Electronics)
    Remains to be seen over time. After a few days of use my Z3: * Quite powerful magnet therefore wish well. ** Practice to load the trouble of removing the micro-usb cover (even with a protective shell types: Xperia Z3 hull - Ringke FUSION Hull [Free H